Global COVID-19 Pandemic Hysteria, Cover For Economic Collapse, System Reset, Totalitarian Takeover

Riot police attacking peaceful protesters wearing masks
Photo by Ryan Kosmides / Unsplash

We have a problem.

And no, it's NOT Coronavirus, COVID-19 or any of the other outbreaks of the past twenty years or so. Ten years ago Swine Flu spiked panic for a while, then slithered away into the shadows. MERS and SARS followed suit following a similar pattern, and now we're on to the next hyped-up media scare on the list. Once we've crossed it off, there will most likely be another, and then another, until the whole world is begging on its knees for a solution. Any solution. Even one laced with tyranny.

The problem is that the COVID-19 numbers don't add up. The test kits are not accurate.

The reporting on the number of cases is all over the place. Deaths from previous conditions in elderly patients are being carelessly lumped together to bulk up the numbers around anything that tests positive for coronavirus.

Big Pharma wolves are salivating, as they always do when a virus is cut loose. They smell blood. And the usual snake oil hucksters are chafing from all the hand rubbing. The mainstream media and the controlled alternatives have joined forces in their scaremongering campaign. Like sheepdogs, they push their respective audiences into one of two pens. Some will choose toxic antivirals and vaccines concocted by the militarized industrial pharmaceutical complex and others will waste enormous amounts of hard earned cash on expensive supplements and storable food in an effort to fight the good fight against COVID.

In order for these marketers to sell product they have to ramp up the fear. No fear, no profit. Mineral and vitamin supplements make sense to boost immunity but why not opt for a balanced healthy diet, less bad habits, and regular exercise instead?

In the Big Pharma corner we have the chosen one, a champion that has relentlessly been injecting innocents in the third world with God knows what for decades now. That's right, the one and only Bill Gates, savior of mankind, wants to vaccinate everyone on the planet with his love. He preaches at TED talks that he wants to reduce the human population to whatever level is comfortable for him and his buddies at the World Economic Forum. His parents ran Planned Parenthood, the natural descendant of the American Eugenics Society, the number one promoter of abortions in the United States. Should someone of this caliber be in charge of programs to vaccinate the whole world? Is it a coincidence that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the pandemic exercise known as Event 201 on October 18, 2019 where scenario models depicted millions of deaths from a coronavirus outbreak?

Trauma-Based Mind Control

Imagine for a moment that viruses don't exist. And that you are a criminal mastermind pulling the strings of globalist puppets on the world stage. Lets say that your hugely successful Ponzi scheme known as international banking has run its course. In fact, it's about to implode. And you're looking for a really good excuse to blame it on. Something that people can attach their economic pain to otherwise they'll definitely hold your feet to the fire and make you pay.

After consulting with your boffins, they suggest a simple mind trick. Tell the sleeping masses that psycho goblins exist in the air. And they're out to get you. Oh, and they're so incredibly small that you can't see them unless you have an electron microscope. You can also tell them that whatever symptoms they may be experiencing, it's because of the psycho goblins.

Now you've got people more paranoid than usual and obsessively repeating the mantra of Psycho Goblin Disease or PGD-20 all over Farcebook and Twatter, you can roll out the utterly useless test kits that measure levels of something or other in human mucus and rig them to register false positives. This alone will keep everyone busy with a totally pointless activity and fully distracted from the already collapsing global economy. Keep the relative numbers of cases and deaths going up and up until you have filled the air with so much fear and panic that people are begging for solutions.

As the mass hysteria reaches its peak, you can now lead people by the nose. This is where you tell individuals to stay six feet away from each other when out and about. But why stop there, lets lock them away in their houses so that even human contact, benefits of sunlight, and regular exercise become punishable crimes with hefty fines and prison sentences. Essentially, you can deploy Martial Law under guise of a medical emergency. But do it gradually. You don't want to show your hand too soon. Once the frog is properly boiled, then you can go door to door with troops in hazmat suits to carry out mandatory testing and checking for Psycho Goblin Disease symptoms.

The whole country will be in lockdown with military style checkpoints and checking of papers for anyone who dares to travel beyond the safety of their home. The general public will continue to stock up on food and fight over toilet paper and other essentials. So far, so good, but you will need to maintain the fear levels otherwise the sheep will relax and start to regroup. Keep hammering them through the MSM with rising numbers of cases and deaths even though they are nowhere near the usual yearly figures for the common flu. Tell them it's a bioweapon, that it escaped from a lab and therefore requires a special response for an undefined period of time.

During this time, you can roll out unpopular new technologies such as 5G that have not been properly safety tested in human environments. You can also move into position preparations for a global government, a global electronic currency, a global ID, a global ban on privacy, and other top down, centralized control mechanisms that have been planned for centuries.

At this point, you could probably tell people to stand on one foot and sing the national anthem, and most of them, already dressed in masks and gloves, would readily comply without question. These are the obedient ones. They will do anything for a handout. We'll save these for later.

The question is... what do we do with the rebels, the ones that populate online blogs, and forums, the ones who claim to be awake, the ones you can't easily fool? They will not be able to resist digging up nuggets of truth that undermine the official story about Psycho Goblins that are about to wipe us all out unless we obey the strict orders from our glorious leaders.

Well, don't worry, we have a protocol for those who choose to question their betters. You will call them conspiracy theorists, you will name them and shame them, and eventually you will drag them away to the reeducation camps where they will learn to be good citizens. The sheep, still standing on one foot and humming the national anthem, will cheer you on for locking up the Psycho Goblin deniers. Problem solved.

A New World

Prepare to look like angelic saviors once the fear and panic begins to subside as it always inevitably does. Be ready and have the New World waiting in the wings for the next phase. You will tell people that whatever this was, a coronavirus named COVID or little goblin creatures, it could have been much, much worse had it not been for the draconian measures successfully deployed by the government. Only through your benevolent wisdom, expert guidance, and merciful diktat were we able to have ever survived the attack of the Psycho Goblins. A statue and several commemorative walls will be erected to display the names of the fallen so that we never forget how our leaders saved us all from certain extinction.

Of course, martial law, checkpoints, testing, rounding up of dissidents, and a more powerful United Nations will have to remain as permanent fixtures from now on to prevent such an attack from ever happening again. We simply cannot let our guard down in the face of novel threats. Bill Gates has offered to vaccinate everyone with his love and it would be extremely rude to decline such an offer. The alternative is not worth considering if you value your health and even your life.

COVID Slayer – The Wicked Goblin Is Dead

As the newly selected world leader, your biggest issues going forward are going to be managing vast numbers of unemployed walking dead as energy sources continue to deplete or become unprofitable at low prices. Food, travel, supply chains could all suffer under the new conditions. Prepare for mass riots and uprisings. Use the turmoil to your advantage. Look for new leaders on the scene and crown them. Make them yours. May I also suggest that you create a new world religion around which all the stragglers can rally. How about the requirement for planting millions of trees. That should keep them busy. Give them a saint as a focal point. A young girl should do it. They'll buy anything at this point. Always promise eternal hope and change. You'll do just fine.

Just one more thing.

Don't forget to print up trillions of dollars of stimulus money in an all around awesome package on the back of all the coronavirus pandemic terror and suffering that you caused. What better way to keep the slaves distracted than drowning under a never ending mountain of debt that they'll never be able to pay off.

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