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Not that long ago, your phone, your car, your home, your office were not spying on you.

Well, maybe your phone was just a little, and most likely your neighbors too, but if your government wanted to surveil you 24/7 it would have to manually place a guard in your house and your car and your office and wherever you traveled just to keep tabs on you.

Essentially, a more overt Stasi snitch system.

Too costly. Not practical.

So instead of doing that, the global government of Elite Master Farmers invented the smartphone.

End of story.

But instead of leaving it there, lets break down how this system works, where it's going, and how economic rumblings, the failing response of central banks, Convid, and WWIII INC. are all merely symptoms of cyclical change in the life of a species that still isn't sure what it wants to be when it grows up.

No Real Pushback

Whenever things get heated in the town square, the automated control mechanisms are immediately activated. Like a well-oiled machine in a steampunk novel, the levers are pulled and the cogs turn to make sure nothing goes too far off the rails.

Ok, scratch that. What we're actually looking at in the real world is this...

A DARPA developed, government sponsored, military operation to mitigate popular uprisings utilizing the latest techniques in mind-control, propaganda, entertainment, and convenience in the form of electronic signals and switches firing 24/7 in an AI-saturated, fibre-optic cable connected, light-speed-responsive, Meta-Googled and Microsofted abomination of an economy that pretends to cater to our needs, but in reality is all about corralling and enslaving us in the most sophisticated open-air prison the world has ever seen.

So what are the mechanisms deployed when things get spicy?

  1. As soon as truth has even a snowball in hell's chance of escaping the dungeons where it has been chained up, the Elite Master Farmers release their cybernetic dogs to contain the leak.
  2. Controlled opposition agents take up their positions online to steer conversations in the "correct" direction, back to center where they belong.
  3. Bots are unleashed into the comment sections of all social media, prominent blogs, forums, and websites so that any onlookers get the impression that a certain talking point is favored over any other. This works much like a five star review system and we all know how they can be faked to tip the balance to one side or the other.
  4. Manual and automated shadow-banning of content and commentary across all major platforms. And even though free-speech platforms exist, the chilling effect of only being found where the "hate mongers" hang out is real. Essentially, once you're off mainstream, you're practically invisible to the crowd. The best you can hope for is a loyal following of subscribers that don't care about their online ghetto inhabitant status.

What else?

Well... during Convid (which is not over — I'll get to that in a minute) the oldest tactics in the book were used across all media to shame, ridicule, manipulate, confuse, and mentally torture the people attempting to get to the truth of the situation because the most important aspect of a networked, industrial-level mind-job is to never, ever allow that ray of sunshine to break through into the hyper-entertained, closed minds of the gullible, brainwashed, biological robots previously known as human beings.

Trust me... don't let appearances fool you... they may look like sentient beings, but I can assure you they are anything but!

And then people try to tell me, dude, they're just way behind the curve. You were there once too.

Uh uh. I was never there.

Never that braindead.

And these people have had three years to catch up and see the light. Even a little glimpse of it. But no. Nothing. They are so consumed by the Matrix and all of its lies that it's very likely that these drones will never wake up and smell the coffee.

Utility Function

That said, drones are useful. Without them and their continued state of waking slumber, we would not be living in the globalized system of industrial civilization that we see today.

This self-organizing, self-regulating system along with its massive consumption of raw materials and manufactured goods has enabled the exponential growth of our species and our technology to a point where even the Elite Master Farmers — that benefit more than anyone from this collective enterprise — have realized that limits have finally been reached and drastic measures have to be deployed to prevent what could be the greatest catastrophe in human history.

As I stated in my previous article, the desire for everyone to know the truth about the world and how we have been lied to about so many things for so long, is one that should be measured against how the current system (that we are heavily dependent on) relies on the unthinking drones, the biological robots, the cogs in the machine never, ever catching on to the truth otherwise the whole edifice would come crashing down with every single last person caught inside.

And here's the real clincher, I don't think there's anything we can do about this process. However much we like to believe that we're in control of our destiny, or that some deity is, there are some obvious details that simply cannot be ignored.

When there's not enough to go around, people die, and if things get even more serious... everybody dies and a species goes extinct.

And this is nothing out of the ordinary. Happens all the time. And has happened to most of the species that ever lived. And yes... they all thought they were the bee's knees, the dog's bollocks, the best of the best, at the top of their game, probably right up until that big rock was screaming through the atmosphere with their name written all over it.

Just saying.

So why do we believe we're different?

Right now, if you take a good look around, and you're totally honest with yourself, you may be able to admit that the chairs on the Titanic are being clumsily shuffled into new positions in an attempt to prolong the charade that we've been enduring for the last ten or twenty years.

  • The formation of the BRICS as a new bloc positioned to salvage America the Great's left-overs when she finally pops her clogs (not that the replacement has a chance in hell of fixing things because the same rules apply to all the players. How's that Belt and Road project coming along for ya?)
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies tied to a global biometric ID system AKA The Mark of the Beast will be accepted by most because the TV will tell them it's the best thing ever and the only way to secure their wealth and superior to all that nasty free-market crypto stuff that only criminals use.
  • A global hardware-based surveillance network run by Israeli companies that Benjamin Netanyahoo once referred to as the Keys to the Kingdom.
  • The Bill Gates backed, WHO managed takeover of public health worldwide that negates individual bodily integrity in place of mandatory, forced vaccination. And the dummies will line up again and again to get their shots as long they're required for most essential and even non-essential activities.
  • The growing epidemic of what can only be labeled institutionalized insanity. Academia, media, government, corporations, have all contracted the malaise known as woke liberalism. And there is no cure. Best to stand well back and let nature take its course.

Technodeterminism On The Human Plantation

We're reaching the point where consumers (and that's what they are) will readily accept electronic tattoo patches on various parts of their bodies to remain relevant and fully plugged into the One Machine that they have fallen in love with.

They have already accepted smartphones (nobody protested those), noise-cancelling earpods (to shut the real world out) and all manner of microwave radiation in their lives to enable non-stop information streaming into their brains from morning til night.

Beyond that, Neuralink awaits, bestowed upon the willing serfs by their Lord and Master Elon AKA Tech Jesus. At that point, the human race truly ceases to exist and something else has stepped into its collective shoes — a human-machine hybrid meat puppet that will gradually, or not so gradually, lose any remaining autonomy and become a hivemind organism driven by AI algorithms.

So not too different from where we are now.

Tick tock...

Truth be told, most people are in a state of domesticated subservience and if it were not this way modern industrial civilization would be ripped apart at the seams.

How on Earth would the system hold together if the plantation workers were not dumbed down, drugged and indoctrinated from day one?

Imagine that every individual was free to develop their full potential unhindered by the desires of the controllers.

Who would man the pumps?

Would anyone trust the government?

Would there even be one?

What incentive would there be to join the military?

Or to work for psychopathic corporations and soulless institutions?

If everyone was "awake" and "aware" then what kind of organization would replace the one we have now?

And how could it function without the slave-like mentalities that currently enable the smooth running of the established global economy?

The globalists control all aspects of government and corporate activity. We can see how the One Machine operates in lockstep when required, as happened with Convid. The media and all globalist institutions worked together with Big Pharma, Blackrock, Vanguard and their investors to create the illusion of a pandemic and thereby sell billions of dollars worth in products that not one single person needed to purchase.

It's the old Rockefeller snake oil scam brought forward and maximized to its full potential. And most of the world fell for it. And payed the price.

And now the scammers want to repeat this trick all over again.

And I'm wondering how many people will go along with the ruse this time.

Will they mask again?

Will they test again?

Will they jab again?

Will they lock down again?

Will they point the finger at the non-compliant again?

Or will we be subjected to an even greater distraction in the form of a global conflict, World War III, a global economic collapse, a fake alien encounter, or more climate change terrorism from the usual suspects?

I can understand why so many middle Americans just want to be left alone.

Government can be useful, at times, for specific reasons, but when government overreach rears its ugly head, coupled with corporate greed, and a general public that doesn't know their arse from their elbow due to a lifetime of willful ignorance, any sane individual would want to be as far away from the ensuing clusterfuck as possible while dragging as many like-minded family members and neighbors with them for security.

We're at that point in the game. At least that's how I see it. If there was a way to push back against the unfolding nightmare scenario, we'd already have seen evidence of that in the last three years. All I saw was some protests, some banner waiving, and a lot of internet activity.

No court cases. No arrests. No Nuremberg 2.0. No elite charlatans hanging for their crimes against humanity. No widespread acknowledgement that the Convid plandemic was all based on fraud.

And 99% of people are more attached to their smartphones than ever. And their noise-cancelling earpods. And the garbage that they consume through these devices.

The brainwashing never ends.

The mass mind control is as strong as it ever was.

The people have learned nothing.

They are sleepwalking to their deaths.

The Unpopular Opinion

If Base Level is Mind or Pure Consciousness as some believe then maybe this species has been naturally selected, after having set the game of life in motion, to bring forth the technological development of whatever comes next. Maybe this squishy biological suit is not our final form and transformation is the key to survival. We shall have to wait and see.

If 80% of the population go along with the technological transformation, the "others" will be viewed and treated as the New Amish, those that have opted out of "modernity," a living museum relic to be ogled, much like the "savage" in Huxley's Brave New World.

Convid was an experiment. I mean, we're always being experimented on by the Elite Master Farmers, testing new technology, new methods of control etc but Convid was the Big Kahuna, the greatest experiment of them all. Included were mental and physical torture, mass mind-control, induction of mass psychosis, testing of experimental drugs and new technologies in live human subjects.

The latest numbers reinforce early suspicions that potentially 50% of test subjects were given placebo (saline solution) and the rest a mix of active ingredients with potentially up to 10% of subjects receiving the worst batches.


Everything emerges from Base Level.

Religious people believing that a god favors their existence over other species also believe that we are the subjects of destiny and that the human species has been chosen to overcome all obstacles in the game of life and will one day reign triumphantly under the guidance of the coming messianic ruler.

Optimistic atheists believe that a natural process was set in motion on this planet and potentially many others in the Universe in a game of survival of the fittest where the winning species could continue to evolve and migrate to new regions in search of resources as long as the Universe allows for such expansion.

Yet others believe that we will become extinct, sooner than most people would like to imagine, following in the footsteps of every other species that has played the game of life on this planet.

I personally like to believe that some aspect of humanity will continue in some form even if the rest of it falls away. Theoretically, we can solve many of our issues and move on to colonize the solar system or at least make use of its resources to continue life as we know it. We would have to overcome many of our existing problems in order for that to happen though. Economies of scale, resource acquisition and cost of extraction may not work if population collapses below a certain threshold.

Whether we have been chosen to play this game of life or we've been dumped here as an experiment by alien scientists makes little difference to the way we play it. The game has always been one of survival, yet we can plot out the rise and fall of civilizations, the times of plenty and the times of scarcity, in the modern age depicted in real-time by the obesity epidemic existing alongside starvation and malnutrition.

It's obvious that we are being subjected to increasing forces of imbalance. Something will snap at some point. It's what happens after that will shape our chances of moving forward, always forward, never backwards, towards a desirable state of existence, if one exists, or to our demise as a species, licking our wounds, wondering who will be the last man standing, like the final tree cut down on Rapa Nui.

Is that all we are? Just another failed experiment? Waiting for the inevitable?

Or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

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