REJOICE! Your Biometric Digital ID Will Set You Free And You Will LOVE IT! (sarc)

Photo by George Prentzas / Unsplash

The Great Reset has been activated.

We're going to Build Back Better.

You're going to own NOTHING.

And you're going to LOVE IT!

ID2020 - Nowhere To Run

The World Economic Forum has a plan for you. And you WILL comply. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have decided that there are no alternatives to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. You WILL be processed! There will be nowhere to run and hide.

There's just one thing... this wonderful New Normal awaits you ONLY if you pass the entrance exam. The lucky winners will be jabbed with a witches brew of your master's choosing. Some will ascend to transhuman Nirvana and the rest will be thrown in the woodchipper. No need to carry dead weight on the path to everlasting life.

Those who fail to meet the "requirements" – the ones on the fringe, the truthers, the antivaxxers, the free thinkers, the rebels – will be dealt with accordingly, but these outsiders can be reassured that the camps will be comfortable and reeducation as easy as ABC. Chemical lobotomies included free of charge!

So what makes you a winner in the New Normal?

Are you loyal to the New World Order without even knowing what the New World Order is? That is, you believe your government is your master and you immediately do everything they tell you to do without question. In other words... are you a mindless zombie?

Are you already double jabbed and swan around like you've won the lottery, Instagram selfies included?

Are you still wearing 2 0r 3 face masks as cult leader Fauci now recommends even though you've been double jabbed?

Are you lining up to receive all the future experimental mRNA products that are not really vaccines as well as all subsequent booster shots for every fictional Greek letter variant under the sun?

Did you buy into all the radical humiliation rituals espoused by the Church of Covid? Namely...

  • mask-wearing which lowers your blood oxygen levels leading to permanent physical damage
  • hand cleansing with toxic chemicals
  • slavishly keeping within the lines at public venues
  • endlessly submitting to toxic PCR tests laced with Ethylene Oxide even though you have no symptoms just to prove that you don't have the "deadly" virus
  • tuning into your daily terrorism propaganda programming from the dinosaur media and the soon to be extinct Big Tech replacement
  • dutifully lining up to receive your mRNA experimental injection and neverending booster shots

And after a year and a half of access to contrasting information from doctors, scientists, lawyers and journalists from all around the world, and after witnessing the millions of protesters taking to the streets in most major cities in response to the draconian measures imposed on them by their own governments... you still haven't twigged that you might have fallen for the greatest criminal hoax ever to be carried out on the human race in known history?

I really don't know what to say...

But if so, you may be a winner! In fact, you may be a contender for the grand prize!

As a reward you will receive a digital ID, probably in the form of an invisible tattoo, and after being registered, you will have access to a whole world of goodies. These include access to online social media accounts, banking, work from home opportunities, gaming, adult entertainment, legal gambling, online shopping, travel, medical services and every other activity that requires a "multipass" identification login to prove that you are who you are and that you have been suitably vetted by the authorities.

How do I know that most people will love being tracked and traced, told what to do every second of their miserable post-Covid lives?

Because they're already doing it. They've being doing it for as long as I can remember. That and a year's worth of slavish COVID compliance taught me once and for all that no matter how ridiculous the mandates, how humiliating the rules and regulations (anal swabs anyone?), the masses will fall over each other in a mad dash to prove how virtuous they are compared to everyone else. If it means suffocating yourself and your children with two or three layers of muzzle-masks to be a better citizen, then so be it.

Population Reduction And The New Slaves

At what point do people realize that the concept of freedom is just that – a concept. In reality, we all have managers, owners, bosses, masters, whatever you want to call the parasites that claim to be your rulers.

The IMF, the World Bank, the UN, your local tax collection agency, the King or Queen if you still have one, the Vatican, any politician or prime minister or president following the orders of their bosses are all middle-men and demonstrably corrupt judging by the mountains of evidence that continues to pile up.

As far as I'm concerned, we need to remind ourselves that we have God given inalienable rights that cannot be violated, stomped on or ignored by parasitic psychopaths, that want to brand human beings like slaves, in an open-world prison for their own enjoyment.

A Universal Biometric Digital ID would grant the parasitic master farmers full control over the entire human herd. Once every single human is tagged and bagged, tracked and traced 24/7, then the master farmers could micromanage every single activity that we now enjoy, down to the last dollop of ice-cream under the guise of Global Medical Care.

Every movement, every transaction, every word uttered, and every relationship could be managed through the digital ID complete with biometric scanning such as face, fingerprint, and iris recognition. Every door, vehicle, building, contact and every other interaction would require the system to detect and recognize you as a trusted user.

The same applies to every online interaction. Your whole life would be monitored for safe, legal, politically-correct actions that continuously validate you as a trusted citizen. Your Social Credit Score would prove that you are toeing the line, behaving, moving towards the goal of becoming an ideal citizen with every interaction both online and off.

The United Nations, The World Health Organization, The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The Bank For International Settlements, and The World Economic Forum want to manage the human herd like cattle. Not only do they see themselves as having the authority to manage those below them, they believe it is their duty to control the population through various means such as mass starvation and vaccine sterilization programs.

They can also manage the energy supply in such a way that damages the economy and renders whole populations destitute and begging for help. Of course, developing nations suffer the most under these schemes, but eventually even the wealthiest countries are also affected. Before long, and after a stock market crash followed by food and energy shortages, the high priests of the New World Order will have the plebs eating out of their hands.

Behavior Modification And Contact Tracing

In general, most people are easily manipulated by fear. When you want the herd to move in a certain direction just scare them a bit. They'll do whatever you want. They'll walk off a cliff if you convince them that the alternative is sufficiently more problematic e.g. an encroaching forest fire.

We now know how effective propaganda, hypnosis, and repetition can be in the modern age using the same technologies of the last hundred years – namely the television and newspapers. These methods were all that were required to push the COVID hoax on an unsuspecting public. And because the scam was so successful, the next phase is being rapidly rolled out before too many people wake up and turn the tables on the scammers.

To maintain the pressure, the COVID operators keep the public in a state of confusion with constantly changing lockdown situations, curfews, contact tracing apps, fears about vaccine shortages, police running rampant treating citizens like slaves, schools treating students like prisoners, and all manner of petty rule-making straight from the pages of the worst dystopian novels. In more recent times, the predictive programming embedded in the most popular videogame franchises has also served to instill fear of virus outbreaks among the younger crowd.

The Power Of CON-venience And "You're Not A Criminal Are You?"

A universal electronic identification system has been on the cards for many decades. The trick has always been "How do we get people to accept it?"

How, indeed, do you entrap billions of people in a system from which they cannot escape?

And how do you get people to think it's for their own good?

Ever heard of Gorgon Stare?

Sounds ominous doesn't it? It should. The surveillance system known as Gorgon Stare gives drones the ability to track and trace targets as they move around a city.

Gorgon Stare is an example of how the controllers of the open-air prison planet known as Earth foist whatever draconian measures they deem fit on the rest of us without us really being able to do anything about it.

The measures are always deployed to counter criminal activity. For your security, we have cities teeming with surveillance cameras, online monitoring of every conversation by the NSA, and hyper-controlled banking transactions. Moving too much cash? You may be a criminal.

Crime, criminals, and punishment are scary. Most people run away from these and wouldn't want to be associated with any of that nasty stuff. So that's one easy way to corral the do-gooders for later fleecing.

You get the gist of it. The move is towards more and more digitization of everything in our lives. For many, it represents huge improvements in convenience and security no matter what the costs of that convenience and security are. Most of society has proved that they will quite happily exchange personal data, privacy, security, and wealth for the promise of making their lives a little easier and safer.

A Universal License To Breathe

Think I'm kidding?

If you were forced to wear a mask over the past year or so during the COVID insanity, somebody somewhere was regulating your ability to breathe, your oxygen levels, and to top it all, you had to pay for the privilege of having your face covered.

How is that not an example of absolute medical tyranny? The Elite are literally pissing on people and the people don't seem to mind too much.

The new universal license will take the form of a digital identity whereby every single individual in the world will be subjected to profiling via various methods so that they may have access to the market of products and services currently on offer in a secure playground. Imagine a club where every member has been vetted. For example, soon everyone will endure a background check just to use Twitter or whatever the latest hyper-addictive gossip engine is now.

As if on cue, we are currently witnessing a wave of expulsions from social media platforms and demonetizing of content creators based on their politics or refusal to bow down to the demands of Social Justice Agents. These agents are not simply some militant stragglers out in the wild. They make up much of the CEO network in Silicon Valley and beyond. They have made it very clear that they will "ban your ass" or "cancel" you if they don't like what you say; if you are not fully onboard with their radical doctrine of political correctness. This is simply preparing users for a much broader culture of Access Denial and behavior modification based around a desire to not have access denied. Everyone will want access, so everyone will toe the line. Everyone will know who everyone else is and everyone will be a model citizen. You get the idea.

And now we have the COVID Police censoring yet another topic that cannot be questioned to add to the long list of untouchable truths. But the Ministry of Truth is starting to get old, people are wising up to the ridiculous dogmas they insist on pushing. That's when the Elite Master Farmers start to show their hand a little too much. They have to unleash the dogs, and the dogs break all kinds of laws when policing the plebs with batons, tasers, and a total lack of respect for human rights.

So what can sane people that value freedom of speech do in such an alien environment? The answer is not much. Alternatives are materializing in the form of free-speech-oriented online platforms and crypto payment systems, but the possibility also exists that these alternative platforms are squashed by authoritarian governments under the guise of hate-speech laws and other such nonsense. It would be very easy to demonize emergent alternative platforms such as Bitchute and Bitcoin while simultaneously pushing for a universal ID so that anonymity and associated behavior are abolished from the Internet once and for all.

How will a single point of access to the Internet work?

To issue a trusted traveler license of sorts for permanent access to the Internet and all her delights, you would need to submit to a background check, and just like any other background check, it wouldn't do to look into last weeks activity alone.

How about we look at your last ten years online?

Because it's all on file... every little thing.

Anything that raised a flag was flagged permanently thereby building up a profile that became your online signature – as unique as a snowflake pattern. That online pattern is you, and your activity can be mapped to your digital signature whether you give up personal details or not.

The same can be done with your mannerisms and the way you walk down the street, but you know about that already don't you? The MSM and Alternative Media propaganda merchants made sure to drip feed these morsels of preparatory programming into your mindspace while reminding you that it was all for your safety, especially the children. Never forget the children.

Any little slip, drop a few points on your social credit score, and it could lead to access denial, your payment apps frozen, permanent banning from all kinds of worldly activities including travel, job access, universal basic income benefits and so on.

So there you have it. Our system takes children, full of wonder and awe, with a natural talent for exploring their surroundings and learning from experience, and turns them into obedient workers, each with their own cubicle. The ones that don't make it into the workplace cubicles end up plugged into the One Machine through alternative cubicles of their own making, often located in their bedroom or home office where they livestream their lives away without adequate sunshine and vitamin D3. Either way, the One Machine has you by the genitalia, most likely in more ways than one.

The slow creep of the single sign-on for the Internet has been ramping up over the years until the most recent attempts to make us all more secure. Two factor authentication, biometric scanning for everything, universal password storage software, and so on, all move us closer to a system that allows us to sign in once to the Internet forever and forget about it.

No more pretending to be someone you're not (you nasty troll) or pretending to be older than you really are to access websites that you really shouldn't (you silly child). Once that is achieved, then a simple multi-factor recognition process is all that is needed for access to all online activity. From there, the social credit score system already thoroughly tested in China takes over and now a complete stranger or AI can decide whether you get to play in the sandbox or not.

Welcome To The New Normal – Enjoy Your Stay

So, here we are, at last.

Finally, the global tyrant is forced to reveal his hand, his true nature. The union of East and West in a universal system of total surveillance is quite the achievement. In the West, nerds and normies alike, embraced the newfound possibilities that progressive tech companies were enabling. In the East, people were forced into more or less the same position. Together, we enter a new space where equality takes on a new meaning. Everyone will be monitored equally aggressively from now on for the rest of their lives.

And we are all to blame. Decades of interacting with the One Machine led us to where we are now. The path towards total control involved playing online games, purchasing goods through Amazon, becoming addicted to smartphones, and now allowing medical tyrants to test you with faulty PCRs before any activity.

When did people stop to wonder how far all of this would go?

Did they really believe that the One Machine was simply providing them with a convenient way to chat with family and friends?

Do people still believe these things after having been submitted to abusive COVID lockdown regulations for more than a year with no end in sight?

Thankfully, I'm beginning to see evidence that the tide is turning on the Globalists and their nefarious plans for the world. It is now up to us as human beings to maintain the pressure, to not back down, to draw a line in the sand and resist whatever they have left to throw at us. We can do this if we stand strong. The alternative of succumbing to their New World Order is not even worth contemplating. We really have no other choice at this point. We must win or we lose everything that we value as the rightful heirs to this wonderful planet.

We will still have to adapt and make the necessary changes to our way of life, but we will do so on our own terms. The problems with energy and the economy will still have to be dealt with, but with a bit of luck and ingenuity we should be able to pull through. Above all, we need to walk away from the king, take back our power, and not fall for the cheap magic tricks of the Elite Master Farmers ever again.

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