Germophobia Is A Mental Illness And Humans Are Programmable Biological Robots

Fear is dead
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Germophobia is BIG BUSINESS!

And if you're in the business of selling antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, diagnostic tests, PPE, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, you'd better learn how to make people extremely scared of germs or your potentially lucrative business will fall flat on its face before getting out the gate.

Thankfully, budding healthcare entrepreneurs don't have to reinvent the wheel every time they want to push product on a gullible general public. Take mRNA gene therapy injections for example. Not an easy sell, even for the veterans over at Pfizer. Time to call the boffins at the ad agency who are trained in the dark art of persuasion thanks to their lord and master Edward Bernays.

Bernays was capable of getting millions of women to take up smoking by making the dirty habit look sophisticated, fashionable, and even sexy. Millions of men had already been seduced by persistent advertising and larger-than-life movie star role-models literally smoking themselves to death on the big screen.

So how hard can it be to convince healthy people that they need experimental drugs to protect themselves from the everywhere-all-the-time virus that is actually very hard to find?

How hard can it be to convince billions of otherwise healthy people to wear a mask every time they dare to go outdoors, use public transport, or go shopping in their local mall?

How hard can it possibly be to convince healthy people to perform an invasive nasal RT-PCR test every time they want to get on a plane or submit to routine medical treatment at a hospital?

In 2019, it would have been extremely difficult to get anyone to go along with any of the above measures unless they were already suffering from the usual list of modern day ailments. And even then, you would have a hard sell on your hands.

"You mean... I need to wear a mask every time I go shopping and my kids need to wear one for eight hours a day while at school?"

In 2019, this would sound crazy even to the most obedient mind slave. And that's why the propaganda department had to crank the fear up to 11.

In 2020, that's exactly what we got. Non-stop terror propaganda streamed directly into every household from the disgustingly sociopathic Mainstream Media companies. They are solely responsible for the extreme level of fear that got the germophobia ball rolling worldwide.

In late 2021, the damaging effects of the media terror campaign are still with us. Many people will never recover. They are now germaphobes for life, permanently damaged, believing all kinds of nonsense about variants and whatever the Globalists have lined up next.

The original Event 201 timeline depicted a series of events that lasted until at least 2025. But nothing is set in stone. Scandinavia, as a whole, is already getting rid of all restrictions. This sets the example for other countries to follow. And wherever governments refuse to drop the abusive mandates, such as vaccine passports, civil disobedience must be exercised otherwise all rights and freedoms will be lost.

What the people responsible for this heinous fraud have done constitutes one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. And I am still wondering why they haven't all been arrested and taken to court already.

Big Pharma, their lackey politicians, and the attack-dog, soulless, bully-cops on the street would not be able to dominate and subdue the public in the way they did without the constant stream of lies spewed by the MSM.

People had to be reduced to a pathetic level of subservience before lockdown orders could be issued otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to follow them.

People wouldn't feel the need to follow mask mandates if they hadn't been terrorized daily for months on end with images of elderly patients on ventilators about to take their final breath. It's all part of the ongoing conditioning to turn relatively free-minded human beings into scared, obedient slaves.

When Germophobes Ruled The World

Germophobia is a well documented mental disease stemming from a larger group of disorders. Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD can lead to such levels of bizarre behavior that life becomes impossible for sufferers, and mass germophobia, as we have seen in the last year or two, can make life ridiculously difficult for almost everyone.

As a species, we have a long history of believing in superstitions. Some of them describe how individuals become possessed by evil spirits. Whole towns could be cursed and fall ill requiring counter-spells and penance rituals to set things right with God.

Today, people are told that tiny particles floating through the air will infect them and make them ill, and that only a magical potion created by demonstrably untrustworthy corporations will provide the necessary protections.

Anyone not falling for the scam is labelled a "denier", an "Anti-Vaxxer", and generally treated like modern day lepers. Anyone that simply expresses doubt towards the official narrative is viewed as dirty, untouchable, and the cause of all our ills.

I have seen this list of behavior in people since COVID entered the minds of the gullible populace...

  • Jumping back from other people if they get too close.
  • Not wanting to shake someones hand.
  • Wiping down surfaces in stores including shopping carts.
  • Immediately donning a mask when another germaphobic zombie breaks the invisible arbitrary boundary set by the government.

These actions would have all been considered extreme in 2019, but now it's quite common. Maybe a lot of people had underlying tendencies and preexisting issues. They just needed a trigger, a little push over the edge so they could unleash their full inner germaphobe in public.

Of course, none of the COVID magic spell is actually real. The science behind the mania is false therefore everything that follows is null and void. But people don't like to feel stupid so it's going to take a while before they admit they've been duped.

What we are witnessing today is scare tactics. The elite need to move the sheep in a certain direction, towards unwittingly accepting the transhuman agenda and away from logic, reason and evidence-based living. Superstition is alive and well and the Elite Master Farmers have created a whole new era of belief in fantastical monsters.

COVID, Global Warming, and Mutually Assured Destruction have insured the fear levels remain topped up going into the 21st century and people in general have remained just as easy to control as in the Middle Ages.

In other words, there is nothing scientific about what is going on other than from a psychological perspective. Agenda 2030 is really a religious, anti-human program in disguise foisted upon us so that we accept a suicidal, depopulation ritual as something necessary and virtuous.

Are we too far gone?

In Orson Scott Card's book Xenocide a young girl named Qing-jao must pass a test to see if she is worthy of the attention of the Gods. Her father locks her in a large room with no means to wash her hands. Those who would have the gods speak to them on the planet of Path suffer a form of OCD where their hands feel dirty, usually related to feelings of guilt. Qing-jao and others like her would obsessively scrub their hands until they bleed. Having no water available, she set about scrubbing her hands on random objects in the room, but to no avail. The Gods remained silent. Then she began obsessively following lines on the wooden floorboards. This was the sign that her father needed. The Gods had spoken and now Qing-jao could join the others that had gone before her.

Truly, I see no difference between Qing-jao's behavior in a fictional setting and what we are only beginning to see in the real world.

Are we facing a near future scenario that looks something like the following...?

  1. Are people now so attached to their cleansing rituals that they can't go back to who they were before?
  2. Do they believe that they can only be virtuous if they follow all the government mandates however ridiculous they may be?
  3. Are they now slaves to Big Pharma, unable to think for themselves and make their own health decisions?
  4. Will their DNA be tweaked by CRISPR type gene modification in such a way that people become patented products of corporations?
  5. Are people already being "microchipped" with nano-sized machinery added to vaccines?
  6. Will people accept electronic tattoos on their skin in the same way they accepted smartphones, smartwatches, earpods, and other such devices?
  7. Will people accept non-medical implantation technologies such as Elon Musk's Neuralink?
  8. Are we all being prepped for a giant technological leap forward in human capability? Or is it all a sham?

Judging by the levels of compliance during the COVID era, I would suspect that most people will go along with whatever the elite have in store for them. I believe that the mass mRNA gene therapy experiment currently operational is a test in more ways than one. It's a test of compliance, but it's also a test to see how well the human body tolerates the so-called operating system that has been injected into billions of people.

From here on, the masses can be coerced to do almost anything. Regular booster shots are being lined up to become a regular part of life. Much of the above augmentation technology can be enforced in similar ways. Scare people enough and they'll go full cyborg! Anything to avoid being labelled a rebel. Anything to avoid being an outcast. Anything to continue with the special privileges granted to obedient, virtuous, law-abiding citizens.

The following document gives an overview of possible scenarios that we could all be facing in the coming years. It could be that humanity splits into two main factions...

  • those who go along with the transhuman experimentation
  • the Pure Bloods who reject all forms of invasive technologies

Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm
A strategic implications project - dated May 2021

Human augmentation has the potential to impact every facet of our lives and even change the meaning of what it means to be a human. It could challenge philosophical concepts, our belief systems, and ethical and legal frameworks in ways that we have not anticipated.

The future is coming thick and fast. A lot of people are not handling it very well. The pace of change is directly responsible for increasing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, drug use, changes in behavior leading to OCD, and other severe mental health issues.

Most people will eventually reach a line they are not comfortable crossing. For some it was the mask mandates, for others the invasive PCR tests. Now, people are starting to question the need for mass vaccination, some after having been duped into getting the jabs. The line is different for everyone, but to be clear, an injection is just as invasive as a neural implant, is it not? And yet billions lined up all over the world without question and without knowing the long term effects of the experimental jabs.

This has been a huge lesson in human herd behavior. A scary one too. But we can't live in fear of what comes next. We must embrace the future whatever faction you decide to be a part of. It's time to kill fear once and for all. The next big scare could take us all down unless we keep our wits about us.

I certainly don't want to be dragged down a road I have no intention of exploring. Staying sane in an insane world is going to require some fortitude. Staying far away from the zombie hordes might be a good place to start.

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