The Globalists Want Everyone On Their Knees Begging For The New World Order

The Globalists Want Everyone On Their Knees Begging For The New World Order
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War is a racket folks!

And so is Big Pharma!

We appear to be ramping up for the next Big Skirmish and the next Big Outbreak simultaneously.

And why not since it worked so beautifully last time during the first world war and Spanish Flu combo. It's as if the Globalists have been waiting for the perfect moment after rather limp interim attempts during the height of HIV/AIDS, the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of the middle east by the Anglo-American empire war-machine on steroids (literally) working for the shady global banking cartel.

But what are these operations really about?

Are we truly facing mass depopulation because the Elite Master Farmers see the population/resources equation (they have all the data) and have chosen to deploy the final solution on our asses in some kind of benevolent caretaker role?

Or are they simply following their internal programming based on emergent biological Darwinian processes along the lines of "survival of the fittest" (in their minds) by any means necessary and natural selection and evolutionary pressures and some kind of utility function based on their own ideological preferences.

As a topic of economics, utility is used to model worth or value. Its usage has evolved significantly over time. The term was introduced initially as a measure of pleasure or happiness as part of the theory of utilitarianism by moral philosophers such as Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. The term has been adapted and reapplied within neoclassical economics, which dominates modern economic theory, as a utility function that represents a single consumer's preference ordering over a choice set but is not comparable across consumers. This concept of utility is personal and based on choice rather than on pleasure received, and so is specified more rigorously than the original concept but makes it less useful (and controversial) for ethical decisions.
Preference, as human's specific likes and dislikes, is used primarily when individuals make choices or decisions among different alternatives. Individual preferences are influenced by various factors such as geographical location, gender, cultures and education. The ranking of utility indicates individuals’ preferences.
It was recognized that utility could not be measured or observed directly, so instead economists devised a way to infer relative utilities from observed choice. These 'revealed preferences', as termed by Paul Samuelson, were revealed e.g. in people's willingness to pay.

So the Elite Master Farmers could simply be indulging their desire to be top dog on this planet — winner takes all.

It's a high stakes game but someone was always going to play it. And the Elite Master Farmers obviously possess the "minerals" (in more ways than one).

It's as if they were born to play the role of global hegemon. Ruthlessness can come naturally but has obviously been handed down through generations to the current "families" ruling our world from the shadows.

Ruthlessness is a "talent" that most everyone else lacks and that's why we "lose." That's why the rest of us are subordinate to the ruling elite, falling into line, obeying every order at the slightest application of pressure.

When the time comes the vast majority of people will accept a CBDC, a digital ID and any other measure that make things easier, safer, more convenient (as advertised by the propagandists) and a small minority will think they are achieving something by resisting.

The minority group has predictably grown after experiencing the heavy handed measures dished out by governments worldwide but I'm fairly confident that the majority will do as they're told again if ordered to do so, if their lives depend on it, however artificial the signal.

It's kind of the natural order of things and was always meant to be. This is the way the self-organizing system operates and well... organizes itself, much like a bee colony or an ant farm organizes around a monarch with its soldiers, civil guard and worker drones.

Most people are the worker drones and they exist to extract utility from the surrounding environment at the behest of the Elite Master Farmers. The vast majority of wealth rises to the top of this pyramidal structure until the Ponzi begins to fail and crumbles from the bottom up.

The Elite Master Farmers move their operation gradually over time then all at once to virgin territory (East Asia) and crank up the Ponzi yet again as they have done for millennia.

Stratfor predicted as much more than ten years ago and the outlook until 2025 appears to be more or less correct.

The Deagel Report that terrorized many a conspiracy theorist into believing that the populations of western nations would be decimated in the coming years was scrubbed from their site.

The usual boogeymen were flagged as potential vectors — global economic collapse, bioweapons release, viral pandemics, world war 3, cyberattacks and famine.

By now, at least some people see mass vaccination campaigns as a far deadlier vector than any of the above, but the general public haven't cottoned on so in their warped minds the above list of boogeymen continues to present a greater risk than Anthony Fauci's little prick.

So there you have it... whichever way you choose to view the panorama — directed evolution guided by greed or natural phenomena mirroring what we observe in nature — it makes little difference to the outcome.

And the shift from a unipolar world order to the much vaunted multipolar world order doesn't really change our underlying situation much at all in my honest opinion. All nations and all people's of the world are going to be facing the same critical issues whether the focus is on material survival or spiritual realization. We are all going to be impacted by the emergent problems to do with energy, food, medicine, water and other supply chains that will struggle to relocate and reorganize as chaos ensues.

Most people will NOT stop to question their role in the unfolding events even though as a species we have the unique ability to do exactly that.

Some of us will try to change the course of events because that's our nature and we probably find ourselves in that position due to blind probabilistic luck.

We're being told by alternative media pundits that we are indeed "winning."

I'm not sure what that even means anymore.

Did we win the Covid war?

I think not.

I believe we took heavy losses. And we're not even half way out of that pysop before they start the next one with a side dish of nuclear Armageddon.

Whatever sells ringside tickets I guess.

Whatever people are programmed to do there's not much that can change that. Their programmed response is what you're going to see again and again no matter what the fabricated threat happens to be. The default position will always be a knee jerk reaction to the state propaganda as long as the state propaganda is sufficiently well designed and delivered through the usual mind control outlets.

Only a small percentage of the sleepers have come over to our side so prepare for disappointment when the Elite Master Farmers roll out the next Big Event that captures everyone's attention.

Bill Gates promised another bigger, better, scarier pandemic and the end-times obsessed alternative media and prepper salesmen salivate at the prospect of nuclear war and EMP attacks on civilian infrastructure.

It makes little difference how you view the situation at this point. Most people can't or won't change their perspective on things or their personal situation in life. Either people are locked into "earning a living" in some way, until their source of income dries up or they are comfortably wealthy and therefore not interested in rocking the boat.

Toby Rogers on Substack gets into the deeper aspects of why the elite and their army of minions act in the way they do...

I would suggest that it's not just the elite that are completely off their rockers but the general public too are also delusional, becoming more psychopathic and sociopathic as time goes by with many reaching a point of no return.

I repeat. Most humans at this stage are beyond help. They learned absolutely nothing through the Covid trial by fire and continue to believe that everyone acted in their best faith and that some mistakes were made but that's all.

The minute the alarms are sounded again the majority will go along to get along much as they did last time. They may not be quite as slavish, they may bitch and whine a bit more, but obey orders they will because the alternative to state worship is always far scarier in their heavily indoctrinated minds.

And of course, the book smart academics and intellectuals will be leading the charge just as before. Some things never change. These rules are set in stone. It would take Thor's mighty hammer to break the chains that bind human minds.

What did you think? That we'd all sit around singing Kumbaya and playing patticakes round the fire?

That's not going to happen. Many countries will have to go through the process of "reorganization" for want of a better term. Instead of actual depopulation strategies taking center stage what we see is yet another attempt to distract and redirect energy towards a preplanned solution.

The minute the Globalists sound the alarm on the next plandemic — Marburg, airborne Ebola, Bird Flu — that are already being advertised as a hundred times worse than Covid — the NPCs will beg for help all over again and run to "daddy" for the next great global jabbing frenzy like starving pigs to a machete wielding farmer.

Of course, if the pigs had any sense, they would eat the farmer, but that's not going to happen, just as it didn't happen the last time or the time before that.

Just look at this headline...

What are Marburg's symptoms? Can it spread as quickly as Covid? And how close are we to getting a vaccine? All you need to know about one of world's deadliest viruses that's now spreading in Africa

And how about this one...

Race against time for a vaccine for Marburg virus: Fears over stealthy disease that masquerades as a cold for days then suddenly causes organ failure and bleeding from multiple orifices - as outbreak in Africa spreads

The Daily Mail doing its best to scare the bejeezus out of their readers!

I think I prefer the second headline. It plays with the usual "masquerades as a cold" narrative that immediately puts half the population in a fear state since most of them experience what we call colds on a regular basis.

"Could it be that I have Marburg this time?" they murmur to themselves just as they did with Covid.

The potential for "organ failure and bleeding from multiple orifices" after a bout of the sniffles is certain to put the punters on edge.

Sounds like poisoning to me but what do I know, I'm not an "expert" handsomely paid by the Big Pharma cartel to push fear on the global population. That's the job of the mainstream media lackeys.

Michael Crichton would be proud though. Couldn't the scary bug at least come from outer space as it did in The Andomeda Strain?

A team from an Air Force base is deployed to recover a military satellite that has returned to Earth, but contact is lost abruptly. Aerial surveillance reveals that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona, the town closest to where the satellite landed, is apparently dead. The duty officer of the base tasked with retrieving the satellite suspects it returned with an extraterrestrial contaminant and recommends activating "Wildfire", a protocol for a government-sponsored team of scientists intended to contain threats of this nature.

If you could secure a behind the scenes off-mike interview with a Globalist cartel head honcho they would probably reason with you in the following manner...

"Listen up peasant, we're just doing business here and sometimes you folks get in the way. A little collateral damage makes the world go around otherwise the cogs would seize up and our strip mining operation here would come to a close. And we wouldn't want that to happen would we? You see... you're just as dependent on us and our ruthless, psychopathic, parasitic nature as we are on you. It's a symbiotic relationship after all."

Then the head honcho would lick his eyeball with his inhumanly long tongue or something like that but lets leave that particular rabbit hole for another time shall we. For now, I think it's important to understand that we're dealing with strangeness and it's not likely to go away any time soon.

That's just the way I see it right now.

There exists too much baggage, too much unstoppable runaway train inertia in the system for many a normie to snap out of their zombie NPC trance. And unfortunately, the hivemind is what shapes the reality that we all share much to the chagrin of the "awakened."

Maybe that's why certain characters in The Matrix want to be plugged back in once they realize how bad the real world actually is.

Maybe that's why nostalgia is such a huge industry.

The "real world" ends up making you yearn for anything but this, anywhere but here.

Escapism in all its forms is on the rise — endless streaming of all types, on demand video games, read as much as you can on Amazon Unlimited, old drugs, new drugs, anything that gets you high, old religions, new religions, fancy cars and vacations, a makeover, toy collecting, social media, smartphone addiction.

Anything. Anything that dulls the connection. Anything that blocks the direct, untainted, untamed experience of life itself in the present moment. Not incessantly dreaming about the past or biting our fingernails about the future.

Maybe wild animals really do have it better than us.

The human species claims to have risen above all that "fight for survival" nastiness, but in reality we've been domesticated with yokes placed around our necks so that we continue to turn the cogs on the machine that is under construction all around us. Amazing what a little comfort, Prozac and GMO grain is able to achieve as we slide into madness or obsolescence, whichever comes first.

So where's the obligatory ray of sunshine at the end of the post, you know, to lift spirits and all that?

Umm... I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave that up to you. I'm all out of hopium for today.

If you have any bright ideas on how humanity survives this evolutionary process, transitional period, rearranging of chairs on the Titanic then please let me know in the comments. There's no prize for the best attempt at hopium. The author simply gets to feel all chuffed about themselves. Maybe I can patent a device that pats yourself on the back... hmm... maybe there's hope after all.

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