The Scripted Battle Of Good Against Evil

The Scripted Battle Of Good Against Evil
Photo by Michal Matlon / Unsplash

Imagine a story within a story, a battle within a battle, online warriors against the New World Order vs Normies in their blissful state of unawareness.

How much of this narrative is scripted and how much is part of an authentic cyclical awakening that humanity is occasionally forced to live through?

The realization that we have been collectively messed with is on the rise among a receptive minority and this minority is becoming less of a minority as the masses continue to be whacked over the head with psy-op after psy-op until even the most dormant zombie-like creature has to admit that something is up.

But what if this awakening is all part of a much bigger plan.

What if the New World Order was always just a boogeyman, a James Bond villain set up to fall when the time was right. A time when the Elite Master Farmers nod their heads in agreement and decide to pull the plug on the dying ponzi scheme, then reveal the shiny new model that they're just dying to show you.

We are being played. We're being used. The usual characters are playing their evil roles so that others rise up to defeat them. A catalyst. A motivator. So as to move things forward in a certain direction. So that the manipulators can take their place on the throne when all is said and done.

The good guy factions are working for these manipulators too. And some people feel energized to do the right thing so they join the battle against evil (technocracy, dictatorship, satanic elite etc) in the same way that Normies rushed to get themselves injected and wore masks religiously for two years because they thought they were being good people.

I don't like being manipulated. Even if it's for good.

The Normies carry on with their lives — work, family, entertainment, travel. They are not dropping everything to join the war against the NWO.

I don't want to be blissfully unaware like a Normie and there's no going back to that state of being once you've come out of it anyway, but I also don't like being manipulated into some scripted battle between the forces of good and evil written by the Elite Master Farmers themselves.

The many channels bringing us the "truth" make sure to keep our anxiety levels topped up while they push Judeo-Christian Salvation as the ONLY way to change the world.

If people haven't figured this out by now, then it's about time you knew what's in store for all of us... what the "good guys" really want... which is a Judeo-Christian Nationalist revolution in America that will serve as the base of operations for global domination under this cult. The old Roman dream finally realized.

That's it in a nutshell.

And the mass of alternative media voices online all strongly push this agenda now.

Many who were not particularly religious in their younger years now claim to be born again. They also profess strong allegiance to the Zionist political movement and lambast anyone who dares to criticize the growing influence of these groups.

And yet millions of Truthers, Internet warriors, freedom fighters, people of faith, antivaxxers, New Agers etc continue to be bamboozled by this obvious campaign of deception and lies.

Who are the scriptwriters?

Intelligence agencies, Foundation owners, the true Global Elite Master Farmers. They create the boogeymen and the alternative media gaslights their audiences about the bad behavior on a daily basis. Viewers rally around the flag of decency and prepare to fight the war against the corrupt politicians, the black hats, the satanic elite, the Fed, the pedophiles, the illegal immigrants, the boogeyman instead of just dedicating their time to building strong, wholesome, creative, resilient communities that can stand the test of time and break away from the system when push comes to shove.

Many in our movement are already doing this. Many have decades of experience building these communities. What I see is that the rest waste much of their time online consuming the fear-based news stream and getting stuck in a rut of not knowing where to channel their newfound desire to right a wrong.

Instead of being led astray or held in a circular holding position to nowhere by online charlatans and professional gatekeepers, I would suggest that energies are better spent building these resilient communities, growing food, securing local jobs that actually have value in the "real world" and meditating on what kind of life you envision for your people instead of accepting the one that's being forced down our throats.

The scripted boogeyman characters that have been designed to make us all pee our pants and run to "daddy" (when "he" arrives on cue in the third act) can be dismissed as easily as refusing experimental jabs and the wearing of unnecessary medical masks. There may be a price to pay, but it's definitely worth it.

So no, I don't accept the "blessing" that these born-again Judeo-Christian Evangelical Zionist Nationalists are trying to force on me as part of this act.

And the BRICS "League of Extraordinary Nations" doesn't exactly convince me either — a bunch of wannabe global socialist, ex-communist dictatorships that claim to have my best interests in mind and only want to help stabilize the burgeoning world order.

Hmm... lemme see... what other options are there?

Not much, by the look of things. These are the cards that have been played in the global grand casino that is the extended interdependent economy as it stands according to the scripted, manipulative narrative that we've been fed.

Is it time to walk away from the King?

I mean, The Emperor has zero clothes. His shriveled shrinky dink is disappearing under folds of grotesque blubber and these alt-media puppets are all working for him!

This disgusting menagerie pretending to be righteous born-again Christians will have a lot to answer for when all is revealed. For now, they'll keep sucking on the teat of their globulous masters, playing their role, cashing the cheques.

It's as simple as this... if there were any authentic leaders out there leading a substantially energized militant movement towards elimination of the parasitic infection that we all know exists, then they'd either be dead or incarcerated. End of story.

And the Normies wouldn't even notice.

The multi-millionaire truth pundits doing the rounds online (with many new faces jumping on the bandwagon) may have done some good in the past in terms of shaking people out of their collective slumber, but now they've slipped very comfortably into their high-level gatekeeper roles without complaint.

It is what it is.

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