"Pick A Side" They Said

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In this 3D experience known as life, when conflict presents itself, the players in the game are expected to take sides. This practice is revered and objectified. It is held up as a dutiful act.

And clearly stating your allegiance to either group A or group B, classifies you as a decisive, go-getter as opposed to a lily-livered fence-sitter.

When the dust settles (as it always inevitably does) the players that chose sides are rewarded with the sanctimony that "at least they stood for something."

Contrary to this, it is broadly accepted that players who fail to "pick a side" for whatever reason — the fence-sitters — are labeled as cowardly, indecisive, lukewarm, nobodies.

To NOT pick a side, to remain neutral in any conflict, to rise above a situation and take the big picture view, to dig deeper into the reasons why the conflict exists in the first place, to observe and document events from the sidelines is a position that invites being rejected by all factions; not only a traitor to one group, but a traitor to all!

In other words... no one likes a "fence-sitter."

a person who remains neutral or undecided in a controversy


Trapped In The Middle With You

Everything in this world right now appears to be based on confrontation. Conflict is King in Hollywood scriptwriting, but as anyone can see, real life conflict is all around us all the time just waiting for a spark to ignite the inferno.

The more humans there are chasing material wealth, the greater the potential explosion of pent-up chaos and violence when the elastic band holding everything together snaps.

Much of this societal, potential, explosive energy in the form of anger, resentment, hatred, envy, and greed is contained when cheap-to-extract energy is readily available and there's generally enough to go around for a significant number of people.

But what happens when the energy equation reverses and cheap-to-extract energy is no longer available?

Well, it looks pretty much like the world we see today. And maybe this unfolding situation is only truly visible to neutral, independent observers that don't have too much skin in the game.

Those that have a lot of wealth invested in this ponzi scheme may want to look the other way while we dissect the potential scenarios that are most likely coming our way.

That's not to say that generational wealth doesn't provide an effective buffer when hard times "come a knockin." It does. Or that the poor of this world are always the first to suffer the effects of a downturn. They are.

But, there comes a point where wealth in any form cannot protect you from the tsunami, the hurricane, the earthquake that arrives on your doorstep. Just look at the uprisings in Sri Lanka and other places around the world to see what happens when regular folk have nothing left to lose. They lose their fear of authority and tear the place to pieces.

That's the release valve in action. The explosive energy that was building up behind the scenes, slowly but surely, biding its time, allowing the pressure to increase until finally... nothing in this world is able to contain it.

The Divide

Much of the divide we see in society today is caused deliberately by the Elite Master Farmers for several reasons. Instead of encouraging co-operation in all things, it is of immense benefit to those managing the farm to keep the general population distracted with petty differences, trivial territorial disputes, squabbles over ancient traditions, science, religion, taxation, politics, and even which brand of soda to consume.

That said, there have always existed natural differences between any two groups of people on Earth. There have always been rich and poor, black and white, atheist and theist, conservative and progressive, male and female, old and young, strong and weak, northerners and southerners, west-siders and east-siders for as long as humans have organized themselves into tribes.

More recently, we saw the rise of the modern left and right as a division too. At first I thought this was just another artificially created extrapolation of traditional conservative and progressive values. And therefore held out some hope that these extremes could be wound back to a more comfortable middle ground where common sense would be allowed to breathe. Unfortunately, I think the current situation is unsalvageable. There's no turning back from this. The two sides of this particular divide are so far removed from each other there is absolutely no hope of them ever seeing eye to eye ever again.

And one of these sides has gone completely and utterly insane so there's no knowing to what lengths they will go to get their way. The modern day left-wing, woke liberal is so far removed from reality it's difficult to understand how they can still function in everyday life. Living in a bubble of self-delusion fueled by incessant MSM propaganda can surprisingly be sustained for quite some time. At least until the Prozac runs out.

Meanwhile, the Christian Zionist faction on the right are positioning themselves to bring forth a theocratic renaissance of sorts. It's not all bad. At least this faction demonstrates basic common sense when it comes to controversial topics such as man-made climate change, the legality of abortion, the right to bear arms, limited government, low taxes. There's a lot to like.

The problem I have with both of these extremes — and they are extremes, there's no doubt about that — is that neither of them are based in reality.

The problems that make up most of the left's anxiety-driven reason-for-being are all invented. It's all in their mind, put there by the demonic overseers that currently run this place. They are the true believers in every hoax ever to be carried out on mankind. The left are the biggest suckers on the planet. And they drag everyone else along with the insanity that they dutifully suffer from.

There is no climate crisis. The climate changes. Get over it.

There is no Covid crisis. There is a vaccine damage crisis and a mass psychosis crisis. Germ Theory will have to be rewritten. We can learn from this.

There is an energy crisis at the moment. It appears that we've reached limits to growth. And right now... with renewables at about 3% of total global energy... it doesn't look like the leftist (globalist) green agenda solutions that we've been bombarded with for the past twenty years are anywhere near solving our predicament. We need an energy and economic miracle.

Conversely, in the religious camp, people are just as deluded, believing in all kinds of mythological fantasy and witchcraft. And yet, Christians, Muslims and Jews believe themselves to be superior in every way even though they have all been duped into worshiping middle-eastern Jewish deities.

They strongly criticize anyone that partakes of Hindu traditional practices such as meditation, New Age philosophy, Buddhism, and yet their religious practices are very similar. Praying to ascended masters (Catholic saints) is known as necromancy (communing with the dead) and all Christians have a version of this.

From my neutral position, and as a writer of fantastical stories, I have to wonder... what's so wrong with evidence-based reality that most people feel the need to practice some form of witchcraft in their lives?

Because that's what traditional religion is. And the modern day pagan substitute is no better. Environmentalism is Earth worship. The Earth comes first. All humans must die.

You get the picture.

In fact, there's no real difference between the two factions when you get down to the details. The extreme factions are both suicidal death cults. On the one hand, we have Extinction Rebellion and on the other, End Times prophecy cultists hellbent on making the apocalypse a reality.

They both think they will be raptured in some way once their respective messiahs make an appearance. Renewable energy or demigods floating down from the sky... it's all the same to me.


And I'll be attacked from both sides for simply stating the facts.

Humans are an odd bunch wouldn't you say.

Why are people unable to separate reality from fantasy?

Why do adults cling to ridiculous concepts like a virgin birth, walking on water, or rising from the dead as if they really happened?

Are they like children that never want to grow up?

They want Star Wars to be real?

And Harry Potter?

And the story of Jesus the magician?

What is a fence-sitter to do?

Obviously, fence-sitters may have their reasons for not openly rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty when conflicts arise.

  1. They may be busy with activities that are important to them in their lives: tending to a farm, a family business, a community, raising children.
  2. They may live physically distant from where conflict presents itself and if it weren't for the internet they wouldn't even be aware of said conflict.
  3. They may simply lack a natural alignment with certain factions involved in conflict scenarios; they have no dog in the fight.

At this point, I don't think there's much any of us in the neutral, centrist, carbon-based life form independently observing life on Earth camp can do.

The extremist factions are spoiling for a fight. And the Elite Master Farmers are rubbing their hands together. They have dollar signs in their eyes. They see rebuilding projects blooming everywhere once the rioting, the wars and the fires die down.

Upon the ashes of our discontent they will build smart cities with 5G powered surveillance grids. They'll take what they've learned in the Chinese experiment, tweak for western values and proceed to shovel the battered populace (what remains of them) into these dystopian hellholes.

Once the dust settles in Ukraine, it'll be transformed into one of these exemplary states. An example to follow for the rest of the Western world.

It's all planned. And all going according to plan.

The globalists will carry on with their trafficking racket while they round the sheep up into pens.

The MSM will continue to brainwash the general public with outright lies and the public will continue to believe everything they're told, right up until the moment they realize they have nothing and are absolutely miserable.

Such daylight robbery is quite the feat. A hundreds-of-years-long project that is probably reaching the end its life. Hence all the hair-pulling, rearranging of chairs, and hissy fits being thrown as empires crumble.

The agendas are reaching their zenith. The pyramid scheme is imploding before the builders manage to place the final capstone. The Tower of Babel will yet again fail to be completed.

The hubris contained in Agenda 2030 with their little rainbow badges, the plans of the WEF, the insane words of Yuval Noah Harari and his master Klaus Schwab will amount to nothing as people simply ignore them and walk the other way.

No amount of force will be enough to "convince" those who are awake, the rebels, the deplorables, the meek, that smart-city life complete with monthly jabs for every reason imaginable is a good alternative to community-based, country living where kids run free, are home-schooled, eat natural produce, and think their own thoughts.

Fighting Spirit

More than the trucking industry, it looks like farmers are the ones to step up and stand against abusive fuel costs and other government sanctioned regulation that strangles the most basic needs in society.


It's refreshing to see, but it could simply be yet more symptoms of the dying ponzi scheme. It looks like many more parts of the One Machine will start falling off soon. It's obvious now that oil is the most important piece of the puzzle. Everything in our lives depends on it. Food, transportation, electricity production, Amazon deliveries. Everything.

Nuclear power production and gas powered plants have also been declared "green tech" in Europe so we can expect to see those industries get a reprieve for as long as the oil industry holds up. Remember, all industries are heavily dependent on oil for transportation requirements. No oil means no nuclear, gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric or any other activity. Without oil flowing through the veins of industrial civilization, everything shuts down.

When I look at a tree in the fields outside my house or a fly butting up against the window I don't see fascism vs communism or Evangelical Christianity vs Islam. I see nature at work, doing what it's always done: grasping onto life and hanging on any which way it can. In fact, the natural world IS life. It is the thing itself and not separate from it.

Human beings in their delusional arrogance have attempted to sever the connection they have with the 3D world they were born into. They go to great lengths to portray human activity as somehow above and beyond nature. But, of course, this technocratic delusion couldn't be further from the truth. The natural world and whatever lies beyond IS everything and we are merely a product of it, dancing our little dance until Nature reclaims us.

We neither dominate nature (because that is a logical impossibility) nor does nature give a damn about our narcissistic, egocentric, anthropomorphized, temporary passage through this realm. Many atheists will agree with this sentiment calmly and rationally. However, the Judeo-Christian true believers will immediately step in to correct this wrong-think by quoting endless bible passages that make reference to God's chosen people, that this world was created to serve "them" and no one else, that all life on planet Earth must bow to the one true religion and await salvation from one messiah or another depending on which interpretation of the story you believe.

The Neverending Futile Search For Immortality

The most stubborn delusional human faction of them all — the Elite Master Farmers — have long believed that they can defy reality, that they can bend the rules of the 3D video game that we inhabit. Throughout the ages, they have employed high priests, soothsayers, wizards, occultists, and now scientists to develop definitive strategies that prolong life — Life Extension Research — in the hope that one day soon their kind will be able to live forever in the material realm.

The religion of Transhumanism has become the prominent outward expression of this insanity. Proponents believe that consciousness can be uploaded to more resilient substrates than the ones we are born with; that one day the true believers will be able to leave behind these fragile biological bodies and inhabit any form they choose, just like in a video game.

Through transhumanism, minions like Harari believe that it's only a matter of time before the human species evolves into something unrecognizable. And that this uber species will have total control over the natural world.

Of course, even some among the Singularitarian cult are able to see through the madness and readily admit that, even if possible, any attempts to transfer consciousness from one substrate to another would result in mere degraded copies of the original. Hardly an endorsement for such radical ideas.

Even so, wealthy clients of cryogenic services run by crackpots such as Max Moore are convinced to preserve their severed heads in deep-freeze cryo-tanks on the off-chance that the tech works in some fanciful future and they can be revived with a new body to walk among the living once again.

The flip side of this fantastical belief in sci-fi futures is one that is becoming more popular with conservatives all over America: a return to a simple farming lifestyle built around local communities that potentially prepares its proponents for economic collapse scenarios that look more and more likely and shields them from starvation and other toxic side-effects of the breakdown of society.

In theory, I would align my own strategy with these values, but in reality, these communities are likely just as dependent on industrial civilization as everyone else. And once the zombies start to venture out from their city enclosures en masse... well, lets just say a horde of hungry animals is a tricky beast at the best of times.

On the surface, it feels good to be ahead of the crowd. I see newcomers to this lifestyle patting themselves on the back like they've won some kind of lottery. These communities are rife with yet another form of delusional thinking. They also believe they form part of another "chosen" group. They are giddy with the idea that they will somehow "make it" in the New World when tribulation passes and things settle down into a New Normal after a Great Reset.

Oh Jeez... starting to sound familiar?

I've already laid out several potential scenarios that are likely to unfold in the years to come, but it doesn't hurt to go over them again since everything else becomes redundant and quite frankly irrelevant once these basic positions are understood.

  1. Some believe that our collective goose is cooked. We've run out of cheap to extract energy sources and there's nothing we can do about it. There exist no plug and play replacements therefore it is simply a matter of time before everything falls apart. And nothing will get fixed because we won't have the affordable energy to do so. All desperate attempts to roll out alternative power production solutions are too little too late and amount to dramatic displays of hopium and copium. https://ourfiniteworld.com/2022/07/05/why-raising-interest-rates-to-reduce-inflation-may-work-out-very-badly/
  2. The rest of us adhere to the sneaky suspicion that everything is not as it seems. We are being sold an end times prophecy narrative because the people in charge believe that it will trigger the arrival of their messiah. In this camp, we can entertain the idea that secretive technology patents have been held back specifically for this purpose. A messiah character will be introduced to the world just as we are about to plunge into darkness. The new tech will be released and everyone will be "saved."

Brendon O'Connell covers this topic excellently in his videos. He lays out the way hidden technology will be drip-fed to the world's population like "candy," just enough to keep people from rising up all at once against the Elite Master Farmers.


If you're wondering what kind of tech could possibly make a difference at this point, I would say anything that mass produces all the elements of power generation. The video points to small-scale power-cells for mobile equipment which would obviously be a game-changer. But we could also see novel materials used for everything from batteries to road coverings.

A shift from the built-in obsolescence model to creating products that last much longer would also have a huge effect on our industrial economy, but it's actually very difficult to see how this could work since product design changes so rapidly anyway due to tech advances. These businesses rely on constant product replacement, not a once and done.

I think the healthcare industry is long overdue for an overhaul and the changes are going to come thick and fast. Preventative natural healthcare knowledge will reign supreme and most people will lose confidence in Big Pharma for all but the most essential medications.

Travel is a tricky one. This industry is set to collapse. The question is will non-essential travel be revived in any way?

Will anything that is deemed non-essential be revived?

Or is it possible that we'll experience a renaissance that takes us to the stars?

Who knows?

What I can say, based on the evidence, is that the global economy in its current state is a zombie. No matter how you look at it or how much optimism you throw at this shuffling beast, it looks like it died a while ago. It just doesn't know it yet.

And the more people wake up to this fact, the more stark the reality will be and the more people will speed up the process by running to the banks, hoarding food and other goods and praying to their gods for salvation.

The Cards That We've Been Dealt

I don't think we choose to be born into this realm as some New Agers like to believe. I think we're made manifest just like all other life on this planet. Then we have to deal with whatever's in front of us. Some are luckier than others.

If this was a choice, why would anyone jump in at this point?

If this was a choice, I wouldn't sign up for this game. I would choose the game of maybe fifty years back. Sixties, seventies, eighties. When everything was on the up and up.

The world then was still mostly a natural world full of wonder, maybe a TV, a car, maybe some comics, maybe some books. Plenty of quiet time to explore your own mind, to imagine, to create. Now kids are spoon-fed digital everything from day one.

Maybe that's why Stranger Things is so popular. Nostalgia for simpler times? No internet. Not like it is today anyway. No social media. Or the thousands of hours of online entertainment on demand.

We crossed a line somewhere. And I'm not comfortable with where we're going as a species. For some of us it's time to wind it back, time to step off the fairground ride before we throw up.

Sitting on the fence is apparently the worst crime in this always-on, internet buzz-fueled society. And much like everything else these days, I readily embrace the most unpopular position. It's the only way an independent observer can maintain a clear view of the panorama without getting drawn into unnecessary, time-wasting distractions.

As we all move forward with the various aspects of our reality, it'll become clearer to more people that siding with one philosophy, one faction, one political party, one type of dogma is admitting that you're not really interested in the big picture or the business of unraveling the mysteries of life.

In the end, it'll be the people that can elevate their perspective, see beyond all the mountains of deception, take the best information from ALL sources, and compile the resulting knowledge into a database — that is truly beneficial to the humans that make it through the times to come — that will someday inherit the Earth and all that lies beyond.

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