Mask Of The Beast - The New Normal For Covidiots In Coronavirus Land

Mask of the beast
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

Are you a Maskhole?

Do you like to Mask Debate?

If so... you may be a Masktard living in Masktardia!

Which is where we live now in case you hadn't noticed.

That said, I have to admit that within the global community of Masktardia some provinces are worse than others. Where I happen to be located – a region of Masktardia previously known as Spain – we are suffering a particularly nasty infestation of Maskholes and Masktards.

For those of you wondering... the difference between Maskholes and Masktards is simple...

Masktards are known to follow orders without question. If you tell them that walking around naked will stop transmission of a non-existent virus... they will most likely comply after they see others walking around in the buff as long as the authorities have made it clear that you are practically a terrorist if you insist on wearing clothes.

As part of the authoritarian mandate, serious sounding, well-paid naked experts on the evening news would confirm that the prime vector for transmission is indeed all forms of clothing and in fact it would be best to practice mass clothes burning rituals to make sure everyone gets the message.

Immediately, the audience would start ripping their clothes off and venture out into the neighborhood to make sure everyone else was doing the same – such is the power of mind control downloaded by the idiot box in every home.

By the way, this particular brand of zombies would be known as Nakedtards.

A Maskhole, on the other hand, is an individual that, in response to brainwashing from the mainstream media, feels they have the right to randomly bully non mask wearing strangers into submission and even call the police on them so that people not bowing down to tyranny can be forcibly removed from the Masktard pool.

This activity was previously known as snitching or being a grass, but these days Maskholes think they are being model citizens and follow the same logic as the "see something say something" crowd that also believed they were single-handedly saving the world from terrorists hiding around every corner.

Maskholes have also been spotted spontaneously coming together as a group in public places such as shopping centers to more effectively ridicule and shame normal maskless people just going about their business.

The Maskholes use strategies such as wagging fingers, pointing at the exit, and shouting self righteous slogans like, "Don't you know you're murdering Grandma you idiot. Get outta here!! "

If an aggressive response can be provoked, the Maskhole will adeptly capture this on their smartphone and upload the damning video immediately to social media where other Maskholes can bitch en masse about Covidiots and how irresponsible they are towards all the millions of Masktards that wear their masks 24/7.

Some of the more abusive Maskholes are known as Karens. Kevins also exist but Karens are certainly the more virulent form of this strain of mental illness. No cure has yet been found and things are only going to get worse as Karens and Kevins will never admit that they were ever wrong. Their only option is to escalate and hope the topic changes at some point so that everybody moves on and forgets how ridiculously they acted during the whole Covid-19 Scamdemic.

Even now, high level Maskhole enforcers around the world are attempting to clamp down yet again with more shutdowns, lockdowns, and ever more ridiculous rule making to trump the most ridiculous rules rolled out up to this point.

What is amazing to me is that anyone went along with this even from the very beginning. Within about a week of watching the bizarre videos coming out of China of people being welded into their apartments and random citizens dropping dead in the streets, I knew that what I was watching was a setup.

The clincher was the obvious use of crisis actors both in China and on the Princess Class cruise ships as well as Spanish nationals who were supposedly trapped abroad in the earlier stages of the Coronavirus scamdemic.

Beyond that I assumed that the whole narrative would very quickly fall apart since we are in the age of internet exposure which works very well to diffuse such brazen attempts at pulling the wool over people's eyes.

Little did I know that so many people were still so helplessly plugged into the mainstream media. The hold it has over a majority of the population, especially when fear is used as a weapon of mass mind control, is the only really terrifying phenomenon that needs to be studied and corrected.

Covid-19 is nothing compared to this.

Because of the experience we have collectively gone through this year, it's now obvious to me that much more work needs to be done when it comes to informing the general public on how they are being brainwashed on a daily basis.

Most still don't even know about the New World Order, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, the World Economic Forum and their plans for a Great Reset, the vaccination agenda for the world which has more to do with genetic engineering and transhumanism than it has to do with saving lives, the microchipping agenda which has been deployed in third world countries and will now be rolled out everywhere as part of track and trace technologies, and of course the overarching plan to reduce the human population in favor of Gaia and the anti-human Green Agenda.

The Rule of Six!

The new rules have become so petty and meaningless that even the Masktards are beginning to question them.

Following ridiculous mask wearing, elbow bumping, hand washing, arrows on the ground following and all the other insanely unscientific nonsensical mandates that governments continue to enforce, we now have the Rule of Six!!!

I mean... they just can't stop!

Spain and the UK have just made up this new rule: No more than six people in a group. Anywhere.

Meanwhile, we have hundreds of thousands protesting on the streets every weekend and public transport users packed in like sardines.

How the Rule of Six is even remotely relevant right now is beyond me.

Do these politicians even understand the mechanisms involved in being able to enforce a mandate?

My view is that none of these bureaucrats have the right to tell anyone else what to do. Under Common Law, the Constitution, international Human Rights, and just good old common sense, none of these idiots have the right to impose these petty rules on other sovereign human beings.

So why is this nonsense still being rolled out?

Unfortunately, sane people did NOT put a stop to it when the insanity began to bubble up. All of this could have been nipped in the bud on day one or shortly after had enough people practiced civil disobedience.

Instead, normal people were forced into a position of acquiescence by the overwhelming stampede of zombified Masktards that rushed to comply with every ridiculous government mandate shoved their way.

I was amazed by the willingness of Masktards to go along with the New Rules created by greedy politicians and Big Pharma salespeople. The only thing these predators had to do was maintain the captured population in a locked down state until the relentlessly promised vaccines could be forcibly injected into every citizen.

That's not going so well for them since most of the rushed testing surrounding these genetic modification vaccines has led to horrible results and further delays in their agenda.

This is all good news for the rest of us.

We may even be able to turn this around.

All we need to do is keep chipping away at the false narrative surrounding the Coronavirus scamdemic until the whole godawful thing comes crashing down under its own weight.

Every time the narrative stalls and the criminals running this scam attempt to keep people in a state of fear, an opportunity presents itself to make people laugh by mocking and ridiculing the whole farce. The more of these openings and reprieves, the more the Masktards find themselves relaxing and talking about other things. This is vital if we are ever going to return to a mask free world.

Time to fight back

Employees need to sue their employers. Class action lawsuits need to be pursued because employees were not warned about the side effects from wearing masks such as reduction in oxygen levels, increase in CO2 levels, drowsiness, headaches, psychological issues, infections and so on.

Repeated studies over the past few decades show that the effectiveness of masks in stopping infection rates is questionable to the point of whether they are even necessary in medical situations.

There is no valid reason for anyone to wear a mask anywhere under any circumstances. The whole Masktardia farce is a humiliation ritual and serves no other purpose other than making the mask manufacturers enormous amounts of money.

The market for billions of disposable surgical masks, manufactured in unsanitary sweatshops in various locations around the world, did not exist pre-2020. Even if this ridiculous Covid fraud gets blown wide open in short order, the incentive to find another excuse to keep the mask business alive will be incredibly strong.

And that goes for hand sanitizers too. Just another grift. A fairly toxic one too. Soap and water are perfectly good.

If all else fails, in 2021, the police could enforce the use of suncream lotion whenever citizens venture beyond their slave quarters. Instead of harassing, arresting, and tasing innocent civilians for not wearing a Darth Vader mask, they could round people up for not wearing hats,  all in the name of preventing skin cancer.

At some point, anyone not wearing a full hazmat suit at all hours of the day, would be treated like the worst kind of criminal by law enforcement. The more outwardly visible you make the infraction, the easier you make it for police to know who to pick on.

And think of how many billions of dollars you can make selling disposable hazmat suits forever and ever.

For comparison...

Spaniards visit other European countries and feel like they've gone through a portal to another universe. They witness in real time a total lack of Masktards and Maskholes for the first time in months. They simply can't believe what they are seeing.

They have become so conditioned to seeing everyone around them religiously wearing masks that experiencing these mask free environments is now traumatizing and incredibly jarring knowing that back home Spaniards are being told to mask up everywhere they go at all times.

Through Estonia, Switzerland, Sweden, even crossing the border into Gibraltar, Spaniards' jaws hit the floor. Why are we practically suffocating ourselves to death when other EU countries are going about their lives, working, partying, as if Coroni never happened?

All to force vaccines and trace and tracking – total surveillance, the Great Reset guided by the World Economic Forum, and following economic implosion on a global scale, a depopulation program that has been waiting in the wings for decades.

First, civil rights have to be removed. Then individuals and groups can be whisked away to re-education camps or simply eliminated since there won't be much further use for them.

Once the opposition are out of the way, the global plan for a New World Order can move ahead with zero resistance.

But something tells me that these demons will not get away with it, not now, not ever, because they always have to show their hand, and by that time, more than enough people get wind of their wicked ways, and their plans get shelved for another hundred years.

Some perspective

Over at Worldometer you can check out some more or less reliable statistics that bring the Coronavirus hoax into perspective when compared to other yearly causes of death.

So far in the year 2020 – currently in the month of September – about 42.6 million total deaths have been notched up and counting.

There's usually around 56 million deaths every year from all causes.

The highest cause of death every year in the world is heart disease, unless we count deaths of unborn babies inside the womb, then abortion would be the greatest cause of death year after year.

Abortion stands at about 30.8 million so far this year.

Curiously, deaths from heart disease are nowhere to be found at present on the Worldometer website. I'm sure they were there before this year kicked off. Maybe these stats are also being fudged in favor of Covid. Who really knows?

Here's a good alternative source if you're interested in being honest about what really kills people in the world unlike the false story that politicians and vaccine peddlers would have you believe...

CVD is the leading global cause of death. CVD accounted for approximately 17.8 million deaths in 2017. This number is expected to grow to more than 22.2 million by 2030, according to a 2014 study.

Cancer is also a big killer with about 6 million deaths so far in 2020, but death from hunger is even higher at 8.1 million and like most other routine preventable causes of death, received hardly any media coverage this whole year while Covid Mania raged and spread like a Californian wildfire.

According to Worldometer, deaths from communicable diseases – which includes a whole bunch of things that could be attributed to multiple causes – stands at 9.4 million for the year so far.

Deaths attributed to influenza have reached 354,000 which is one of the more interesting statistics since it is more directly associated with the Coronavirus Scamdemic and open to all kinds of fudging between these two very similar diseases.

That's not to say that other causes of death were not also counted as Covid deaths but the common cold and flu were most certainly blended into the mix more easily than deaths caused by car accidents, for example.

Adding to all the fudging of numbers that went on due to financial incentives given to hospitals, the CDC itself put out a report that basically corrected the official Coronavirus death numbers by 94%!!

That means that only 6% of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 can actually be attributed to Covid-19.

How about that for a smackdown of the officially sanctioned terrorism put out by the mainstream media for so many months.

I would go further and say that even the 6% is probably not caused by a virus named SARS-COV-2. Any of the other multiple routine causes of death are perfectly capable of nudging already very sick people over the edge since many of the symptoms are exactly the same as those of typical existing ailments.

The CDC has also reaffirmed, yet again, that this coronavirus is not particularly contagious, is not airborne, and doesn't really spread via surfaces either. It's almost as if they are reluctantly admitting that it doesn't exist, that all symptoms are generic and easily attributable to malnutrition and other routine causes.

Even so, over here in Masktardia, the Masktards are still proudly strutting around with their designer masks on.

And I swear to God, it really looks like they're in love with their newfound fetish.

Why else would lone individuals, kids riding bikes, every man and his dog going for a walk, all wear these godawful muzzles on a bright sunny day, when there's absolutely no one else in sight for miles and miles?

A few more stats for perspective...

Malaria is the cause of 711,000 deaths so far this year.

Smoking has caused 3.6 million deaths so far this year.

Again, there's probably a lot of crossover between these deaths from smoking and those from cancer. This also happens between other intimately related stats and therefore can be quite deceptive when breaking the numbers down into each cause or set of symptoms.

For example, deaths from pollution could easily be mapped to locations where coronavirus outbreaks initially happened such as Wuhan China, Northern Italy, industrial zones in Spain etc etc.

What's more interesting from a big picture perspective is to keep in mind the total number of deaths per year from all causes and compare that to the CDC readjusted number of deaths attributed to Coronavirus for the year 2020.

Quite simply, the numbers don't add up. We're talking about percentages in the range of 0.03% of the population which is below most other causes of death and would not even be noteworthy had it not been for the spectacular never-before-seen level of propaganda emitted by the globalist controlled governments of the world through their centrally controlled media platforms.


Based on the complete detachment from reality that we have all had to suffer through this year, I would like to suggest a remedy...

Since 5 November 2020 is nearly a thing, why don't we rename this holiday "Mask Burning Remembrance Day" to forever commemorate the day on which the Coronavirus scamdemic was laid to rest and people began to move on with their lives, not the lives they had before, but something far better, a life free of overbearing politicians and vaccine peddlers, a life where we call the shots and only we decide how we approach health issues and what gets put into our bodies, a life where we decide how our children get educated and what kind of future they will live in.

There's nothing stopping us from achieving these goals. We simply need to break the spell, expose the man behind the curtain, and let nature take its course.

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