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One day, not too far in the future, everyone will be happy and shiny and they'll live in very safe Smart Cities where the needs and wants of the inhabitants will be met by a loving, caring, all-powerful, all-seeing AI.

Imagine a city designed and run by the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Cisco, IBM, Schneider Electric, and Boston Dynamics, and other lesser-known umbrella companies, conglomerates, and infrastructure behemoths that grease the wheels of life as we know it in the 21st century.

Now add all the central banks and the hidden hand behind the central banks, the BIS, the IMF, and the World Bank, and imagine what they want to gain from all this, and why they want even more control over their subjects.

Then imagine what these types really mean when they talk of Intelligent Cities.

Do they want the citizens to be more intelligent too?

Even though lifelong learning is emphasized on the prospectus, the focus is most certainly on the city structure itself becoming sufficiently intelligent, autonomous and regulated so that humans themselves barely have to think. All the thinking is done for them by the "decision-makers."

In my opinion, these cities are nothing more than digital training camps, prisons, gulags for future hyper-obedient, human-machine hybrid workers. The Chinese model has already exposed as much and the globalists view the Chinese model as a huge success to be rolled out to the rest of the world as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, the motivation for creating these Safe City Enhanced Living Education Centers seems nefarious whichever way one cares to look at it. For example, it doesn't make sense to round people up into these shiny, new, "show" cities when the general population is falling headlong into an economic crisis and undergoing displacement by all manner of automation technologies unless there exists a need to manage the herd all in one place.

Futurists have been predicting mass-unemployment due to robotics and AI for decades. What they usually leave out is the possibility of mass disruption due to economic collapse, systemic supply chain failures, and an increasing number of people who simply want to drop out of the system and never go back.

You don't drop out to a Smart City where living costs will likely remain very high. You drop out to local, mostly self-sufficient communities away from all the corporate bullshit.

Rise of the Smart City

Nothing about Smart Cities — the huge amount of data collection, analytics, feigned security, total lack of privacy, radiation threats to health from endless scanning and proximity to wireless microwave networks, and the ridiculous amount of complexity required to simply live life — improves on the totalitarian, Stasi snitch model of Soviet-controlled East Germany.

In fact, Smart Cities are most definitely more complex and use vastly more energy and resources than ever before (in the most ridiculous ways possible) to achieve more or less the same soul-destroying nightmare that the East Germans had to endure at the hands of their totalitarian masters.

If you think about it, the residents of old East Germany were actually less surveilled and micromanaged than the current and future inhabitants of the Smart City complexes.

Which is hilarious.

And the fact that people fall for the glitzy presentations and sales pitch is even more hilarious, but also extremely disturbing when you realize these people are your neighbors.

And as you might have guessed, the techies, the Musk worshipers, the true believers in the glossy, everything, everywhere, renewables-powered utopia are prostrating themselves at the feet of this vacuous, soulless, sterile plan without giving even a moments pause to the downsides.

Get a load of this pile of dreck!

If you managed to hold down your lunch while watching that blatant propaganda piece from the wonderful folks over at UT, then maybe you're a good candidate for the Smart City program.

You'd better get in line though, the normies will be queuing for miles, chomping at the bit, trying to secure their place in one of these digital nightmare monstrosities.

The cities are going to be extremely enticing compared to the lack of support for dying rural areas. A little nudge here, a subtle change in the law there, a few hoops to jump through to gain access — being vaxxed and up to date with all boosters — and the gates to the Safe City, 15 minute range, geofenced compound will swing wide open for you and yours.

The question is... will the super-safe Smart City let you out again once you're inside its invisible walls?

Back to the video...

Chelsea Collier, Founder of Digi.City defines Smart Cities as the way to apply data and analytics to the urban environment and Jungfeng Jiao from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin asks the question, "How do we use technologies to make our city more efficient, fair, and safe for everyday human beings."

This is the basis of a "Good System for Smart Cities" they claim.

Machine Learning and AI will be used to understand, in real time, what is happening within the city. Then decisions will be made to improve them.

Ubiquitous, always-on sensors such as cameras, air pollution monitors, and voice sensors will collect all the data for the decision-makers.

The tech itself isn't the hard part, they say. The real trick lies in integrating said technology in a way that's ethical and thoughtful, inclusive and equitable.

Digital twin models will be used to transfer data from the real world to the digital twin so that simulations can be run to guide the physical changes carried out by the overseers... I mean... the decision-makers.

These Smart City, AI-guided managers would control all aspects of transportation, housing, broadband internet, and security.

"Whether we like it or not, AI is coming to cities. AI is coming to our lives."

"Now we can have the data and the tools to understand our city better."

"It is the only way (giggles) we're probably going to get to the place where we really want to be which is inclusive, equitable, sustainable, livable cities."

And there you have it.

All the check boxes checked.

Now all we need to do is build one of these damnable things. Maybe we should ask some people with lots of money. How about the Saudis? I'm sure they'll be up for it.

Yep, here you go...

The NEOM Smart City also known as The Line...,_Saudi_Arabia

The Line is a linear smart city under construction in Saudi Arabia in Neom, Tabuk Province, which is designed to have no cars, streets or carbon emissions. The 170-kilometre-long city is part of Saudi Vision 2030 project, which Saudi Arabia claims will create around 460,000 jobs and add an estimated $48 billion to the country's GDP. The Line is planned to be the first development of a $500 billion project in Neom. The city's plans anticipate a population of 9 million. Excavation work had started along the entire length of the project by October 2022.
The project has faced criticism over its impact on the environment and the current population of the area, as well as doubts about its technological and economic viability.

What can I say?

Utter madness! We'll see if it ever gets finished.

Here are some interesting takes on the current state of Smart City development from different perspectives...

Smart Cities and Democratic Vulnerabilities

expert contributors examine how the rise of “smart cities” is challenging democratic systems and present strategies for rapidly digitalizing societies to safeguard norms such as transparency, accountability, and respect for human rights.
without firm democratic guardrails, they can also undermine privacy, erode good governance norms, and amplify the influence of authoritarian actors such as the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Colorado Springs, Colo., Wants to Be ‘Smartest Smart City’

The daylong conference included 29 presentations that updated participants on advanced technologies, such as "smart" streetlights, trash bins and electric vehicle infrastructure, that aim to streamline public services in the city.
Existing projects include the pilot streetlight program, during which lights were outfitted with sensors to collect weather and ozone data. Officials hope to expand light capabilities to detect gunshots, provide community Wi-Fi and more. The city has also equipped 30 trash cans with sensors that can notify staff via text and email when waste levels are nearing capacity as well as collect data on foot traffic in the downtown area.
As part of the Smart Fleet initiative, newly implemented GPS technology in city-owned vehicles can track data such as drive-time versus customer service time, snowplow snow removal distribution and harsh braking to improve safety and gas efficiency as well as offer residents live snow removal mapping.

The Inevitable Unavoidable Questions

Lurking behind every Globalist-ordained, WEF inspired, megalomaniacal enterprise lies the ever-present odor of the eugenics cultists and their Technocratic, forward-facing puppets.

We're "allowed" to see the faces of George Soros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Henry Kissinger, Lord Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, the current head of the Federal Reserve, the Kings and Queens of old Europe and Arabia, the new Emperors of Eurasia, the managers of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Arma, and their fresh-faced, silicon valley high priests.

We're told that the bosses of BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street "own" the world. That the militaries of the most powerful nations are all set to blow each other to pieces with weapons of mass destruction both known and unknown. That there are rules of engagement. That millions of active military personnel are simply waiting for an order, a muttering, a mumble, from the likes of Joe Biden, a corrupt, seedy old man who doesn't know what planet he's on most of the time.

That's the story we're told. And it's not that far from the truth, but the noticeable distortions are there to keep the public from ever internalizing the monstrous lie that sits in a deep place inside our minds, a place that has rarely been accessed, smothered by decades of indoctrination and contained by the ongoing societal geofencing within our own brains.

This false reality continues to be burped out by smug, narcissistic, smooth-haired, overly-paid, talking heads that will read anything that pops up on their teleprompters as long as they get to raise an eyebrow, tilt their head knowingly, gaze into the camera (that they love so much), and smirk to themselves as they deliver the latest media psyop distraction for their hidden masters with a professionalism that Hannibal Lecter would envy.

Questions that pop up in the minds of sane people...

  • Where does the money come from?
  • Where do all the resources come from?
  • Do the central banks print up mountains of digital tokens to fund these flights of fantasy?
  • Do governments then heap extra taxes on the population to service the debt?
  • How can the population service the debt if most of them are now out of work due to displacement by automation?
  • How can UBI (Universal Basic Income) possibly work in the real world?
  • How do the hundreds of Smart Cities around the world keep the lights on when energy supply is already being stretched to its breaking point?
  • How will these Smart Cities be maintained if costs across all sectors continue to rise?
  • Will residents be "drugged" to fill happiness quotas?

If you want more information on the global Smart City initiative, the Wikipedia page covers the subject reasonably well including standing terminology, frameworks, policy roadmaps, the various technologies involved, the various methods of commercialization, ongoing research projects, and last but not least... the long list of criticisms.

The one thing that really stands out after the international Covid lockdown debacle is how easy it was for authorities to turn the once relatively pleasant city environments that we'd all grown used to into living hellscapes for the people that were trapped in them.

What's to stop that from happening again?

And why does anyone think that Smart City technologies, tracking systems, health passports, automation, robotics and AI will not be used against them at the drop of a totalitarian hat based on what happened last time?

With every iteration, the Panopticon tightens its grip around the neck of its citizens until, one day, they'll not be allowed to breathe without the permission of the decision-makers.

Oh wait... we've already crossed that one off.

I don't know about you but I'll be staying as far away as possible from so-called Smart Cities.

The thing is... will it ever be far enough?

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