Schizophrenic Plandemic COVID-19 Last Push For Global AI Control Grid

COVID-19 pandemic map
Photo by Martin Sanchez / Unsplash

Why schizophrenic?

Well, according to the Mayo Clinic...

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

Which perfectly matches the behavior of people suffering from CDS.

What's that you ask?

CDS is Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome and half the world now has it. I've witnessed the devastating symptoms myself. It's very similar to Trump Derangement Syndrome, but instead of pictures of the orange man triggering childish screaming fits in grown-ass adults, it makes sufferers do cosplay in gloves and masks while policing the distance between complete strangers with extreme prejudice.

What makes this phenomenon noteworthy is that all of these now incredibly paranoid victims were acting perfectly normally only weeks before. All it took for the extreme change in behavior was some basic programming from the device known as a television installed in all of their homes.

Maybe that's why I appear to be immune to this terrible affliction. I haven't had a television for more than a decade. And I select online information sources very carefully. Based on this, I think it's safe to say that TV users are under extremely heavy mind control. This makes them highly susceptible to commands delivered by talking heads and so-called authority figures like Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The TV watchers didn't stand a chance. The central controllers only had to snap their fingers and the zombie nation jumped to attention obeying every order without question.

Worldwide Medical Martial Law

The extremely corrupt World Health Organization has rolled out an ongoing state of emergency around the world. Many prominent medical professionals have deemed this order completely unnecessary. The numbers that have been pushed 24/7 on Dinosaur Media are a complete fabrication. Every man and his dog that died in the past few months was attributed to Covid-19 without fail.

This is truly disgusting manipulation, but no real surprise if you know how the globalist cartel operates. Same old tricks, and zero shame when it comes to running a billion dollar scam. Every. Single. Time.

It needs to stop.

And not just because the world is going to get ripped off, yet again, by the global medical mafia and the central banking cartel, but because this time, it's make or break time. This is the final wake up call for humanity, for all decent human beings everywhere, no matter which side you think you're on or what petty grievances you may hold against others. Our common enemy is attempting to enslave all of us in a system from which there will be no escape. The time to act is now or the concept of liberty will be forever lost.

Bill and Melinda Gates are all over the mainstream media preaching the gospel of totalitarian lockdown. For decades, Mr Gates has been obsessed with population reduction and injecting experimental vaccines into third world children. Now he's coming for all of us! And the vaccine for Covid-19 could eventually be combined with a Quantum Dot, micro-needle, invisible tattoo that proves you're a trusted citizen zombie.

Global ID 2020

Now I don't know about you, but I have personally drawn a line in the sand – as have many others – when it comes to mandatory vaccination and certainly any form of microchipping including electronic tattoos for tracking purposes. Smartphones are bad enough already. Smartwatches are even more invasive. Permanent electronic tattoos and implantation technology like Neuralink represent the final stage of total control for the globalist cartel.

So when Bill Gates casually states on national TV that everyone will need to be tattooed and vaccinated like farm animals in order to lift the quarantine and go back to normal life, I can guess what the response will be from red blooded Americans and other patriots around the world...

It really is time for all of these self-appointed technocratic rulers to leave Planet Earth and her inhabitants well alone. In fact... they should just leave. I'm pretty sure Mr Musk can knock up a few more mega rockets to accommodate the departure.

If you hadn't guessed it by now, the plan is to turn all human beings into full-blown cyborgs under a global blanket of tracking satellites.

As if people weren't slavish enough already. Soon, the controllers won't even need the TV anymore. All brainwashing and mind control will be remotely executed via wireless 5G networks.

Future barely-recognizable-as-human drones will be programmed by a direct feed into their brains. There will be no escape. Not if you want to eat.

Universal Social Credit Scores

One of the easiest ways to establish loyalty and obedience in a population of serfs is to use reward and punishment. Today we have ratings systems, thumbs up and down, censorship, shadow banning, deplatforming, cancelling, reporting abuse, and all manner of other ways for people to police each other. The Stasi would be proud.

In fact, the ultimate, all-in-one system – the one ring to rule them all – has to be the Chinese Social Credit Score, developed for the authoritarian state by Google and other globalist corporations.

There's just one thing... as much as China's Orwellian Big Brother system has been lambasted in the western press, it's very well known that the West has been living under similar invasive surveillance technology for decades. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon all probably know more about their users than the users do themselves. Now we have the perfect storm under the Coronavirus plandemic to unite all the trial systems under one homogeneous machine for worldwide control of all human beings.

Europeans are under the same umbrella of tyranny with the European Union flexing its top down control to achieve total subservience from its ageing population.

What I've witnessed over the years, regardless of where you happen to live on planet Earth, is the undeniable coordination among the various globalist media outlets. They effortlessly continue to beam their propaganda into the traumatized, submissive minds of unaware couch potatoes everywhere. And this is carried out with military precision and ruthless repetition until even rational people find it hard to resist the groupthink.

Why are these ancient psychological operations still used? Because they still work! In fact, they work better than ever. Look at the state of the post-COVID world. It's embarrassing how many people still fall for the same old techniques.

The Cult of Chaos is currently on a winning streak, but fear not Earth Dwellers, their time is short. The dragon is on it's last legs, thrashing it's tail in all directions. Your job is to avoid getting whacked when the whole house of cards built on sand comes crashing down.

The Covid-19 operation is only the latest in a long line of planned problem, reaction, solution events. Much like 9/11, we only have to look for who benefits from the solution to find who the culprits are. In this case, our self-appointed hero-king – Bill Gates – appears to be leading the charge for the Big Pharma industrial cartel.

Behind Billy boy, we have the Rockefellers with their Lockstep plans, George Soros and his constant meddling in world affairs, the almighty Henry Kissinger, and the World Economic Forum with their network of zombie control freaks peddling Global Governance.

We really need to focus on reducing the influence of these nefarious types and the central banking system that empowers them. It's time to walk away from the zombie king.

Crimes Against Humanity

If the Psycho Goblins of this world are indeed capable of releasing some kind of bio-weapon on all of us – which at this point doesn't actually seem very likely based on the latest lack of evidence for contagious pathogenic viruses – then it's time to wake up and take the gloves off once and for all.

What the hell are we waiting for? We have more than enough overwhelming evidence, we know who these people are, we know their backgrounds and their track records, it's time to arrest all of them for the good of mankind and the future of the world's children.

If you're a rabid transhumanist, a Singularitarian, a techno-fascist, fine, go off and play with that crap all day long on a pacific island of your choice. We'll leave you alone as long as you leave the rest of humanity alone.

Despite appearances, most people have quite naturally reached their limit when it comes to drowning in technology. In fact, if you look around, you'll see how much people are already suffering from terrible addiction to technology, information overload, anxiety, depression, separation, loneliness, isolation, social distancing...

Ah, there it is... social distancing and mandatory internment – also known as house arrest – is prison speak. We are all prisoners in this novel reality – the new abnormality – waiting to receive the Mark in our right hands so that we can buy, sell, leave our slave quarters for exercise and food collection, go to our work stations, travel beyond the state mandated boundaries on public transport, and even breathe after being granted permission.

Most of all, don't forget Billy Boy's love injection that apparently is designed to genetically modify human beings – at least the Moderna RNA vaccine that he so loves to promote.

Essentially, we would all become products of the corporation manufacturing the vaccine. Now that's progress!

It's Time To Choose A Pro-Human Future

We've allowed things to slide. The AI plus medical tyranny control grid is almost complete. All that remains is to plug the terrorized human guinea pigs into the One Machine.

Most will willingly line up to receive the blessing of electronic tattoos, Neuralink implants, universal basic income, unnecessary vaccines, and robot replacements in all areas of work.

Never mind that the promise of a communistic utopia has never worked out. In fact, much like Orwell's classic tale Animal Farm it always ends horribly for everyone involved.

Why is it that we have to fall for the tricks of charlatans over and over again? Surely, we should be able to learn from history, the many parables that warn us about the tricksters, and the way they always try to enslave us.

All we have to do is realize that they have no real power over us. It's all an illusion, a magician's trick. It's time to stop going along to get along in a system that is built to strip you of everything including your dignity.

We can choose to use technology, but technology cannot be allowed to rule over us like some tyrant. Artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G, internet of things, cryptocurrencies, self-driving cars, and big data all sound like promising technological developments until you weigh up the pros and cons.

What is the purpose of all these technologies if more and more people are made obsolete?

If a coronavirus scamdemic has been used to usher in the long awaited economic collapse followed by the roll out of oppressive societal control mechanisms, then we need to hold people accountable for the act of terrorism that this represents.

The current AI control grid is not pro-human. Now that we have some perspective, it's time to make the necessary adjustments and ditch the insufferable tyrants once and for all.

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