Imagine That Viruses Are Not Contagious, Germ Theory Is Wrong, Louis Pasteur Was A Fraud, And Media, Politicians, And Big Pharma Lie For Profit

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The COVID-19 Plandemic... is a hoax.

In fact, it's far more than that. It's one of the most egregious cases of criminal fraud ever perpetrated on the human race.

If you haven't reached that conclusion by now, after months of non-stop empirical evidence, then I'm afraid you might be suffering from something far more serious than a bad case of the sniffles.

What we are experiencing is a severe and possibly permanent loss of human and constitutional rights in preparation for the controlled implosion of the global economy and the rollout of authoritarian police state collectivism to keep the errant sheep in line as the SHTF.

Once you understand that mass vaccination has always been the goal from the very beginning then all the pieces fall very easily into place.

The COVID-19 Scamdemic is multifaceted in its overarching purpose:

  • On the one hand it serves the purpose of running cover for the controlled demolition of the aging ponzi scheme known as the global economy.
  • On the other hand, the overtly fraudulent plandemic serves to create the conditions for the completely unnecessary mass vaccination of the human herd.

It goes without saying that the enormous annual profits to be gained by all the top players are also a huge incentive. The model for creating fictitious disease conditions, then demanding copious amounts of public funds to throw at neverending research programs is well understood and perfectly executed during the COVID-19 scam.

This time the rewards (and the damage) will be greater than anything seen before. Even so, the ill-gained rewards play a secondary role to that of reducing the human population to levels that satisfy the goals of Gates, Fauci, the bankster elite, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations.

The only way that the elites can efficiently reduce population is through mass starvation and mandatory vaccines that make people sterile.

Another method involves the rollout of 5G technology whereby disease can be induced directly in human cells by applying the correct frequencies.

Although in the speculation phase, it's perfectly feasible as a method for culling urban areas once the stragglers have been sufficiently rounded up into the SCELECs - Safe City Enhanced Living Education Centers.

For those wondering why the elites would get rid of the cash cow that has made them rich and powerful, it's very simple. They have always understood the nature of growth and collapse. Controlling the collapse allows them to direct the outcome and position themselves favorably for what comes next.

So what comes next?

Some will be culled. Some will be tested for loyalty to the system. Some will be genetically modified. All will embrace transhumanism as the New World Religion.

From a neutral big picture perspective, this looks like the actions of a global collective of farmers doing what's best for the herd. The herd needs to be enhanced and uplifted in order for it to survive the trials and tribulations of the coming age. Transformation is the name of the game. The stragglers that refuse to be rounded up will be left behind to perish.

Of course, resistance to these plans is also expected and accounted for. That's why christian conservative communities and traditional beliefs have been relentlessly attacked and demonized for decades in the US and Europe. It's all part of The Great Reset where transhumanism, communism, luciferian values, and full blown satanism dominate in all areas of life, the mask having finally been removed.

Show me the virus

Even if you fell for the hoax, hook, line, and stinker, the official stats report a survival rate in the 99.9% range for people that supposedly get infected with this fake virus.

Again, how can people be infected with something that has not been proven to exist?

According to Koch's Postulates...'s_postulates

First, you would have to identify and isolate the virus.

  • And that has not been done.

Then, you would have to prove that the identified virus material acts as a pathogen and causes disease in the host.

  • Again, this has never been done.

In fact, it's never been done for any so-called virus or other type of infectious material.

The idea of viruses was created by Louis Pasteur as a means to terrorize enemies of the state following the established tradition of possession by demon spirits as a cause of disease.

So... a scoundrel invents an invisible means of inducing fear in large numbers of people. And ever since, people have been conditioned to react to psycho goblin stories much like children with scary fairy tales.

We even have special teams in hazmat suits known as virus hunters rushing to find the next patient zero – just like in the movies.

Remember that electron microscopes were not invented until the early 1900s, so what the hell was Pasteur pointing to when he invented virus (poison) particles in the 1800s?

He apparently also invented the idea of rabies by injecting a dog with poison and observing as it got angry, foamed at the mouth, and then died.

Out of thousands of cases of people that have been bitten by sick, angry dogs... not one of them has contracted the disease that Pasteur invented.

But millions of dogs have been killed and vaccinated in the name of Rabiosa.

No virus. No disease. No contagion.

And the same goes for all the cows, pigs and chickens that were sacrificed for some made up name like SARS, MERS, Mad Cow etc.

I mean come on... Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome?

That literally describes the symptoms of a bad case of asthma. Or possibly strangulation.

Why vaccinate?

The concept of injecting healthy people with toxins and infectious material to protect them from evil spirits or diseases is an old one and makes sense when you realize how much power and wealth this invention confers to the inventors of the scam, witchdoctors included.

I have never believed that vaccination works. The idea that injecting filthy material directly into a healthy human – especially babies – while bypassing all the natural filters that protect us from pathogens, is done to protect us is... ludicrous.

The adjuvants added to the vaccine are responsible for creating the immune reaction. They have also been shown to cause neurodegeneration. What else would you expect when injecting mercury and aluminum directly into the bloodstream of a newborn child and their sensitive, under-developed nervous system?

Children are now subjected to a bombardment of injections throughout their developmental years that constitute child abuse. But, of course, the pushers of vaccines say it's child abuse if you DON'T dump endless amounts of disgusting ingredients – including aborted fetus cells – into your child's veins to keep them healthy.

What's really going on?

Add to this that according to the history of studies carried out to prove that contagion happens... contagion has never been proven to happen!

It is vastly more likely and logical that when so-called outbreaks have happened throughout history, group-effect diseases were caused by contamination of the air, water and land by pollutants such as heavy metals.

Other mass disease effects can be attributed to systemic malnutrition and denutrition leading to nutritional deficiencies across whole communities. That alone would create the conditions for all kinds of disease that is still prevalent in modern communities that lack a balanced diet, clean water, clean air etc.

Rather than vaccines – which more and more seem like a delivery system for subtle poisons and a way to tamper with the genetics of human beings – we should be campaigning for the cleanup of all the water supplies in the world that have not been sanitized.

Agricultural soils should all be tested to make sure they are fit for growing food of all kinds. Air quality should be cleaned up in industrial areas of the world where millions of people continue to suffer from diseases directly caused by air pollution. Municipal water providers should cease all addition of sodium fluoride or be prosecuted for forcibly medicating the population.

And if you really want to save millions of lives, encourage people to stop smoking and take up regular exercise.

It's really that simple. And then sit back and watch Big Pharma shrivel up and die like the Wicked Witchdoctor of the West that it always was. I suggest a global firework display accompanied by a mass mask-burning ceremony to celebrate the end of the evil industrial medical system once and for all.

Following that, we can usher in a new era of prevention-based natural medicine and teach generation after generation to follow suit.

Why can people not see what is right in front of them?

Why can people not understand that the pharmaceutical industry was created by a bunch of very evil people?

People that want to control the human population like a herd of animals and use them to make the parasitic elites filthy rich and, when the time comes, cull the herd back to manageable numbers using starvation and sterilization vaccines.

Again, going by the official numbers, it's clear that a coordinated global lockstep shutdown was NOT necessary and does NOT need to be repeated.

It was NOT necessary to mandate the wearing of useless masks and other face coverings such as plastic shields.

It was NOT necessary to wear rubber gloves at any time.

And it was certainly NOT necessary to illegally collect medical data in the form of temperature readings at checkpoints.

But the prize for complete abandonment of reason has to go to the millions of PCR tests that have been carried out on an unsuspecting general public in the name of detecting cases, even in asymptomatic healthy people.

And there you have it folks!

The root of the Coronavirus hoax!

The completely discredited PCR test that continues to provide false positives on a massive scale so that the levels of fear can be maintained until the next phase of this nefarious operation is set in motion.

We have to resist further lockdowns and forced vaccinations because too many idiots failed to resist the mandatory mask of the beast.

I now live in a world where families can go for a meal at a local restaurant, but they are ordered by the authorities to wear slave masks up until the moment that they are about to eat.

They are then permitted to eat maskless for the duration of their meal, breathing in each other's filthy air, and that of the other customers and staff in the restaurant, and once finished, are again ordered by the authorities to don their slave masks for the duration of the trip back home.

If you can't spot the obvious flaws in the above example, I could rattle off a hundred other absurd logic-defying situations that are easily observable in our glorious New Normal.

Here's some more food for thought...

I now live in a world where it is frowned upon if one wants to breathe oxygen unrestricted by a face covering. In fact, if you insist on exercising this essential right, you can be fired from your job, harassed by local law enforcement, fined, and attacked by hordes of the walking dead zombie masses.

I now live in a world where medical professionals have to hold makeshift press conferences in order to get their truth about Hydroxychloroquine treatment out to the world.

Whether you accept their truth or not is beside the point. You should be asking the question why these professionals are being shunned by the media?

And why the self-appointed gods of Big Pharma are parading like peacocks when the conversation is all about pushing harmful experimental vaccines on an ignorant, gullible, domesticated population?

The answer, of course, is corruption. And corruption is just criminal activity by another name. Anyone that has researched the history of Big Pharma knows that it constitutes a series of criminal acts that enabled the industry to become one of the most corrupt and profitable global entities in the history of mankind.

The motivations behind this criminal activity – which includes deception, coercion, theft, extreme cruelty, and mass murder – are demonic, for want of a better word.

Even if you leave aside the idea that puny humans are involved in an eternal spiritual battle against the forces of evil, it's becoming harder to deny that the controllers of this world are possessed by the spirits of selfish greed, narcissistic megalomania, and the will to achieve their goals at whatever cost.

That being said, all of this skullduggery reveals how weak these psycho goblins actually are, and the extraordinary lengths they have to go to to subjugate the masses.

We have always had the power. It's time to shake off the cobwebs and rise to our full potential. That frail old man behind the curtain is actually pissing his pants in fear. He had a good run, but his day is done. A tsunami of righteousness is rising up in the world, so grab your surfboard kiddo, it's gonna get choppy out there.

After witnessing the madness of the last six months, it has dawned on me that what I had always thought were other human beings sharing my planet were actually biological robots awaiting the signal to self destruct. Thank God some appear to still possess the ability to think rationally and recognize a scam when they see one.

To be fair, we were repeatedly warned about this encroaching reality by modern day Paul Reveres who had to suffer the slings and arrows of derision for decades while the corrupt elites continued to move their pieces into place on the global chessboard.

Now, it's too late. It's time to face the music. And the song the elites are playing is a mix of death metal and crazy-clown loony tunes.

Believing in contagious viruses at this point is like believing in some weird fringe religion. And the Wearers of the Mask are the true believers, the hardcore members of the Cult of Corona lining up for salvation through the vaccine ritual.

It doesn't matter which side you're on... or maybe it does a little bit

The left vs right divide is orchestrated by the master puppeteers in order to create confusion, but ultimately all sides are run by the same cabal at the top of the pyramid. Previously I would have suggested that we all unite to confront the puppeteers and put them in their place, but it's now clear that factions on the left are completely and utterly beyond help. They are too far gone and have become consumed with a satanic energy from which I don't think they will escape. Many will perish. Others will opt out once they see the writing on the wall.

Those of us wishing for a pro-human future, need to walk away from the king, build communities, learn to farm, detoxify, destress, and make babies the good old-fashioned way. Picture beautiful, healthy, natural humans living in peace for as long as this planet holds up. Now that's a dream worth investing in.

Of course, this could all be a figment of my imagination. Maybe you are too. And I'm actually an alien brain in a jar stuck on an abandoned space station about to awaken from this godawful nightmare...

But just in case this is all really happening... everyone should carefully read the subject matter posted at the following link.

Thanks to The Bernician for making it public.

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