9/11 Truth Is Full Of Lies

9/11 Truth Is Full Of Lies
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After 20 years of 9/11 truth, the problem with 9/11 truth is the 9/11 truth movement itself.

After 20 years of independent investigation, 9/11 truth documentaries, mud-slinging between truthers and officialists, most of us are no closer to the actual truth than when it all began.

Endless inconclusive debates about everything from burning jet-fuel temps to pancake collapse dynamics and outlandish theories involving nukes, directed energy weapons, holographic projections of planes, and much more, created a fertile environment for each individual to cling to their preferred version of the story.


But there can only be one true story and the story that is beginning to make the most sense goes something like this...

Twenty years ago some passenger planes flew into some tall buildings and the buildings collapsed. Then a bit later in the day another building collapsed after the BBC had already announced its collapse.

On the same day, inside some of the most heavily defended airspace in America, another passenger plane pulled off an incredible maneuver and slammed into the side of the Pentagon taking out some lamp posts on the way.

Yet another plane disappeared headfirst into a field in Shanksville in some kind of magicians trick that left little evidence behind.

The debris from the buildings and any scraps from the planes (also known as crime scene evidence) was swiftly removed and sent overseas for processing.

Many people died that day and a special investigation was carried out to confirm that the culprit was a terrorist known as Osama Bin Laden. An official report was drawn up to explain how the attacks were carried out and most people accepted this report as the truth.

Based on the accusations, an old globalist plan was set in motion to invade and occupy several countries in the Middle East. The plan was known as The Path to Persia with Iran as the ultimate prize.

Back home in America, a new government department was set up to insure the safety of all Americans. It was aptly named Homeland Security and was incredibly successful in its mission to turn America into a full-blown police state.

Three Birds With One Stone

After the occurrence of 9/11 many a conspiracy researcher had their hands full with all the puzzle pieces. They didn't believe the official story; there were simply too many parts to the story that didn't add up, and so like enthusiastic amateur detectives, they set about digging for the truth.

What's the difference between truth and lies? Truth is self evident, but lies have to be repeated over and over until people get it.

The first question a good detective like Columbo asks is... who benefits? What do the perps get out of such an enormous crime?

Aside from the official story telling of an elaborate revenge attack on America for all their crimes of empire, we've already added two other possible benefits of such an attack: the invasion of the Middle East and the establishment of police state America. But there was a third bird that was also killed with the same stone that day, another party that benefited hugely from the destruction and mayhem wrought upon innocent people from on high...


A man known as "Lucky" Larry Silverstein happened to make some incredible deals in 2001 leasing the World Trade Center for 99 years just 6 weeks before the attacks and insuring the buildings for billions of dollars on the off-chance that they were involved in a terrorist attack. There's nothing unusual about that in and of itself, but the fact that the buildings were due for very costly asbestos removal and the timing of it all would make any detective pay attention and start asking some very serious questions.

Lucky Larry conveniently wasn't in the building that day. Neither were any of his family. The twin towers were obsolete and needed to be removed so that development of new projects could go ahead. Conveniently, the attacks came within weeks. The coincidence is too glaring to ignore.


With a prime suspect, and after putting together all the puzzle pieces, you would have to conclude that there may have been an attempt to carry out insurance fraud. That doesn't make it true, but any good detective would keep it in mind for consideration.

For a lot of conspiracy theorists, this alone would be enough to close the case, but there's a problem...

If the requirement was to bring the buildings down, then you would either have to rig all three buildings with explosives and time everything perfectly on the day or know without a shadow of a doubt that the planes and fires would bring the buildings down all on their own.

And even then, how could Lucky Larry, or anyone for that matter, know for certain that huge chunks of fiery debris from the twin towers would slam into building 7 causing another collapse supposedly to destroy a whole bunch of delicate information that happened to be housed there?

There's simply no way that the perps could ensure everything would go according to plan on the day. It would have been extremely embarrassing for Lucky Larry to have to give the order to "pull it" if building 7 hadn't been hit with the fiery debris. No amount of preplanning could guarantee that.

The only conclusion that makes sense without resorting to theories involving preplanted explosives is that the perps knew full well that the buildings would collapse from plane hits, cladding removal, intense fires, and weakened columns alone. Nothing else would be necessary and everyone involved gets what they want. Building 7 was an unforeseen bonus.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth insist that the buildings were demolished using demolition charges and nanothermite, but in reality, none of that is necessary for the buildings to come crashing down as they did that day. The collapse of all three buildings commences from the level of the floors that were hit by either planes or debris.

You would have to rig all three buildings with explosives from top to bottom and set them off at exactly the right floors, in the right order, with perfect timing and execution, for showtime to go off that day without a hitch. Any deviation from the script would risk giving the whole game away.


At this point, it would be really tricky to accept the idea that there was no intention to bring down the twin towers. That much looks like it was baked into the cake. But under no circumstances were explosives required, or nukes in the basement, or directed energy weapons. These ideas appear to be seeded into the 9/11 truth movement to make all involved look like a bunch of kooks. And they succeeded.

To this day, truthers spit out the garbage that was fed to them in the earliest documentaries on 9/11 truth such as Loose Change.


The lies included suggesting that puffs of smoke squeezed out from collapsing floors were caused by explosives detonating as the buildings fell at free-fall speed. Burning jet-fuel couldn't melt steel columns when nothing of the sort was necessary for collapse to initiate. The Pentagon maneuver couldn't possibly be pulled off and must have been a missile based on the size and shape of the hole. But then... no missile has a wing span large enough to knock down all the lamp posts in its path.

Some groups still insist that no planes were used on 9/11.


And others that the hijackers could not possibly control the planes in the way they did on 9/11.


The official story doesn't add up, but I find that most of the alternative theories don't either. Credible researchers do their best with the available material, but the truth about what happened on 9/11 has been so heavily suppressed by the mainstream media and distorted by so-called truth movements that it's still incredibly difficult to make head or tail of the deliberately confusing story.


Christopher Bollyn has researched 9/11 for the past 20 years and goes along with the nanothermite demolition theories and other such questionable elements. He also lays most of the blame at the feet of Israeli intelligence which is not something uncommon among 9/11 researchers. Any good detective would at least have to consider all possibilities and chase down all leads if they wanted to get closer to the truth. The real truth that is.


20 years later I still don't know how all the pieces fit together. There are plenty of clues pointing to a false-flag terror attack orchestrated by elements within the US government in cahoots with the Israeli Mossad leading to preplanned wars in the Middle East. There is also sufficient evidence to make the claim that insurance fraud was perpetrated by Lucky Larry. And there is no denying that, on a spiritual level, 9/11 was the epitome of a ritual sacrifice to somebody's god somewhere ushering in a new age of sorts that only the best Hollywood scriptwriters could imagine.

The idea that a bunch of Arabs with box-cutters managed to pull off the most devastating terror attack in history increasingly fades into the background as the least likely of events.

Much as with the ongoing Covid scam and cover-up the existence of the Internet has not helped in the process of waking up the sleeping masses to the truth. Opposing information to the official narrative is always heavily censored and demonized. Simultaneously, controlled-opposition groups are unleashed to muddy the waters and make honest seekers of truth look ridiculous. The methods have not changed and they will probably be utilized again with the next major event that is foisted on us looking to control the minds of the zombie herd: possibly an alien invasion story this time.

I think even the normies are worn out with the endless Climate Change fear-mongering that never reaches climax. Even the most inured, mask-wearing slave obediently following the orders of the Elite Master Farmers has his limits.

I sincerely hope that one day soon the absolute truth about 9/11 is revealed for the whole world to see and that the perpetrators of the most significant false-flag attack in history are brought to justice for crimes against humanity. Maybe then we can also do the same for the Covid lie that, in my opinion, has had a far more devastating effect on all of humanity and with far greater consequences.

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