Ukraine, Gaza, Taiwan - A Sisyphean Tale of Land Grabs, Tech Transfers and Genocide

Ukraine, Gaza, Taiwan - A Sisyphean Tale of Land Grabs, Tech Transfers and Genocide
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It seems we've learned nothing over the last hundred years of human toil and trouble. Like Sisyphus, we appear doomed to repeat the same tasks over and over again in some kind of purgatorial never-ending cycle.

Sisyphus was a Greek king usually associated with Corinth. He was famously cunning, but unfortunately also deceitful and impious. In the most common version of the myth, Sisyphus managed to cheat Death and thereby extend his life (the details of how he accomplished this vary across different sources). 
Eventually, however, Sisyphus did die. For acting against the will of the gods, Sisyphus received a terrible punishment in the afterlife: he was sent to Tartarus, roughly the Greek equivalent of hell, where he was forced to roll a giant boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down once he reached the top. Sisyphus was thus forced to endlessly repeat the same grueling task for all eternity.

As you can see, much of the myth can be mapped almost perfectly onto the nature and actions of the Elite Master Farmers (International Thieves) and the role they play in the real-life attempt to make biblical prophesy a reality.

The Elite Master Farmers certainly view themselves as the Kings and Queens of the world. They believe the fables that bind them to certain historical and mythical bloodlines.

In order to maintain their position in the game of life the use of cunning strategy along with deceitful and impious methods have kept these buggers at the top for thousands of years. The individual characters, family dynasties, orders and cults shift and change like the sand dunes on my local beach but the general structure propping up the persistent cabal appears to possess an eternal energy all of its own.

Popular (not necessarily true) stories tell us the Merovingians were the direct descendants of Christ and that old Italian dynasties, popes and emperors were granted the divine right to rule over their subjects.

If anything, the behavior of rulers and their common practice of inbreeding and routinely going to war with each other suggests that we're dealing with individuals and entire groups of people that suffer from large doses of narcissistic megalomania combined with a ruthlessness that routinely drowns the world in the blood of the fallen.

We're told that war and everything that surrounds war falls neatly into several categories — resource wars, holy wars and conquest just for the sheer hell of it.

War is also a distraction or a 'necessary' diversionary tactic when economic sirens start to sound and the central bankers have that "Oh shit" look on their faces however much they try to disguise it.

In more recent conflicts we can see more clearly how the Elite Master Farmers have used the invasion of middle eastern countries to further their assortment of global drug, weapons and human trafficking operations.

The opium fields in Afghanistan patrolled by British and American troops taught us that narratives of hunting down rogue terrorists in mountain caves were simply cover for what was really happening.

The invasions of Iraq and Syria with American and Russian proxy forces always ready to clash at the drop of a hat should make the best geopolitical analysts pause to wonder if these conflicts are orchestrated by a central command figure that conveniently stays in the shadows and has nothing to lose, only everything to gain, while the puppets destroy each other over and over again.

How many times must Europe stage the theater of war for the masters of coin?

The Ukraine conflict shows all the signs of being another Elite Master Farmer land grab following a long history of trafficking and dodgy deals that we've heard about over the years.

I tried to find a link to the Burisma scandal but all the results are essentially mainstream media globalist propaganda outlets massaging the story in favor of the Bidens. It's just so tiresome. But, who knows, maybe both sides are just making things up at this point just to give the appearance that good guys and bad guys really exist.

So I'll share this old Yuri Besmenov clip to compensate.

This doesn't mean that I run with the whole Putin as savior fluff job either. That's taken care of by the alternative media and they've shown their hand far more than was necessary to get us all on board with the BRICS New World Order project.

We should all be fully aware by now that tech transfers to Israel and their Russian population of military expats are ongoing and carried out in plain view by all the top American (globalist) militarized technology corporations. Israel really does possess the keys to the Kingdom, the backdoor access to all electronic devices, the ability to carry out cyberattacks while claiming to be preventing them.

Military technology transfer is big business. Reverse engineering America's most advanced defense tech becomes easy when America's so-called allies pass it on to her so-called enemies. In this way, Russia, China, Iran etc can always counter anything that the USA DOD comes up with because the plans and the weapons systems themselves are made available through the various legal and illegal, official and unofficial distribution channels.

You'll find the City of London and the Swiss BIS banking elite pulling the strings and funding all sides as usual. The beef is probably all a sham just to get everyone on board with picking sides and whittling down the numbers in all the right places. The narrative pushes that the West is cooked and done, the petrodollar is about ready to collapse, America is a has-been and the BRICS topped by the Russia-China brofest is the future despite the fact that these nations are not too interested in individual human rights and the power of a well thought out constitution as the best system ever devised for people that value some inkling of freedom.

What's really going on in Ukraine?

Since the Russians moved ahead with their capture of eastern Ukraine I honestly haven't seen much footage of the conflict other than old Russian military training videos passed off as current combat. When the Iraq invasion and subsequent war was raging we were able to tune into almost real-time combat videos on YouTube and other platforms as it was all happening.

With the current Ukraine conflict, we're offered up statistical analysis and commentary from the usual talking heads and some alternative characters that have popped up to fill the void (and our minds) with whatever propaganda is deemed suitable for either side of the divide.

It's an odd thing to notice since I don't go looking for such footage but know that it would make its way into my field of view if there were any authentic battles taking place. Maybe someone can help me understand why this particular phenomenon or a distinct lack of it appears to be happening. Something about lack of available comms technology and damaged infrastructure usually pops up as an excuse but I'm not sure that fully explains the lack of footage that I would expect to come across given the amount of recording technology that is available today in the hands of citizens and professional reporters alike.

Essentially, we're dealing with yet another land grab and it looks like all parties are playing their antagonistic roles perfectly until the day comes to reorganize and import new citizens possibly from the middle east. grab

a usually swift acquisition of property (such as land or patent rights) often by fraud or force

Of course, the first example offered up takes a jab at the Russkies...

Ukraine and its Western backers say the war is an imperial-style land grab by a corrupt dictatorship. —Guy Faulconbridge, USA TODAY, 6 May 2024

But then you only have to peruse the search results pertaining to the faux installed hero of western powers to see that we're under a pretty damn heavy mindspell right now. I would suggest that this has always been the case. It's just that some of us are able to see it now.

How Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky went from an actor playing president on TV to defiant wartime leader

‘Nobody Believes in Our Victory Like I Do.’ Inside Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight

How Volodymyr Zelensky rallied Ukrainians, and the world, against Putin.

Are you with the Anglo-American empire that currently has beef with Russia (for all the usual reasons) or are you with the terrorists and rogue nation states that the Anglo-American empire has designated as enemies?

Isn't this what it's all about...

Now rinse and repeat for Israel and Palestine with the cleansing of Gaza currently ongoing so that oil, gas, and beachfront property deals can go ahead unhindered.

Of course, the plans to build a third temple come into view as well, but by far the wheeling and dealing of the Elite Master Warmongers appears to be tied to lucrative deals above and beyond the endless game of capture the flag that some religious folk like to play.

The Beast from the East

Beyond displaying a Ukrainian flag in your social media profile and wearing a Palestinian scarf to a protest are you willing to stand with Taiwan when they finally succumb to Chinese pressure much the same way that Hong Kong was reabsorbed into the mainland after decades of British rule?

Taiwan houses the largest manufacturer of advanced microprocessors in the world — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC.

So will Taiwan end up being the next point of contention in the world war that we can clearly see taking shape?

Or will China take Taiwan for its own purposes and the rest of the world build their own advanced chip factories closer to home?

At the end of the day, we are always being subtly and not-so-subtly coerced into choosing a side even if we don't particularly align with any of the options. What we may, in the end, have to do is realize that we have all become dependent on resources that travel the world undergoing thousands of processes and logistical juggling acts just to finally drop into our hands.

Grabbing land and resources and policing the world's shipping lanes all forms part of our comfortable lives. Sometimes a little conflict here and there may be what is required in order for us to move forward along a more peaceful, negotiable trajectory. At least until the guns have to come out again for the umpteenth time.

Until next time, chin up, and don't let the buggers get you down. It'll all pan out in the end.

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