Viruses do not exist, contagion is a myth, so what now?

Viruses do not exist, contagion is a myth, so what now?
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Back in 2001, I was on the ground at farms in the UK when the "very scary" Foot and Mouth disease was supposedly spreading like wildfire, jumping from cow to cow and from cow to human with wild abandon. I was surveying water installations for the local water company known as Thames water. We had to wear plastic bags over our shoes and walk through disinfectant 'bleachy' foot baths to supposedly stop the spread of Foot and Mouth from one farm to the next.

Thankfully we didn't have to wear face masks or full hazmat at that time. Plastic bags on feet was considered scientifically sound enough to pass the smell test of public opinion.

Following the outbreak, the law was changed to permit vaccinations rather than culling.

The vaccine industry always end up getting what they want. Like the mafia, they turn the screws, break a few bones, make you sweat under the collar until you break and accept their 'deal.'

Watching as mountains of cow carcasses went up in flames was like being on the set of an apocalyptic movie, something along the lines of Children of Men, where the bleakness really sinks deep into your skin and touches your soul.

Even without the knowledge gained over the last few years, I could tell it was all a load of bunk. Maybe politicians and city folk really hate farmers for some reason. They always seem to be making their lives a misery any which way they can. It never made any sense to cull the cows (or pigs or chickens) of an entire nation just because one farmer or a few animals fall sick, but back then I was still unaware of the RT-PCR magic trick where anyone can find whatever they want wherever they want for whatever reason they want and make huge amounts of money selling vaccines or Tamiflu.

And it really doesn't matter what poison you choose to sell as long as you're selling something and the suckers line up to buy it. In the case of covid-19, we were sold the beginnings of global tyranny as a side dish to the usual money-grubbing activities of the transnational pharmafia cartel. Maybe a few transhumanist experiments were thrown in for good measure. I mean why not when you have half the world's population captive, hypnotized, and obedient to a T, barely stepping out of line for fear of standing out in the crowd.

That was how much reality sucked in 2020. In 2001, the alleged Foot and Mouth disease in cows was a tiny blip in comparison. And the papers explained later on that it had all been a silly mistake on the part of the UK government and the mass slaughter of cows had been completely unnecessary and uncalled for. Of course, this mandatory apologetic disclosure would happen in small print somewhere beyond the front pages, hidden among the weeds.

Later that year, as if on cue, 9-11 kicked off a new wave of media obsession that would last longer than the shaggy dog stories told by your grandpa after he's had a few. The 9-11 shaggy dog story led to the invasion of the middle east on behalf of the International Thieves. You could say that a pattern was starting to emerge. We can go back as far as the alleged Spanish Flu pandemic / First World War combo that seemed to establish the model to be repeated all the way up to the present day. We're currently being hammered with WW3 propaganda while the fear machine is ramping up again with bird flu. Again, anything that will stick and make the NPCs run around with their hair on fire. Results are results. It doesn't matter how they are obtained.

It looks like the strategy always works best with a one two punch. Keeping people on the edge of their seat and torn between several really scary news items seemingly causes just the right amount of confusion and stress that locks in the submission protocol lurking in people's minds. The shift to absolute obedience to the state follows swiftly and every time it happens apparently increases that obedience instead of diminishing it as would be expected from an animal that is supposed to learn from its previous experiences.

Roughly ten years later, the Swine Flu plandemic of 2009 failed to capture the essence of a deadly outbreak and sputtered out after selling some Tamiflu. This attempt at scaring the entire global population into vaccine-taking submission was possibly lacking sufficient fear factor so the manipulators took note and knew exactly what to tweak for next time. Whatever came next had to be terrifying and drummed into the skulls of the TV watchers day in day out without a peep from competing news other than short breaks to praise the glorious protests taking place during the summer of 2020 carried out by the very stunning and brave black clad methed-to-the-eyeballs Antifa and BLM bolshevik revolutionary soldiers rising up to save us all from capitalism.

Jeez. Are people really this easily 'entertained?' And by this I mean... are the minds of the human herd so easily captured using simple magic tricks and distraction that should not, in all honesty, fool a child?

This is what Wolfgang Wodarg had to say about the fake Swine Flu pandemic of 2009.

In January 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, a German deputy who trained as a physician and chaired the health committee at the Council of Europe, claimed that major firms had organized a "campaign of panic" to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a "false pandemic" to sell vaccines. Wodarg said the WHO's "false pandemic" flu campaign is "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century". He said that the "false pandemic" campaign began in May 2009 in Mexico City, when a hundred or so "normal" reported influenza cases were declared to be the beginning of a threatening new pandemic, although he said there was little scientific evidence for it. Nevertheless, he argued that the WHO, "in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their scientists, re-defined pandemics," removing the statement that "an enormous amount of people have contracted the illness or died" from its existing definition and replacing it by stating simply that there has to be a virus, spreading beyond borders and to which people have no immunity.

Not bad considering his trouble accepting the nonexistence of pathogenic viruses later on when sitting on the Covid deconstruction panel run by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is now being dragged through the courts himself.

Fast forward to 2024 and there are swathes of people in the health freedom and truth movements that do not believe in the existence of pathogenic viruses or contagion as the cause of flu-like symptoms. I won't go into the all the details here as to why people from a variety of backgrounds have all come to this conclusion and why many more are joining them with every day that passes.

Suffice to say that sufficient conclusive evidence is now available to all who care to delve into the dubious subject matter involving virology, vaccines, contagion, pandemics, the WHO, the CDC, and the millions of brainwashed doctors that go along with the protocols and mandates because their job, money, and prestige are more important to them than doing no harm.

Thanks to people like Mike Stone of ViroLIEgy and Betsy of This Changes Everything for keeping the flame of truth alight in these challenging and difficult times where lies have come to dominate the mainstream narrative.

As the Covid story fades and Bird Flu rises to fill the void, now more than ever, we need push back on the false Germ Theory narrative that continues to terrorize the general population, young and old alike, with tales of infection and cross-contagion, antibiotics, antivirals and vaccines, lab-created biological weapons and gain of function research always at the ready before Disease X has even been discovered let alone isolated and purified and shown to cause disease in healthy human beings.

When are the general public going to finally realize that they've been bamboozled their entire lives. It takes guts to admit that you were wrong. Maybe they lack the fortitude. Maybe they are simply out of bullets. And yet, I still hold out hope, yes there's that word again, hope that they will all wake the fuck up and finally do something about it, finally walk away from the very people that want to enslave and harm them, have the balls or the ovaries to tell these tyrants where to shove it, to tell them that we are not going along with their plans any longer, that we are carving out a new path without them where people can be free and make their own choices without fear, coercion, and threats from a bunch of weaselly, psychotic criminals that should never have risen to power had we all being paying attention.

As James Edward Taylor says on Think for Yourself "What are we really fighting here?"

Is it the WEF or WHO or Gates or Big Pharma or any particular villain or organization? Or is there something deeper going on here?

There's something deeper going on and we need to change our perspective and our priorities to match the challenging reality that is unfolding before us. We need to say no to any and all mandates coming our way and we need to embrace solutions that favor natural remedies wherever possible.

So what now?

We are going through some kind of awakening. That much is clear. Whether it's due to cosmic cycles or just people having access to the Internet, I don't know, but the repercussion will be dramatic and the powers that be will continue to hang onto their power using the same old tired tactics because they have no other tricks in their box of illusions and distractions. Their fake authority will crumble and fade away as more and more competent, capable individuals step up to the plate, step out of the fake TV show that they've been living in and throw off the shackles that have been holding us back for hundreds of years.

As more and more Trumans step out into the light, the stragglers will find it more difficult to maintain their position and they'll either jump ship and join us or self destruct in a giant fireball of denial.

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