Artificial Intelligence - The Biggest, Scariest Boogeyman Of Them All!

Artificial Intelligence - The Biggest, Scariest Boogeyman Of Them All!
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Picture a circus performer spinning plates. The tension builds as one of the plates begins to wobble. The circus performer runs across the stage to give the wobbling plate a sharp twirl, just in time. The plate is saved and spins faster than the others now. The crowd oohs and aahs (they're easily entertained) and the circus performer jumps to the next wobbling plate, and so on, until the crowd gets bored.

Of course, if the circus performer has any common sense, he or she will wrap up the show with a flourish and a bow before boredom sets in thereby leaving the audience satisfied and eager to catch the next performance.

Do you recognize the pattern here? Do you see it?

The plate about to fall to its doom represents FEAR. No one wants that to happen. It's a nice looking plate after all. The wobbling plate is the PROBLEM. The audience gasping is the REACTION. And the circus performer saving the day is the SOLUTION.

So how does this simple analogy map onto our current reality?

You know, the one where we are continuously bombarded with fear-loaded propaganda delivered by the globalist-controlled MSM our entire lives, from cradle to grave, using all the latest technology and advanced mind-control techniques to make damned sure we get the message!

The one where we're only permitted to come up for air for the sports news or if a monarch is being ritually rolled out in fancy dress so that the peasants can outdo each other with sycophantic, subservient, boot-licking bows and genuflections that would embarrass a bunch of mating flamingos or even the Japanese!

Well... it's really quite simple. The Elite Master Farmers are the world's circus performing plate spinners par excellence, although they would never stoop so low as to actually spin the plates themselves, they have plenty of sociopathic minions in their employ that do the dirty work for them — celebrity scientists, futurists, narcissistic news reporters, university professors, high school teachers, and general public busybodies that just love to keep everyone else around them informed about the latest, greatest, scary news that the government wants everyone to be scared about.

And the latest plate to be spun up (again!) is... drum roll... Artificial Intelligence!

There's just one thing. We've been down this road so many times before. As has happened with all the other "spinning plates" (I'll get to those in a minute). And as with all the other "spinning plates" the more times the circus performer has to run across the stage to artificially keep the wobbling plate spinning... guess what?... the audience starts to get bored. They may even shift uncomfortably, stretch and yawn and start looking for the exit, not because they fear the plate may actually, finally fall to the ground and smash into tiny pieces, no... but because the show doesn't captivate them any longer and they'd rather be anywhere else. The show is over. Time to move on to pastures new.

So what are the other spinning plates?

Well lets see. Over the course of the last few years, the Elite Master Farmers have had to shift around the stage like a bunch of possessed whirling dervishes, not only to keep the plates spinning, but also to reinvent the existing plates (constantly changing their names and other details to give them a facelift) and even prep some of the more exotic spinning plate variants waiting in the wings.

Here's a list of classic spinning plates and their updated variant forms which you should easily recognize if you've even glanced at the news sideways ever since Covid was a buzzword...

Global Existential Threats (AKA Spinning Plates)

Pandemics — Obviously. Should be fresh in most people's minds unless you've been in a Big Pharma induced coma for the last three years. AKA lies spewed by the non-science of virology and mass damage caused by the rampant jabbing of the human farm animal.

Asteroid ImpactApophis dropping by in 2029, allegedly. Imagine the build up to that one! AKA The Big One, the End of all Things, etc etc except that NASA says that it's not a threat anymore, so maybe we can strike that one off the list, but I'm sure they'll come up with another "spinning plate" to keep us on our toes. Can't have the audience relaxing. That wouldn't be good for business.

Systemic collapse — AKA Trade Off: Financial system supply-chain cross contagion – a study in global systemic collapse and if that happens you can forget about dreams of Artificial Intelligence and fancy robot toys because you won't be able to buy a toothbrush!

Anyway. Moving on...

Nuclear Armageddon — AKA decades worth of "plate spinning" during the Cold War including duck and cover drills only to be revived in the 2020's with the yet-to-be-settled Ukraine situation. Still on the fence as to whether this one is even a real threat or not...

Climate Change — previously known as Global Warming and before that, Global Cooling! It's all good in the changing climate "plate spinning" game. We're Saving the Planet you know! Yep, the Elite Master Farmers hit pure gold with this one. So many suckers keep this charade spinning, so much money to be made from one simple trick. But it's drying up around the edges so time to spin another plate...

And for the sake of keeping this short and on topic, we'll jump straight to the biggest, baddest existential threat of them all that is "all the rage" (again!) and conveniently leaves alien invasion on the table for another day...

Artificial Intelligence — AKA (now this "spinning plate" is an expert at morphing into "new forms" for the sake of keeping things fresh, much like the previous category) Machine Learning, Artificial General Intelligence, Strong Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Computing, Superintelligent AI, or simply Computation or Computer Science.

In my opinion, these "spinning plates" form a panoply of invented threats that serve only one purpose... the establishment of a totalitarian global government where the micro-managed human-machine hybrid populace live under universal digital ID, a basic income (palliative care) and WHO-imposed medical, societal, technological tyranny.

And you could say... well... that's just another boogeyman. Even bigger than AI. And I would respond... well, you're not supposed to know that. You're supposed to be preoccupied (in between bouts of wage slavery fueled by junk food and Netflix binges) by the lesser boogeymen as outlined above. Please stay within your lane!

And as with all hype cycles (and spinning plate circus performances) the oldest, grubbiest boogeymen are simply given a spit and polish and wheeled out again for the umpteenth time to keep the cycle going and bamboozle the general public (and much of the so-called intelligentsia) over and over again until the Elite Master Farmers notice that a sizeable number of the audience have lost interest, are looking for the circus tent exit, or are simply so drained from the fear response they can't even react anymore to the constant stimuli.

The latest round of this hype cycle has everyone chasing the latest version of ChatGPT (Large Language Models) which admittedly warrants at least a smidgen of attention as people lose their minds all over again.

Remember... we've just gone through some of the worst "plate spinning" the world has ever had to endure — the scamdemic, quickly followed by the Ukraine situation, Monkey Pox, Climate Change (again), energy crisis, debt ceiling crisis, the US border invasion, pipelines magically blowing up, BRICS ganging up on the US, banks visibly beginning to fail (again), promises of more scamdemics and on and on it goes, never letting up.

And the "experts," both old and new, surface (yet again) to DEMAND that something be done to curtail the potential disruption leading to mass unemployment and eventually (any minute now, always just around the corner) computer algos waking up and taking over the world with their online bot armies as depicted in all the carefully written and previously placed propaganda in untold number of sci-fi novels, movies, games and TV shows (for your pleasure, of course).

Here's one prominent example that should keep professional drivers up at night (other than the Adderall habit) — the always about to break the mold self-driving vehicle threat, always imminent, always lurking, perpetually ready to take over an entire industry that happens to employ millions of working age men (and women but they're still a minority in this field and the men usually struggle to find alternative employment).

Opinions on when these radical changes may actually occur vary from near term sudden adoption to a long wait to iron out all the kinks. What appears to be clear is that the tech elite and pretty much every industry on Earth is in cahoots to eliminate as much of the existing workforce as possible before 2030 in more ways than one!


Automation has always been my preferred, goto, all-encompassing buzzword that explains much of the tech-induced activity we see in the marketplace. The need for businesses to automate many of their processes stems from the need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing economic environment.

Joe upgrades his plate spinning machinery and keeps hundreds of plates spinning effortlessly. Customer satisfaction increases and Joe makes more profit. Bill sees Joe's success and knows that he must also upgrade to the latest tools to stay in the game. If he doesn't, that's the end of Bill's business. He would simply fall behind. End of story.

The ability to automate all kinds of information technology processes, with ChatGPT representing only the beginning of this wave, is being sold as yet another way that new types of employment — that never existed before — will materialize to save the day just as millions of aging workers are kicked out of their "old world" jobs.

It's a tough sell. And I have to wonder where exactly we're going with all of this "progress." I am personally already repulsed by the overly aggressive and pervasive use of tech solutions for every little thing in our lives. It's already too much.

I generally believe this backlash will continue as more and more people start to realize that this tech system that is being erected around all of us is a prison. A prison for our minds, and our bodies. A panopticon as devised by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century.

The concept is to allow all prisoners of an institution to be observed by a single security guard, without the inmates knowing whether they are being watched.

The single security guard is the global AI grid that is being set up to play the role of the all-knowing, all seeing policeman. It doesn't even need to work as described. All that has to happen is for prominent "experts" to crawl out of the woodwork (as they always do on cue) and create a big hoohaa about the latest, greatest threat to our existence. And, of course, the only remedy that is offered up just happens to be... more surveillance!

Existential risk from artificial general intelligence is the hypothesis that substantial progress in artificial general intelligence (AGI) could result in human extinction or some other unrecoverable global catastrophe.

So whichever path we go down, whatever plate the Elite Master Farmers choose to spin next, we always end up in the same place. It's as if the destination was preordained and, of course, it was. The goal has always been global domination. And the Elite Master Farmers will continue to masterfully spin their plates, mesmerizing and rewarding the general population with upgrades and trinkets and medals and awards and a pay rise and a bigger house and a fancier car and a better personal snitch device, I mean a smartphone until their whole lives have been traded in for this facsimile, this outrageous lie, this abomination, this man-made disaster.

I'll continue this train of thought in the following articles. Most people have a knee jerk reaction to incoming tech changes whether it be increased automation solutions such as these...

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in vendor-independent vehicle automation systems. From our headquarters and 100 acre proving ground in Northern Utah, we serve clients in the mining, agriculture, automotive, government, and manufacturing industries with remote control, teleoperation, and fully automated solutions.

or Meta's practically enforced virtual reality lifestyle or the very confusing crypto and decentralized finance space.

I'll look at technodeterminism — does our technology shape us and direct where we go next?

Or are more people choosing to "drop out" (at least to some extent) and possibly, in the near future, be forced to exit the technological playground consisting of utopian Smart City compounds due to "bad behavior" and low social credit scores?

Will enough of humanity wake up sufficiently and in time to put the brakes on the global transhumanist transitioning project or are we already doomed to evolve into something beyond human?

The above-mentioned boogeymen were developed to motivate the human herd into accepting a "benevolent" dictatorship, a global order that knows what's best for every individual, every community, every machine that serves the parasitic masters of this world.

Maybe, just maybe, with a little effort, we can turn this around. Didn't someone once say that the meek would inherit the Earth? Wouldn't we classify as meek if we rejected all the WHO's and WEF's attempts to enslave us and went our own way developing our own independent, decentralized technologies that truly serve us in our mission to live satisfying lives in rural communities away from the increasingly insane city sprawl that the globalists would love to dump us in and throw away the key?

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