When Truckers Ruled The World

Yellow truck road train
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Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the global economy. Without truckers, everything in our lives would grind to a halt. Without truckers, the foundations of industrial civilization would collapse and our way of life would be over.

Truckers prop up the central columns of the well-oiled (but extremely fragile) just-in-time delivery system that enables a comfortable existence for most people on Earth. If truck drivers choose to down tools at any given moment – a coordinated strike if you will – essential goods and luxury items, our needs and wants, would fail to arrive at their destinations all over the world.

Spare parts would fail to be replaced in all manner of essential machinery such as power stations. Supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, factories would go into disarray and millions of people would start getting very, very agitated, to put it mildly.

Of course, this applies to international shipping and train networks too. All transportation is interconnected. But, today is a day for truckers. It's a tough job, and they don't get the recognition they deserve. Most people are simply not aware of all the activities that hum in the background while they sip their lattes and scroll Instagram at their local cafe. How things get to where they end up is taken for granted, but if their favorite yogurt is in short supply, boy, will they start to kick up a fuss! If it's a Karen, watch out, she will very likely demand an explanation from the manager as to why the trucks stopped running!


As you can see, people have written about this topic in depth. Alice Friedemann covered all the reasons why trucks, trucking, and truckers are the cornerstone of human existence in her book When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation.

The usual concerns surrounding this topic involve energy depletion, peak oil, and what I consider to be a more accurate understanding, which is that consumers and transportation companies will at some point not be able to afford rising fuel costs. In other words, we don't have to wait for resources to physically run out before all manner of problems arise. Wars are fought and foreign lands occupied to secure these resources, but at the end of the day, it's the price at the pump that matters. The energy we use, whether it's to move things around or heat our homes, needs to be affordable. It may seem like an obvious point to make, but when existing fossil fuel companies are going bankrupt, and governments are unable to subsidize the cost of fuels, consumers will have to think twice before taking their luxury SUV for a spin around the block.

The Almighty Supply Chain

When a consumer clicks to purchase the latest non-essential item at Amazon, not only do they get an endorphin hit, a whole chain of events is set in motion that connects factories in China with a warehouse near the consumers address.

Along the way, trucks transfer finished products to giant container ports that load the containers onto giant container ships, and if the containers survive the trip, the reverse process happens at the other end until the finished product ends up in the hands of the consumer.

Before any of that process can even begin, trucks are used to mine raw materials including rare earth metals so they can be transferred on trucks to refineries and factories. Then basic parts are trucked and shipped to thousands of manufacturing and product assembly plants all over the world.

At the other end of the chain, garbage trucks collect the disposed-of packaging and broken or obsolete products and deliver it all to recycling plants or dump it in the nearest landfill. May your once loved products rust in pieces.

Gasoline, diesel, and liquid natural gas are delivered by trucks up and down every highway to refueling stations and gas bottling depots without fail. Food trucks deliver life's most essential products to every supermarket, hypermarket, corner shop and restaurant every few days. Hospitals are similarly topped up routinely otherwise supplies would rapidly deplete and staff would not be able to carry out even the most basic of medical procedures.


The highways and local roads – the arteries and veins of every nation – must be meticulously and routinely maintained at all times by asphalt trucks otherwise the whole supply chain collapses around the smallest of choke points.

I hope that paints enough of a picture for readers to realize how much we are all dependent on truckers for everything we use in our daily lives.

Now lets address the immense power that the trucking fraternity has when it comes to making demands from their respective governments.

Truckers Checkmate The Global Elite

Australian truckies are set to bring Australian cities to a standstill on 31 August 2021. Their actions are a response to tyrannical measures being carried out by the police state of Australia. It's as if the Australian authorities have all lost their minds bestowing police and military with extraordinary powers to subjugate, humiliate, bully, and torture the good people of Australia.

Being truckies, and used to being up to their necks in abusive practices, they have decided to do something about it. They are not going to sit around and carry on as if everything will be fine. As if the unscientific mask mandates, the ridiculously useless testing regime, and the coercive and deadly vaccine campaigns of the plandemic will magically fade away once every single human being has succumbed to the New Normal.

No. The nightmare we are living, that tears families and neighborhoods apart, will not end until all good people everywhere make a stand. The protests are useful, even if the MSM pays them no attention. They show our numbers and our will to act. They encourage others to join the fight. But some groups possess more actual power in our society than others. And one of the most powerful groups of hard working people that wield more power than most are the drivers of trucks.


The power to carry out blockades and national strikes can make even the most high and mighty politicians look weak and useless. People may even start to question why we need them at all. Or question the need for party politics. Another complete and utter waste of everyone's time and hard-earned money. Why not just leave the organizing of a country up to some bland administrators with a few technical advisors?

Heck, why not let the truckers run the place. I think we would be looking at an instant improvement over what we have now. Lawyers, sleazy businessmen and academics do not make for good management. They should all be turfed out, especially after the debacle we've all had to endure under the Covidian Cult of Chaos.

Is It A Trap?

A global revolution lead by truckers could be hugely successful, a true win for the common man, a show of strength in the face of a global elite that is on its last legs.

The problems begin when such a backlash is used as an excuse to roll out martial law. False flag attacks could be carried out to put all the blame on the resistance, labeling anti-vaxxers, Covid deniers, and anyone else fighting for their right to bodily autonomy as extremists or even terrorists and enemy combatants that need to be rounded up and quarantined in FEMA camps.

It's undeniable that shutting down a nation's transportation networks for up to two weeks could backfire horribly. Australian truckers have warned people in cities to stock up on food and other vital items. Even so, collateral damage is likely to happen.

Does this mean that truckers or other groups with leverage should back off? I would say absolutely not! Enough people have been killed and permanently damaged in the name of COVID. We have already allowed this situation to reach critical levels and should have acted more forcefully much sooner. Now, we will be lucky if we can turn things around, but whatever happens, life will never be what it was. We have crossed a threshold and have to work within the parameters that reality is laying before us. Economic destruction, supply chain collapse, police state medical tyranny, mass death by vaccination are now all on the cards. Despite all this, we need to keep pushing through so that we can pick up the pieces on the other side and at least try to salvage some of what made humanity the most successful species on Earth.

From Science-Fiction To Everyday Reality

In my collapse story, The Ponds, a mysterious lone trucker manages a large self-driving convoy of trucks, also known as a road train, delivering it's last important load before industrial civilization falls apart, chaos ensues, and the spent nuclear fuel ponds erupt spewing their filth across the northern hemisphere.

Set some time in the future, many containers are moved by air using large blimps over long distances and small intelligent anti-gravity units known as gravity well generators or GWGs at ports and depots.

Although a science-fiction and fantasy story for entertainment purposes only, it's worth considering how transportation could evolve in the future more than simply switching out fuel systems or reducing the population. Population reduction would crash the global economy and instead of alleviating all of our problems to do with over consumption, economies of scale would collapse, financing of infrastructure would become unreasonable, and the inflated cost of everything, including transportation, would make most activities unaffordable.

Could blimps be used now instead of trucks?

Possibly. Why not? A truck carries one large container hundreds of miles to a destination along winding roads and through checkpoints and toll booths. A blimp can carry one or more containers by air as the crow flies and has vertical take of and landing capability. Strong winds may be an issue and container-carrying blimps would have to choose their flight paths carefully so as not to put anything on the ground at risk. They can fly at relatively low levels to avoid all other air traffic and they're not exactly hard to miss. The blimps could be automated once safety is guaranteed and less truckers would be required to pilot trucks on the ground. Truckers may have a problem with this, but such is life.


This idea appears to be taking off...


Save The World And Lose Your Job

I think it's safe to say that we owe truck drivers our gratitude for keeping the lights on, for maintaining our infrastructure, and for keeping us another day away from the zombie apocalypse. Long live truckers! May their trucks keep rolling until the end of time.

If they manage to pull off a global coup on our behalf then they will be worshiped as heroes, and songs will be sung in their name.

If it all goes wrong, and truckers end up causing further lockdowns, harsher treatment of the submissive general public, and the possible rounding up of dissidents, then at least they tried. What was anyone else doing to stop tyranny in its tracks before the sociopathic megalomaniacs revealed their true form and unleashed the most insane medical police state the world has ever seen?

Of course, trucks could end up driving themselves from A to B without assistance and perform all other tasks on their own with help from robots. By then, most everything else would be automated too and we would all be under the hammer of obsolescence. How such a future could even function I have no idea. Or maybe I do, but it's best not to scare the sheep for now. I'll address automation and basic income on another occasion.

For now you can check out how far the technology has come along...


And how the majority of trucking jobs are probably safe for the next ten years or so...


Who Else Wants To Be A Hero?

We are currently involved in a war for our human rights and our very existence. It's time to stop pussyfooting around. It's time to make our best chess moves because failure is not an option. It's time to move up our hardened champions, forged on the highways of our nations, to ensure a victory that will be remembered throughout the ages.

So I ask you this...

Do you think truck drivers have the power to hold governments hostage and force our politicians to do what's right for the general population?

Do you agree that some temporary pain is necessary while truckers carry out their blockades in order to win this war against the Elite Master Farmers that want nothing more but to treat us like animals, putting us in cages so they can run their transhuman experiments on God's creation?

Can others step up too? How about the military? It's certainly possible. Maybe factions within the military that are just as pissed off as citizens with the things they are being asked to do. Forget about the police. Forget about most doctors and other government workers. They have acted disgracefully over the last two years and I wouldn't trust these dirty sellouts ever again. They had a chance to truly shine and tell the truth about what's going on, but they blew it. The heads of all these departments need to stand trial at Nuremberg 2.0 and the world needs to make sure that such levels of malevolence are never allowed to happen again.

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