Big Pharma Wants To Be Big Boss

Big Pharma Wants To Be Big Boss
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It was all a sham.

The whole damn stinking thing.

No one in their right mind should ever fall for the plandemic trick ever again.

The PCR tests.

The ridiculous face nappies.

The social distancing.

The lockdowns.

The tracking and tracing.

And the incredibly absurd idea that the entire world should line up to get injections to prevent a disease said to be caused by a pathogen that cannot be proven to exist.

None of this insane behavior made sense in 2020 and it certainly doesn't make sense now that the contagion myth has been blown wide open.

How to subjugate people and have them love you for it

The COVID-19 psyop was a training exercise developed to condition the general public into accepting full-blown tyranny complete with the breaking down of the final frontier... bodily integrity.

Once the general population had been sufficiently humiliated, reduced to the level of farm animals, broken in, the Elite Master Farmers granted themselves free reign to act on them in whatever way they saw fit.

For example, they can now choose to sterilize the herd, cull the old, weak, infirm, useless, obsolete as one would on a farm raising animals for profit. Once the farm has outlived its purpose, its useful years, the time comes to downsize, close shop, chop chop.

One of these strategies involves terrorizing the easily manipulated human herd with tales of climate crises, hot or cold, it doesn't matter. What matters is that the human herd gets the message in their dull heads that THEY are the problem and that the solution entails reducing the human herd down to... well... zero.

The current strategy enacted by the WHO is to terrorize the human herd with tales of deadly pathogens so that the human herd lines up to get injected with all manner of sketchy ingredients. These ingredients already appear to be causing unacceptable levels of harm and millions of deaths. If these new mRNA vaccines (or any other vaccines for that matter) are made mandatory under heavy coercive measures we can logically expect to see even more devastation than we've seen to date.

Maybe this is the goal?

The harmful effects from mass vaccination programs can then be blamed on a new virus outbreak and round and round we go in an endless death spiral chasing our tails until there's nothing more left to do except hang our heads in shame and try to move on with our lives.

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and human rights

On Dec 9, 2021 the Austrian Government laid a bill before parliament that would impose a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all its residents. This move followed the Greek Prime Minister's announcement to impose fines on residents aged 60 years and older who do not take up COVID-19 vaccination. Many other nations are contemplating similar mandates or have adopted mandates in certain workplace settings, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Indonesia, Italy, and the UK.
Many others presume mandatory vaccination violates human rights. We believe that this view is mistaken, at least as a matter of international and comparative constitutional law.
Even on the most libertarian understanding of liberty, philosophers and jurists agree that restrictions on liberty can be justified if they prevent harm to others. The European Convention on Human Rights recognises this by considering the right to physical integrity under article 8 to be a “qualified right” that can be limited “for the protection of health”.

And there's more...

Global health inequities aside, the introduction of mandatory vaccination protocols is rising across the globe. Many countries started with staggered approaches, focusing on frontline workforces, public-facing service delivery workers, and other at-risk populations. What started as a trickle effect has now become a tidal wave of vaccine mandates, differing in form and intensity from country to country.
Importantly, a growing movement of individuals identify as part of an “anti-vaccination movement.” This movement argues that vaccine programs are coercive and are government attempts to control the bodily autonomy of individuals and freedom of movement; as such, they amount to a violation of people’s fundamental human rights.
A key factor in vaccine hesitancy has been mistrust in governments, wherein some countries’ officials and health care workers themselves have expressed hesitancy toward getting vaccinated. The second-largest contributor has been internet- and social-media-facilitated misinformation, leading to the World Health Organization calling for the “WhatsApp aunties” phenomenon to be addressed to rebuild community trust.
Given the scale of the pandemic, the enormous social, health, and economic costs associated with COVID-19, and the availability of safe and effective vaccines, mandatory vaccination is a viable, reasonable, and ethical policy position to mitigate further pandemic-related losses.

Wow! What a steaming pile of bullcrap!

I wonder if the stink is ever going to wash off...

The WHO Pandemic Treaty From Hell

So this is it.

This is what it comes to.

All sane individuals that value freedom and the right to make their own health decisions have to fight tooth and nail to stop these monsters from invading our inner sanctum.

Negotiations on new rules for dealing with pandemics are underway at the World Health Organization (WHO), with a target date of May 2024 for a legally binding agreement to be adopted by the U.N. health agency's 194 member countries.

It was bad enough when Bill Gates stepped up his game and promised to inject us all with his love.

It was bad enough when the Green Goblin of healthcare, Anthony Fauci, forced people to wear useless humiliation ritual masks, social distance, wash their hands with toxic chemicals, and roll up their sleeves to get the experimental witches brew.

These characters appear to have shriveled up somewhat along with the Drostens and the Birxes and the Daszaks.

But even now we still have to contend with Tedros and the Skeksis deviants at the WHO. Their plans for total control of all public and personal health policy is like nothing I've ever seen before outside of the worst cases of mistreatment of humans throughout our long and varied history.

And their promises about staying within the boundaries of national constitutional law and ethics and all that malarkey obviously fall flat after the last dance with these parasites.

For the new more wide-reaching pandemic accord, member states have agreed that it should be legally binding for those who sign up, overcoming early reservations from the United States.

How anyone can ever trust these institutions again is beyond me. I pray that the next time they try to pull off something like this that people, even the Normies, will just shake their heads and refuse to go along.

However, the proposed pandemic treaty has come under fire on social media, mostly from right-wing critics warning it could lead to countries ceding authority to the WHO. The body strongly refutes this, stressing that governments are leading the negotiations and are free to reject the accord.
After five rounds of formal negotiations, the latest 208-page draft of the treaty still includes thousands of brackets, which mark areas of disagreement or undecided language, including over the definition of the word "pandemic". With so many member countries involved, securing agreement may be tricky.

These proposals give the WHO, CDC, national and regional governments, predatory corporations and their mafia-like connections with shady non-governmental philanthropic institutions the right to make up any excuse for total control over every aspect of our lives as rehearsed during the Convid-19 plandemic.

It can help pair boutique research and development companies with big vaccine manufacturers, work with regulators to streamline approval processes and resolve patent disputes on the spot. Its scientific advisory committee has executives from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical, amongst others.
In January 2022, The Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $300 million to CEPI. This is part of CEPI's effort to enable the world to reduce vaccine development timelines to 100 days.
In December 2018, US$8.4 million to Imperial College in London, to fund the development of a "self-amplifying RNA vaccine platform" that CEPI said: "would enable a tailored vaccine production against multiple viral pathogens (including H1N1 influenza, rabies virus, and Marburg virus)".

And here it comes... the dreaded one and only Disease X!

In February 2019, US$34 million was given to the German-based CureVac biopharmaceutical company, to fund the development of an "RNA Printer prototype", which CEPI described as being a "transportable, down-scaled, automated mRNA printing facility, that can produce rapidly, a supply of lipid-nanoparticle–formulated mRNA vaccine candidate that can target known pathogens (including Lassa fever, yellow fever, and rabies); and prepare for rapid response to unknown pathogens (i.e., Disease X)".

The Coercion Game

So Big Pharma and the WHO are making their move to take control of your bodily functions, make vaccines compulsory, enact lockdowns when they see fit, enforce digital ID and biometric scanning, to keep you safe.

This is how they're going to do it...

Digital ID tied to CBDC and medical records including a vaccine passport under a mandatory routine vaccine schedule for every living thing on the planet.

An open border allowing millions of illegal immigrants to swarm into your country bringing all kinds of "nasty diseases" with them creating huge demand for new mRNA vaccines which unsurprisingly are already being designed and produced.

Disease X delivered to your doorstep.

All planned and plotted by think tanks such as Rand Corporation and The Royal Institute for International Affairs and enabled by the idea that disease symptoms are contagious for which there is no scientific proof.

How did we get here?

In a nutshell... Eugenics, Technocracy, technological and scientific determinism, elitism, supremacism, medical malpractice, absurd levels of bureaucracy, corporatism, public health based on the false germ theory, the contagion myth, the dumbing down of the general public, authoritarian nanny states, and many other oddities that really should have nothing to do with life on Earth.

And yet here we are.

This is also known as the Totalitarian Tiptoe, I think coined by David Icke. The rumors were already floating around in the early days of the plandemic that everything that was unfolding was part of a military project to enslave the human herd even more than they already are.

If we dig a little deeper, we can see the player pieces being moved around the board in a grand game of 5D chess. All the players and all the pieces have a role to play. Some play the role of villain whether witting or unwitting and others now step up onto the stage to play the role of hero.

First they drown us in darkness. Then they bring the light.

I call this the boogeyman shoeshuffle.

It really doesn't matter what you scare the little people with as long as you make it resonate with their deepest, darkest fears. Dragons, nuclear bombs, viruses, global warming, eternal damnation. It's all the same monster in the end. And the more you shake, rattle and roll the monster on the end of the stick the more the little people obey your commands.

It really is as simple as that.

A trick as old as the world is young.

But there's more...

Over the years, we've heard so many theories on what the true intentions are behind these plandemics and the burning desire to impose mandatory vaccination.

The most obvious is that the globalists think there's too many people so they look for ways to control the population in any way they can.

They want to fight over the remaining resources in a wasteful game of musical chairs.

They're moving to lock it all down now with the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

But there was another theory.

It went something like this...

Half the world lines up to get injected with chemical compounds that set up shop in their bodies crossing all manner of internal barriers that usually keep these nasties at bay. Then everyone goes about their business because in general not too much damage appears to be happening. Everyone's smiling again. At a later date the switch is flipped on the 5G system and a frequency is sent out that activates the nanoparticles that now reside in the hosts brains after having attached themselves to neurons and throughout the nervous system. The infected population goes crazy and starts exhibiting extremely violent behavior attacking everyone around them.

Alternatively, people drop down dead or become incredibly sick and debilitated shocking and horrifying the unvaccinated into looking for preventive medicine of any kind.

It appears we're moving on to nasal spray delivery for these preventative mRNA vaccine products which serves to make acceptance go through the roof.

A vaccine micro-needle patch applied to the skin like a nicotine patch is also extremely easy for people to accept.

This is incredibly worrisome. It reinforces the theory that what is unfolding has more to do with sterilizing and controlling the younger generation with new technologies and progressive ideology than an all out cull of the older demographic.

So what needs to happen?

Germ theory and the theory of contagion need to be struck down once and for all.

Medicine needs to start from scratch following the rule of first principles.

We need to remove profiteering and globalist control from medicine.

We can walk away from the king before the king reaches his full power.

We need to understand that symptoms are your body fixing things.

If the symptoms don't recede by addressing the root cause you're doing it wrong.

Alt media are not trustworthy.

They have handlers so handle with care.

Most are limited hangouts, controlled opposition, gatekeepers.

Steering committees exist to keep you on the plantation.

The end of empire will be messy. Prepare accordingly.

And above all... object to this with all your might...

A high-powered intervention by 23 former national Presidents, 22 former Prime Ministers, a former UN General Secretary and 3 Nobel Laureates is being made today to press for an urgent agreement from international negotiators on a Pandemic Accord, under the Constitution of the World Health Organizaion, to bolster the world’s collective preparedness and response to future pandemics.
“A pandemic accord is critical to safeguard our collective future. Only a strong global pact on pandemics can protect future generations from a repeat of the COVID-19 crisis, which led to millions of deaths and caused widespread social and economic devastation, owing not least to insufficient international collaboration,” the leaders write in their joint letter.
And they urge negotiators “to redouble their efforts” to meet the imminent deadline and not let their efforts be blown off course by malicious misinformation campaigning against the WHO, the international organisation which would be tasked with implementing the new health accord.

It's okay to pray for a happy ending too.

Some reading material if you're not up to date on the whole germ theory, contagion myth, no virus discussion...

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