The Global Zombie Farm - Only Domesticated Human Animals Can Be Led To The Slaughter

Soldiers on a bus shooting zombies
The Zombie Apocalypse is here!

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

And the zombies are wearing designer masks!

I have been aware for some time now that the zombification of the human species is well under way and not far from completion. The Global Elite Master Farmers have perfected the art of controlling and domesticating the masses much as one would control and domesticate a herd of cows.

All that remains for the master plan to finalize is for the domesticated zombies to be rounded up, sorted into pens according to utility, then shuffled off to either the workhouse or the slaughterhouse.

Here kitty kitty

Domesticated animals will roll over and allow their belly to be tickled. They have zero sense of danger when a master does this. Their guard is fully down. Their natural defensive instincts have been neutered to the point of non-existence.

In return for total submission, they get rewards, treats, snacks, an easy, pampered, spoiled life, a pat on the head. They are "loved."

The master of one of these domesticated pets can press a machete to the throat of the submissive creature and the creature won't even flinch. They might wonder what the new game is all about, but they won't flinch. They certainly won't take up a defensive stance, snarl, growl, gnash their teeth, ready to fight to the death.

The domesticated, zombified animal trusts its Master, without question.

Wild, sovereign, independent, proud animals are not so easily fooled. They have maintained their wiliness, guile, suspicion towards strangers and strange actions, predators and herbivores alike. They are alert, aware of their surroundings, and rarely let their guard down.

Humans are not that. Not anymore. The innate abilities and survival instincts that served human beings so well for so long have been insidiously quashed in the human animal until it is so easy to manipulate it may as well be a well trained pet, a robot, or even a vegetable.

Contemplate, for a moment, if you will, the wild and free hunter-gatherer of yesteryear roaming the plains, tracking buffalo, taming horses, conjuring blessings from the gods, consuming God's bounty in its natural form, applying nature's medicine with a deep-rooted wisdom, and proudly resisting all attempts at subjugation from outside forces.

Sure, they may have had their problems too, but compare that lifestyle and the mental fitness that came with it with what humans have become. Head on down to your local Walmart to witness the land whales on their scooters, the shufflers, the mutterers, the barely-recognizable-as-human soulless entities that inhabit these contemporary temples.

Half the human herd is medicated to the eyeballs. How else can they maintain basic functionality in a world gone mad? How else can they cope with the realization that they are born into a prison erected to enslave the minds and souls of its inhabitants?

From birth till death, these lobotomized zombies are indoctrinated with childish fantasies, dreams of freedom from drudgery, and wealth accumulation, while being monitored, controlled, taxed, subdued, poisoned, and exploited, until the Elite Master Farmers can extract no more from the fleshy product.

Nose rings are all the rage!

It's incredibly easy to lead a domesticated animal by the nose. The destination could be the market, a new home, the vet, or the slaughterhouse.

The domesticated animal doesn't care. It always thinks there are treats waiting around every corner. A dumb animal indeed.

On the other hand, it's incredibly difficult for a wild animal to communicate to the domesticated animal that it is being led to the slaughter. The domesticated animal ignores all the warning signs, they don't even register on the radar. It only believes and follows its Master because that is all it knows.

The modern human animal has NEVER been free. It has no point of reference. There is no alternative, in its mind, to the world it has always experienced.

So off it goes, deaf, dumb, blind, ignorant, and stupid, to the slaughterhouse. No resistance, no shame, no last regrets, just pleasant thoughts about treats and snacks, oblivious, majestically, blissfully unaware of what comes next. Chop chop!

And nobody will care when they're gone. Just as nobody cares when millions of other herd animals are effortlessly slaughtered every year so that humans and their pets can munch on some meat.

The chosen ones, the survivors, the not-so-useless eaters, will look the other way and continue with the construction of the One Machine, the all-encompassing machine that will ultimately replace all nature with Lucifer's vision for the world. Or at least that's what the Elite Master Farmers have in mind – their deranged, corrupted, deluded, insane minds.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee

Forget ethics, forget human rights, forget individual responsibility, we are now collectively facing a reality where the herd of lobotomized, zombified, domesticated human animals are being trained to wear a muzzle, accept invasive medical tests that don't work, forced to vaccinate with ingredients that modify their genetics, and possibly die in a mass depopulation ritual to the sound of thunderous applause.

The sacrifice was worth it, the lucky survivors will chant. There was no other way. Our Masters told us so, so it must be true.

A slippery slope indeed. And it's not like the masses didn't have armies of town criers warning them of what was coming every step of the way. Even so, the zombified masses ignored all the warnings, even jeered, and mocked the town criers, scoring status points among their buddies who were also reeeaally smart, just like them.

The town criers did the best they could, but the wall of ignorance was insurmountable. Decades, if not centuries, of continuous domestication and corruption of the human spirit was just too ingrained. These human farm animals were actually not human anymore. They were zombies, biological husks of what humans used to be.

You can't go back Bob

Once a zombie, there is no turning back. The famous line from The Walking Dead TV show – You can't go back Bob – perfectly represents the human condition and position that we find ourselves in.

The phrase is directed at a human character, suggesting that once one is too far gone in the zombie apocalypse, there is no turning back to how humans were in their domesticated state. Obviously, if humans have gone through a process of full zombification – as many have in the real world – then there is absolutely zero chance of any return to the old normal. This zombie horde can be manipulated and used as a weapon by the real world Elite Master Farmers much as Alpha's Whisperer faction does in the TV show to great effect.

So, faced with this Covid nonsense, how do we turn things around?

The expertise with which the global psychological operation has been carried out is admirable and its effects, mindblowing. The non-stop MSM onslaught has been extremely successful and continues to cast a spell over the minds of the domesticated zombies.

I would say that about 80% of the population believe absolutely everything that they see and hear on the television – the most powerful propaganda tool that has ever existed.

The TV is like a mini-god to the zombified masses. It whispers to them, it comforts them, it directs them, and pulls on their heart strings. It blends reality with fiction so that the boundaries blur. It makes them happy, sad, angry, jealous, scared, all on cue, as if by magic.

The TV creates the world of the domesticated human zombie like some procedurally-generated, fully-populated video game fantasy. To the lobotomized human animal, this manufactured world is indistinguishable from the real world. The rules and behaviors of the fictional, media-created world are to be obeyed as if they were life or death decisions in the real world.

When the Elite Master Farmers ramp up the fear factor by tweaking a few dials on their steampunk console, they tap into a residual quality that the human herd is still able to express – a sense of community. We are all in this together, they robotically chant, as they follow the pied piper to the edge of the precipice. Unfortunately, gullible morons fall for that shit every, single, time.

The turnaround or the point of no return

Are you essential?

Are you in favor of a pro-human future?

If you answered yes to both questions, you're in for a treat! Not just another doggy snack either. A spectacle of transformation on a scale the world has never seen.

I didn't ask if you're an optimist. I just assumed that you more or less are one. Pessimists need not apply. Why? Because there is absolutely no value in being a pessimist or even a realist at this point. Only a powerful, forward thrust towards a positive outcome holds as a viable position, a solid combination of defensive/offensive strategies that overwhelm and overcome every possible insult that comes our way.

This is no time for the lily-livered, the fearful, the cowardly hecklers in the back row. It's time for the brave to step up, to lead the way, to breach the defensive walls of the enemy, and plant the charges that blow the whole zombie plantation sky high.

We need to collectively build our immune system and spread that immunity to as many people as possible. The ones that are able to adapt and learn these principles for themselves will take what they learn and spread it to others. Every mind that is capable of awakening will exponentially resuscitate other minds in an explosive cultural renaissance of pro-human values.

Personally, and despite appearances, I feel confident that all is not lost. Things should start to turn around fairly soon. The COVID nonsense narrative, that I can barely bring myself to pay much attention to, is falling apart. Doctors, lawyers, and millions of concerned citizens are forming associations, running makeshift press conferences promoting treatments, spreading information through alternative uncensored media channels, and launching massive anti-lockdown, anti-muzzle, anti-forced testing and vaccination protests worldwide.

This emerging response, while sluggish and a little misguided, gives me a lot of hope for the future. We can resist the madness. It's a choice. Even the hordes of domesticated, lobotomized, zombies can't stop us however hard they try. They will fail to drag us into the cesspit of unconsciousness where they have been conditioned to dwell. They will fail to push and shove us into the slaughterhouse where the old, decrepit, obsolete vampire class sit sharpening their meat cleavers in the hope of one last supper.

We don't need to get everything right. We simply need to keep chipping away until the whole fraudulent edifice collapses in on itself. There are plans within plans and controlled opposition operations around every corner, but it's okay, we'll deal with each issue as and when it makes sense to do so. The goal is to raise awareness in as many like-minded human souls as possible. I'm already seeing evidence that we have reached critical mass and are pushing past the invisible barriers that previously held people back.

In the end, the gormless zombies will stand down, maybe hissing and snarling from behind their slave masks, still peeing their pants over the COVID phantom menace that never was, while they watch the triumphant 20% plant the flag of freedom for all humanity in this age and the next. Amen.

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