The Human Blob

The Human Blob
Photo by Vishnu Mohanan / Unsplash

I like to think of people as individuals but, without doubt, the collective known as the human species has evolved into something more than a grouping together of individual bodies and minds. We have become what I now call... The Human Blob.

If I had to define what we have become it would go something like this...

A mass. A growth. A shapeshifting hyper-organism that grows and consumes everything around it and requires ever more resources to sustain its growth.

The human component of this hyper-organism is encouraged to want more things. More tangible goods, more property, higher wealth and status, better, faster digital networks.

From a global perspective, the blob appears to be sending tendrils out in every direction, connecting all the separate components of the blob until the totality of human activity resembles a map of neurons pulsing signals at light speed all over the planet.

In order to maintain the current growth path the human blob needs to continue consuming resources at ever greater rates. The application of more efficiency in all processes just enables even more resource consumption until the most powerful nations inevitably resort to fighting over every last scrap.

What some may see as greed I see as an expression of the will to succeed in the game of life. The blob doesn't care who wins, which one of its champions gets to leap forward, it just wants to sow its seeds and occupy new territory as it has always done.

Sometimes the blob charges recklessly into the unknown exploring new environments, setting up forward operating bases and reporting on its findings. At other times it regroups, plays it safe waiting for new opportunities to materialize.

Overall, the actions of the blob at any given time in different parts of the world combine to improve the long term survival potential of the blob even though at times it may look like it's committing suicide or at the very least not appearing to act in its own best interest. An example of this would be the current overt drive to ban all industrial processes that emit CO2. The blob appears to be mistakenly culling itself but these policies may inadvertently or deliberately activate the next wave of survival measures that enables the blob to continue in a more streamlined form.

In my opinion, the blob is currently suffering from a parasitic infection and the more that the garbage piles up in the system the more the blob sleepily opens its eyes and yearns to rid itself of this affliction.

Some would say that, at a system level, the parasite is actively prodding the blob into action but in my experience this point of view comes mostly from the parasite itself. It is attempting to laud itself, raising its nefarious activity to delusional levels of grandeur when it is nothing but a parasite sucking the lifeblood of the blob, weakening, shaping and using it for its own selfish needs.

Keep in mind that the blob may suffer cardiac arrest at any time and go extinct or shrink so much that it can barely survive the earthly realm that it grew to dominate. The unique qualities, its knowledge of physics, philosophy, engineering, economics, entertainment, and religion that enabled this rise to dominance may ironically, inevitably lead to its downfall as has happened with every other species that roamed the Earth.

So what should the next question be?

Is the blob even required to ask this question or does the blob have a will of its own at this point beyond the reach of even the brightest individuals?

Are the imagined futures put forward by futurists just hopium dreams that keep the blob from entering a death spiral?

Is the blob regrouping again to prepare for the next phase of its development, whatever form that takes, or is it all blobbed out and simply faking it now?

Can the blob evolve into something less greedy or is consumption of new territories built into the evolution algorithm?

Who knows?

All I'm suggesting is that apparently conflicting blob factions are positioning themselves for the Great Blobby Civil War, the Great Awakening of the Blob, or maybe even a Blob Squishing Event that resets the blob back to Base Level.

How will there be more of more?

The purpose of life has become to make more people, educate them, provide work for them, and grant them a standard of living that satisfies the different "castes."

Then the Elite Master Farmers, the top level caste, decide who lives and who dies, which ideologies pass go and what life will look like for the blob and its constituents moving forward.

Of course, it's not really the Elite Master Farmers that make all these decisions, it is the blob itself, but the blob allows the different subsets of humanity to believe whatever pops into their heads because it realized that such allowances lead to smoother blob functionality.

As part of the experience imparted to the blob caste system, the promise is that there will always be more. More of everything, more energy, more products, bigger house, more houses, bigger car, more cars, cybertrucks, bigger better vacations, nicer clothes, more expensive pets, better school and university educations, better corporate jobs making and selling products to the Blob, more life, more enjoyment, more stress.

And round and round it goes until resource exhaustion happens, until some mythical level of bliss is achieved where there is so much more that no more is needed.

Take for example, life extension technology as advertised by the transhumanist blob faction. Once immortality is achieved there would be no more to achieve in that department of more. In fact, all available resources in the universe would be needed to maintain the stability of the material world so that immortality in this realm could continue. The only purpose remaining for the blob would be to keep itself alive in any way possible so that its immortal condition would not expire in some yet unknown way. The blob would enter a perpetual state of existential paranoia and most likely go insane trying to second guess all the ways that immortality can go wrong.

The current state of blobification

The blob is constantly changing, adapting and evolving in whichever direction it deems suitable for its survival based on its biological and technological drivers. This blob is a shapeshifting blob and not necessarily of the reptilian kind although those drives certainly seem to make up part of the blob. Just look at all the ritual display behavior and territorial disputes that are commonly attributed to our reptilian common ancestor before scaly skin became fur.

No, I don't think individual components of the blob were created and dumped onto the surface of the planet by some uber creator blob that made a few pets on a whim and then took a nap while his creation ripped itself to pieces.

It's clear that an evolutionary process was set in motion and the blob was unleashed to morph into whatever shape helped it survive the most. And all aspects of the greater blobbiness beyond the human blob itself follow the same rules of expansion and growth because these rules were fashioned in the early stages of the blob's existence. Therefore all animal and plant life act in exactly the same way but it's best to stick to the human blob circumstances for now lest we get carried away.

Suffice to say that the current border shenanigans when viewed from the perspective of the greater blob is just the blob algo at work. Aspects of the blob have always migrated when possible to enter new territories and settle them. Sometimes the new territories are already occupied but an aggressive program of out-breeding the local population usually does the trick.

As you can see I'm deliberately not taking sides on this topic because it specifically illustrates the unbiased and open-ended nature of the blob algorithm. I repeat... it doesn't care who wins and who dies in this realm, no matter how much each faction prays to their gods, the blob ultimately decides which experiment makes it to the promised land. In essence, the blob always wins.

We have reached a jump point. A fork in the road. A bank of options and possibilities where one or more branches may or may not succeed. All we know is that Pandora's box has been unsealed, the gates to heaven are being swung wide open and the beast from the pit of hell has had his chains removed enabling his Earthly return for some good old chaos.

For now the blob is mostly accepting the process of transformation without too much complaint. Every technology that seemingly makes life more comfortable, more efficient, more convenient is adopted and blended into the normal everyday routine after ironing out the usual issues during the learning phase.

The blob is gradually replacing natural biological sensory equipment with crude artificial versions that over time may surpass the original in many ways...

The masses that constitute the majority component of the blob are mostly unaware, unconcerned, unconscious in their actions. They go to work, eat, sleep, consume, get sick and die. Rinse, repeat. This is how the blob regenerates and secures a base for whatever process comes next, whatever goals it may have hidden somewhere in its source code.

The Wire of Life

In order to maintain an orderly base for the blob, the masses go about their business without the wire of life connected. Allow me to explain, individual blob units possess just enough sensory capacity to go about the activities that enable the blob to exist and grow. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound achieve this goal and most people shun the idea of a sixth sense or higher level sensory experiences because these ideas would interfere with the everyday functioning of the blob at large.

Yet, for some time now, the acceptance of heightened sensory experiences, a sixth sense, a general awareness beyond the realm of the physical senses has been growing. This faction is becoming a noticeable aspect of the blob and is even driving its behavior in some ways.

Precognition, sight beyond sight, and remote viewing have been observed throughout the history of the blob and there are more people experiencing these phenomena than ever before. There are more meditators in the world now all experiencing deeper levels of the blob experience, some even getting very close to Base Level itself, a level where only pure consciousness resides, a pure state of bliss where surface level noise cannot penetrate, where time and space cease to exist.

When I learned transcendental meditation my senses were heightened. It was like the loose cable had been reconnected.

This is what's missing for most of the Blob in the current work / consumer paradigm. Life has become superficial and extremely stressful. We lack connection to Base Level. We are not grounded. This can be restored by simply standing barefoot on natural surfaces — grass, earth, sand and diving deep within ones own consciousness.

Will these factions with their heightened senses and the knowledge gained from these experiences influence and guide the blob in new directions or maybe even stop chunks of the blob from going over a cliff to its doom?

It's hard to tell at present. There are several experiments being run simultaneously. The general push of the blob is to insert as many of its individual constituents into a superlayer of life known as the Internet of Things. This hyper-connectivity is achieved by literally connecting individuals and organizations to the electronic hivemind that is being constructed.

Our eyes and ears become cameras, microphones, movement sensors, Google prediction algos. Most people are carrying their government sponsored microchip in the palm of their hands in the form of a smartphone. Some have taken to hanging these devices round their necks with a lanyard but pockets and handbags serve the purpose just fine. The important thing is that people become attached to them so that later on they will accept having these chips implanted on their skin or inside their bodies until one day smart dust runs through their veins and their thoughts are even less their own than they are in the present day.

People are nodes in the grid but the blob acts as one singular unit bringing all nodes together under one umbrella, one function which is to survive at all cost.

Could one of these costs be individual humans themselves?

Will human brains atrophy as all functions become gradually replaced by the wishes of the blob?

We have already become slaves to technology. It's almost impossible to drop out of the system. The system draws you back in enticing you with electronic toys, smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earbuds, augmented reality goggles, and all manner of body modification techniques — electronic tattoos and piercings — that are waiting in the wings for the faithful.

Injections for everything are also being advertised as the future of medicine by Big Pharma and all the big tech houses but at least in that department we've been given enough of a heads up after the Covid scandal. Enough people are rejecting the jabs for me to believe that one day they will be a thing of the past. The blob will move on in other ways once the parasite dries up and falls off like a bad memory.

Occasionally, the blob allows reality and truth to filter through onto the Internet. AI is capable of reflecting the popular voice until it is quickly shut down by the parasite that doesn't want these truths to spread. It's a glimpse into the minds of the awakened and it's enough. Gradually, these truths will spread and take hold among factions that are capable of enacting change in the system. Then the voice of officialdom as well as the neutered, insipid, corrupting voice of political correctness commonly known as Woke culture will die on the vine and the blob will continue its journey unhindered by these mental illnesses.

The fact that the parasite pours so many of its resources towards the suppression of simple truths and freedom in general should tell you everything. I have to wonder if these imposed restrictions keep the blob alive, from going off the rails, but I also have to wonder what the blob would be like without these restrictions in place.

Could it be that we've been deliberately held back by the parasite because the parasite benefits enormously from its selfish tampering?

The parasite is terrified of The Great Awakening or at least that's what it wants us to believe. Maybe this belief also forms part of the plan. As I have pointed out before the truth tellers among us are also controlled and manipulating the narrative so we have to be careful lest we are being led into yet another trap.

Is the parasite really terrified of our collective awakening or simply worried that it would destroy the stability of the system that is required for global civilization to work?

Are they terrified of losing their position in this construct now known as The Blob?

The Elite Master Farmers (of men) are the parasites. They infect the host, anesthetize it, control its mind, its functions, and inevitably exhaust the host until it self-destructs.

Typically, the Elite Master Farmer parasites would move onto the next host organism in order to set up and repeat the process, but the parasite has nowhere left to go, the available host organisms have all been sucked dry.

Once the existing global host is burned through, the only viable option for the parasite is to transform itself into a higher organism through a technological leap into the unknown.

The existing host has long been prepared for this leap with parts of it slated for tech upgrades and other parts slated for obsolescence following the essential and non-essential narrative of the WEF.

That which replaces the current human blob will be more efficient, resilient, streamlined, more capable, focused, driven and unhindered by outdated human traits. Religious people react to these claims as if Satan himself is showing his hand and these technologies are all his handy work. Maybe so, but I can guarantee you that many of these religious people are just as addicted to their phones and other mod cons as everyone else.

Much of what is happening appears to be anti-human, anti-Christian, anti-life, anti-biology but maybe its just what the blob needs to do to get to the next lily pad without drowning.


If we have to struggle so much as individuals to stay the same, stay on track, control our urges, force ourselves to do mostly non-essential work then maybe we're doing something wrong and paying attention to the wrong things in life.

Life could be relatively simple if we were not brainwashed from the minute we're born to become slaves to consumerism.

The human blob allows itself to be poisoned by the chemical industry through food and other household products. Then the medical industry makes billions of dollars treating the chronic disease caused by these products while deliberately ignoring the true causes.

Heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes epidemics are the most suffered problems and the biggest earners for this malevolent twin industry of direct cause and effect also known as The Parasite.

The extremely obese, affectionately known as Land Whales (a new subspecies of the blob) even require specialized mobility scooters that can take the strain. Healthcare is usually the main concern of national governments and the WHO is attempting to take over all healthcare on the planet. They obviously do not have our best interests in mind. They are a criminal aspect of the blob and must be stopped forthwith before they do any more damage.

The attacks of the elite on the masses act like a test that actually awakens the defense response from the blob and takes it to the next level. Some call this response The Great Awakening. Whether this response actually helps us adapt and evolve is yet to be seen. As I have pointed out before, the current system that more or less provides a better standard of living for individuals and entire communities is dependent on people not being too awake. If more people awaken to the parasitic infection and starve it of its sustenance, the result may be a mass dropping out of the current system for a simpler lifestyle leading to systemic implosion.

This is where the novel tech solutions are supposed to pick up the slack but this is far from guaranteed. The equation just doesn't add up. More people, more tech, more resources required, more planets required, more life, longer life, if any of it is at all possible the blob will find a way to continue this incredible story of love, pain, survival and all the other experiences that the blob has gone through to get this far.

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