Do You Really Want Everyone To Know The Truth?

Do You Really Want Everyone To Know The Truth?
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Do you remember the first time you pulled back the curtain on reality, the first time you scratched the surface and dug a little deeper than usual, the first time you went spelunking down the rabbit hole and almost never made it back up?

I'm not even sure if I can remember exactly how it all happened. How I ended up "here." But many of you can.

For some it was 9/11 and the glaring discrepancies and fallacies that opened up the dormant mind to uncomfortable ideas, to realities that lay beyond the official narrative, a narrative that continues to be accepted by the masses twenty years after the initial mind spell was dumped onto their TV screens.

For others, the veil had already disintegrated with tales of secret societies, banking elites, Freemasons, Jesuits and Jews, Khazarian mafias, and Knights, both Templar and of the Maltese variety.

And the media labeled these awakening inquisitive minds "conspiracy theorists" when they questioned the assassination of JFK.

When they questioned if man had truly set foot on the moon or whether they had been played for political reasons.

When they questioned if vaccines were a necessary component in the health of individuals.

When they questioned the need for the burgeoning global surveillance network complete with Digital ID and social credit scores, a panopticon prison system that would slam the final nail in the coffin of freedom or at least the illusion of freedom that some of us still cling to.

Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse behind the initial step in the direction of truth and revelation, whether due to curiosity or a stumble upon unsettling facts, the result was almost always the same... the awakening process left a mark, a mark that cannot and will not ever be erased. A mark that many now wear as a badge of honor as the number of dissidents grows and a general sense that it's "now or never" rises up in the consciousness and the conscience of the awakened soul.

"You can't go back bob."

You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

You can't be plugged back into the Matrix.

We're stuck with moving forward wherever that takes us. At the individual level and at the level of the entire species and of all life on this planet and whatever lies beyond.

There is no turning back. The "Great Awakening" will continue its spread to all minds like a glorious wave of dominoes collapsing in sequence until even the most resistant NPCs will be forced to update their internal narrative.

"See... it wasn't that difficult after all," the chuffed, modern-day frontiersmen will chirp as they sit atop the new world.

There's just one thing... the world as we know it functions in the way it does (with militaristic precision) precisely because the drones (the moving parts) are kept in a state of ignorance about the world they live in.

If the drones were not obedient, indoctrinated, trained in the ways of civilian life, and kept within the boundaries much like Truman in his artificial realm, the glue that binds industrial civilization would dissolve leading to structural collapse, all hell would break loose, chaos would ensue and the "parts" would fly off in all directions resulting in a horrible mess.

At least, that's what we're told if anyone even dares to venture down this path of reasoning.

The anarcho-capitalists will dispute this, of course, but what have they really achieved that is not a hundred percent dependent on the continued functioning of the One Machine?

It's easy to gloat about libertarian lifestyles when cruising on the back of thousands of years of development and invention.

Lets be serious about this.

What would happen if everyone had the geopolitical expertise of a Brendon O'Connell and the "balls" to make the necessary changes to the status quo that so many activists desire with all their heart and believe will take the world in a daring new direction towards a brighter future for all?

By the way... Mr O'Connell has deleted all of his social media online presence including a wealth of video content on YouTube because (and these are his words) we're all a bunch of bots, government operatives and lazy, useless c**** that won't get off our arses and put ourselves in the line of fire as he did once or twice for the cause... whatever the cause is.

And because of these types of "incidents" I'm not exactly sure what "the cause" is anymore or that "it" ever really existed as a concrete idea that groups of activists around the world had somehow managed to pin down in a manifesto or some such unofficial set of "goals for renegades."

Freedom or the pursuit of it appears to have been the goal at one point, but as time goes by and more reality sinks in, it becomes obvious to anyone taking a peek behind the curtain that the machine that has been set in motion requires an army of worker ants, obedient drones, unquestioning biological and non-biological robots, that get the work done, keep the cogs turning, and pamper themselves with rewards for their participation until they are replaced with a fresh batch of involuntary "volunteers."

The "volunteers" don't have much choice in this virtual reality game of life. The options have been narrowed down somewhat even though we're presented with the illusion of choice in the controlled workplace as much as the controlled realms of food and entertainment.

The "artificial" system (above nature, contra-natura — but nothing is truly unnatural or separated from nature in my opinion — all emerges from Base Level) that these "players" are bred into requires infinite growth, increasing levels of consumerism, continuous injections of Hopium, and a robust state of law and order enforced by the Freemasonic central government "agency in place" otherwise the drones tend to wake up and revolt or simply walk away, downing tools.

No more Just in Time economy with its complex supply chains satisfying the wants of a spoiled, bratty populace that stomps its collective feet when their favorite yogurt flavor is missing from the supermarket shelves or their Amazon delivery comes a day late.

Either way, 99% of the population (or thereabouts) are locked into officialdom and whatever comes down the pipe from that organization. The "awakened" are part of that cohort. They have simply been corralled in a subset "group of interest" bubble where they can be "entertained," kept in a holding cell by a multitude of Internet personalities and influencers, IIA operations, alternative media channels and an endless stream of limited hangouts and morsels of "truth" that are endlessly dangled in front of the happy/not happy jumping fish.

There's a total lack of resistance in the West because we are not "hungry." We're not starving for change. We reached a level of comfort that turned men into sports and video game obsessed slobs and women into make-up chasing, wannabe Barbie dolls that also get to call the shots.

When you have your income needs more or less covered, fiber-optic, high-speed Internet beamed into every home, cheap food and entertainment on demand, street crime more or less taken care of by the local "enforcers" (unless you live in the crumbling American urban shitholes and other soon-to-be third world free-for-all, dystopian battlegrounds) the desire to rock the boat trends to zero.

And to get that revolutionary juice back in the tank would require the total removal of creature comforts  and a brief training course on what really matters "in the real world."

Again... watch the Barbie trailer... seriously... it's all in there.

Even after a short, sharp, shock to the system, there's no guarantee that people would reorganize, relearn, adapt, evolve into some desirable new state of equilibrium especially when compared to the "affluence" of the existing paradigm.

Maybe we have to accept some cold, hard truths — that human activity is under the same influence that all other natural systems are under, an algorithm that induces the growth impulse in all species until resources run dry and system collapse emerges as the inevitable outcome.

As humans, we can extend and pretend that our "game" will somehow transform when we come up against natural limits. We can imagine a future as space-faring colonists or artificial-reality-inhabiting electronic minds, but when push comes to shove, most people appear to be deeply attached to their current mode of existence as carbon-based lifeforms reproducing on Earth and playing the game of life (as long as industrial civilization can stay intact and maintain the acquired comfort level).

So I have to wonder... if the so-called "Great Awakening" would actually deliver on its promise of a "better," more open, decentralized, egalitarian, community-focused, life experience for the "lucky ones" that make it through the intense period of change, "the quickening," while keeping the critical infrastructure that we have all become accustomed to, and even dependent on for our essential needs, intact.

At this stage in the game, I find this very hard to believe. We would face structural implosion of civilization if everyone "selfishly" awakened to the reality of the game and walked away from their "responsibilities."

The drones must continue to man their posts (especially those in charge of the 4000 or so spent fuel ponds dotted around the northern hemisphere). The truckers must continue to truck. The bridge maintenance cannot stop. The roads must be kept smooth. The hospitals supplied with meds and equipment. The supermarkets topped up with food every few days without fail. The engineers tending to the power and coms cables and repairing the wind turbines, planes, trains and automobiles must never cease otherwise the drones will complain and demand that these superior level drones be replaced by some form of automation, robotics and AI that simply don't exist yet, at least nothing that replaces mechanics and other infrastructure technicians.

Only time will tell to see if we can make the leap to some new way of life, but I suspect that, if it's even possible, it won't just be a free-for-all, utopian, decentralized fantasy as some forward thinkers are imagining.

If it's at all possible, humans will rally round a system of law and order with the usual guarantees of security and provision of food, housing, clothing, tools and services as they have done since they huddled around camp fires sharpening their spears and telling stories of bravery and loss during the last great mastodon take-down.

However hard you try to stop fate or change the course of history through well-intentioned "activism," what materializes in the mind of an independent observer is the burgeoning sense of inevitability, an overwhelming sense that we are but a tiny microcosm of all that is, and although we appear to have some agency, our fate will be decided by greater forces than our own.

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