Dear God! Are We Really No Better Than Animals?

Dear God! Are We Really No Better Than Animals?
Photo by Duncan McNab / Unsplash

The human experience is an expression of Nature's intelligence. And the underlying software that runs every aspect of our industrial civilization is the same program that runs an ant colony, a beehive, the entire Amazon rainforest, a fungal overgrowth on your toe nail, or an embarrassment of pandas.

Photo by yongzheng xu / Unsplash

Yes... that's what a group of pandas is known as.

Maybe it's time humans were lumped into the same category because, as far as successful species go, we are undeniably becoming a bit of an embarrassment. It's just that most people are too ashamed to say it out loud. Thankfully, I lost any sense of shame and practically all respect for my own species after the Covid spectacle let rip. Never has an event in our history exposed so clearly that most people are simply automatons, biological robots, obeying commands in one giant game of Simon Says!

That said, from a big picture perspective, everything that's happening to our species, everything from resource wars, religious conflicts, the rise and fall of empires and the unfettered caterpillar-like consumption of material goods and digital media to the mass psychosis of a whole generation acting as the backdrop and launchpad for some kind of revelation, a lifting of the veil, a tsunami of truth, a great awakening may all be part of a sophisticated development plan that takes us to the next level.

That's an optimistic view. And I'm sticking with it. The alternative (from our perspective) is too depressing to even contemplate. At every stage in our long history of development, we have endured trials and tribulations, hopeful periods of enlightenment, and troubling times of pure survival horror. We're still here. We haven't gone extinct... yet. That means we're fairly good at this game. We didn't throw in the towel at the first challenge. We figured things out and overcame obstacles which brought new challenges that also seemed insurmountable. But we overcame those too. And here we are in the present day facing yet another turning point. Some call this The Fourth Turning.

Unlike the last three turnings, the emerging lineup of generational archetypes is likely to push history forward in a sudden, concerted, and decisive direction.

Viewed from above, the whole of humanity acts like a living, breathing organism going through the process of metamorphosis. What comes out the other end is anyone's guess. In the meantime, we need to level up. We never know when we're going to meet the final boss!

The Lifting Of The Veil

Mirroring the mind blowing trippiness of cascading fractal patterns that we witness embedded at all levels of existence, the program that runs life on Earth repeats and rhymes. It's no surprise then that all life on this planet is intricately connected and shares its genetic roots. Forget chimpanzees and gorillas, we're told by the ones who study these things, that we're only a few base pairs away from being fruit flies! And looking around in the present day, it's not difficult to imagine that many of our kin are simply vegetables that learned to walk and make funny noises at each other. Could it be that we've been invaded by Triffids? Or Body Snatchers?

For anyone who cares to lift their gaze from their smartphone for a few seconds and take in our world from an elevated perspective, as if riding on the wings of a giant eagle, the picture that comes into view – once the fog has cleared – is one of utter destruction, savagery, wastefulness, inefficiency, drug-fueled insanity, mass death (and mass birth otherwise we couldn't have the mass death, duh!), pollution, landfills, religion-fueled insanity, more landfills, mass unnecessary animal deaths at our hands, billions of tons of make-up to trick males into mating with females, billions of tons of chocolate and coffee to elevate the moods of otherwise miserable wage-slaves, and now... billions of dupes that religiously line up to be probed with PCR test swabs by other dupes in hazmat suits and then injected with a witches brew, a cocktail of potentially deadly toxins not once, but multiple times until the head dupe says Ahhh fuck it! Just jab them every day to be sure.

I can assure you we have reached peak imbecile. It can't get much worse than this. The whole of Shanghai and other Chinese cities are in full indefinite lockdown after two years of enduring chronic mask-wearing, testing and jabbing. It would be very easy to blame everything happening to these people on the tyrants that run things in socialist China, but it's become very clear to me that the blame for everything unfolding in the world today lays squarely on the shoulders of the citizens themselves.

To witness the total submission and long term compliance of an entire population in real time complete with enforced starvation and generalized psychosis leading to mass suicides is to understand where the human race went wrong. The abdication of all responsibility and the outsourcing of morality to what amounts to a parasitic infection of sorts was humanity's greatest mistake. Granted, the power-hungry parasite used deception, mind control, hypnosis, temptation, and coercion to get its way, but there's no excuse. Humanity should never have let its guard down. That part is on us. And the Chinese are learning that lesson the hard way after having endured the ways of the parasite for the last hundred years.

The real question is why do the Chinese hate themselves so much? Why do they allow themselves to be treated like animals or worse? Why do people in general not rebel at the slightest whiff of tyranny before things get as bad as they are now?

Are we really as gullible as frogs slowly boiling in a pot?

Back To The Bird's Eye View

Whenever I find myself getting stuck in the weeds I raise my consciousness back to a universal perspective. Once you accept that God is everything, everything else falls into place. The universal software program that permeates all of God's realm is ceaselessly running growth and collapse subroutines without even breaking a sweat. No planners. No architects. No engineers. No middle-management. No effort. Just silent, eternal, magical, mysterious mastery over creation.

It's no wonder that human scientists and engineers try to replicate or borrow from the majesty of the natural world around them. It's also not much of a surprise when these artificial attempts fail to achieve similar levels of beauty, efficiency, balance, and long-term effectiveness when compared to their natural counterparts. Our best efforts tend to compliment that which already exists. Temples carved out of stone. The use of noble materials in general. Proper orientation of buildings so as not to conflict with the Earth's electromagnetic fields. Natural medicine. Moderation and balance in all things.

We all know what happens when we go against the grain. And it's not like God doesn't guide these people, but they can't help themselves. Some people are so lost. They are far removed from the guidance. They create modern art and think it's "beautiful." They build the ugliest buildings and think that people will find them "practical." They teach children things that shouldn't be taught to children and think that no one will notice that they are under the spell of Satanism – another parasitic program that takes hold when defenses are low.

Just look at the many ways in which nature does everything we do without all the pollution and inefficiency and bragging about how amazing we are...

  • Squirrels squirrel away abundance of food in preparation for the winter months.
  • Bears take a big, long nap without having ever read any books on prepping!
  • Butterflies cross the Atlantic ocean without knowing what GPS is.
  • Whales sing songs to potential mates across vast distances without fiber optic cables.
  • Dolphins and bats use ultrasound to map environments without ever having taken physics.
  • Termites build incredible air-conditioned towers from the materials at hand.
  • Hummingbirds and even flies have better flight capabilities than our most sophisticated aircraft and they run on sugar.
  • Spiders create materials with a tensile strength superior to our nearest equivalent. And they lay traps better than our best special forces operatives.
  • Octopus and chameleons are masters at blending in with the background – otherwise known as camouflage – in the blink of an eye.
  • Magpies chase shiny objects because... just because.

So what do we do?

We copy all that. On a much larger scale using enormous amounts of resources that require enormous amounts of energy, work and time to dig up and transport to all parts of the world.

We manufacture all manner of consumer goods to feed our implanted consumer habits and turn all those mediocre products into landfill. There's a brief period in between where we get to use the products or simply look at them and brag about them until the day comes to throw them away, replace them, and upgrade them to keep up with the Joneses. And this in-between period gets shorter and shorter all the time.

From a big picture perspective we are simply biological machines that use energy to transform buried minerals into waste products that end up in landfills. We went from a low impact, competitive, ape colony-like survival structure to an advanced swarm insect-like invasive model to what looks like a fungal overgrowth in the present day in less than a few hundred years.

From a human perspective, we're on the up and up – unstoppable agents of progress, branching out in every way possible, exploring all potential avenues that benefit the hyperorganism that we've become.

Many criticize the path that we are on, but others see it as a natural, messy process that will lead to greater things.

From the perspective of every other organism on the planet though, they would have preferred us to stay at the hunter-gatherer stage in our development.


The gurus tell us to drop our attachment to physical possessions (maybe cause they want them for themselves!) but our innate ability to grow excessively fond of the material world that surrounds us has a deeper root that is all about survival.

Much like most of our other seemingly irrational behaviors attachment in all its many forms plays a huge role in giving our lives meaning. That meaning may serve a purpose. Or it may not. It all depends on your perspective.

Neuroscientists believe that attachment is such a primal need that there are networks of neurons in the brain dedicated to setting it in motion in the first place and a hormone—oxytocin—that fosters the process.

At the level of an individual life, meaningful achievements and experiences make us feel good and potentially help in the passing on of knowledge and our genetics to future generations. On a much larger scale, all these micro-achievements may simply form part of some impending and inevitable extinction event.

So while we're all a little bit attached to this experience we call life and dedicate much of our lives to analyzing all the elements of our existence in excruciating detail, it's worth remembering that this gig ain't gonna last forever!

Beyond the natural impulse to form relationships and the pain attached to losing those close to you, humans also hate the idea of losing all their accumulated stuff. Our stories are all about winning and losing these battles and overcoming the obstacles blocking our path to success, but inevitably we all have to let go of the material world in the end. The satisfaction then lies in leaving things neatly wrapped up for the generations that follow in our footsteps. And even though things rarely go according to plan, we do our best to leave the world in a better state than we found it because someone also did the same for us.

The problem now is that younger generations are complaining about what their parents and grandparents did to get us this far. There's too many people! Too much industrialization! Too much pollution! Your carbon footprint is off the charts! You eat too much meat! You are not accepting enough of modern progressive values!

Sheesh! These young'uns don't even know what gender they are or which pronouns to use and they want to lecture us on where we went wrong! They have obviously been infected with a mind parasite that is hellbent on destroying any value the human race had. And in my opinion... the parasite has reached peak insanity and is about to burn itself out. The rest of humanity will simply pick up where we left off.

On a big picture level, our rabid consumerism and other supposedly ugly aspects of the human condition are paving the way for technological leaps and bounds that no one could have imagined in our pre-industrial past.

Extinction Bites Man!

We may be a little bit more adaptable and a fair bit more capable than most other animal species, but judging by the data, the extinction monster awaits every species, however successful.

  • 99% of species that roamed the Earth (and probably thought they were immortal) have become extinct.
  • 178 of the worlds largest species went extinct due to over-hunting by... well, us.
  • Extinction of the remaining species is not slowing down. If anything, it's speeding up.

Instead of getting all gloomy about potential collapse scenarios in the here and now, maybe we should be more accepting of the ephemeral nature of our passage through this realm and learn to appreciate the grandeur and majesty of God's eternal presence of which we are but a tiny part.

Collapse junkies will tell you that resource depletion and rising costs always end up taking us to war. It's all part of the natural cycle of life. Endless growth in a finite world is unsustainable, they say. And they're mostly right, of course, up to a point.

What these collapse gurus don't like to talk about is solutions or potential breakthroughs that would totally ruin their "fun" and make them look very silly after decades of whining about peak oil, limits to growth, peak everything else, and the end of life as we know it.

That simply won't do.

How on Earth is a Messiah supposed to get the message that he must return to save us if we are not collectively pushing doom and gloom 24/7?

Apart from the well-established cult mythologies that have occupied the minds of most human beings on the planet for millennia, all manner of secular demigods and technological saviors are preparing to lead the masses into some kind of New Age after an intentionally tough transformational period of atonement.

Elon Musk is the front man for this supposed technological revolution that will nudge the survivors of the transitional period into the waiting embrace of the Promised Land, the Land of Milk and Honey and Neuralink brain implants.

So yes... there is a seemingly dark side to all of this technological development, but it doesn't have to be that way. Under proper guidance, we can bring a healthy dose of balance back to the force.

From Artificial Scarcity to Infinite Abundance

In my travels online, I've come across the whole gamut of professional prognosticators. I generally like most of them and appreciate their points of view on topics relating to our near and long term future. But they can't all be right!

I'm not even going to name the gloom and doomers anymore. I can find no rational reason in supporting their utterly nihilistic, pessimistic view when, historically speaking, something has always come along to help us overcome stagnation and save us from a downward spiral towards permanent structural collapse. What these people never address is that there exist many ways to rearrange the chairs in the game that we're playing.

I have never been on board with the concepts of artificial scarcity and planned obsolescence. They are just money-making scams. Addressing these types of embedded assumptions that plague our global growth economy will lead to new paradigms in the medical, transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. And instead of depending on a heavy-handed, top-down approach, this explosive transformation is bubbling up from an unsatisfied, fatigued general public that yearns for less clutter, confusion and expense in their overly saturated modern lives. Dare I say... a spiritual revolution is underway? Are people finding God again?

In the radical optimism camp we have individuals such as Peter Diamandis who writes about future scenarios full of abundance and Brian Wang of Next Big Future who also promotes the idea that innovation and technological solutions will continue to drive progress throughout the 21st century.

Such forward thinking futurists accept that recessions and even depressions can and will stall progress in the near term but are able to see beyond the potential pitfalls in the road ahead. Their optimism tells them that things will work themselves out and that problems – no matter how difficult – can always be solved. Obviously, this is a much healthier attitude to pursue in life than that of the eternal pessimist.

Forward looking individuals such as Peter and Brian believe that our planet can support far more people than it currently does, that most of our health problems will be solved in one way or another, that asteroid mining and other out there ideas will be a thing sooner rather than later and that our values will adjust to suit radically different lifestyles going forward.

Others may argue that these "dreamers" are hopelessly deluded and tend to ignore the huge problems that we face concerning energy, the economy, critical infrastructure, population growth, climate change, the increasing complexity and vulnerability of industrial civilization, and an endless list of other issues to do with human nature that appear to be impossible to overcome. And while I agree with many aspects of the rational arguments that are put forward by naysayers, I also believe that these problems are not insurmountable. In fact, many of these issues will be sidestepped and left behind as if they had never existed because we will move on and do things differently mostly out of necessity.

Why Do We Fight Among Ourselves?

More and more biologists hold the view that nature is a co-operative/symbiotic endeavor more than one based on the overt displays of conflict that we've been fed through the TV shows over the years.

Sure, there are territorial disputes and headbutting to see who gets to mate. We're no different to most animal species in this regard. But where we appear to excel is in the mass slaughter of our own species. And racial and religious boundaries are not always a factor either. Caucasians, Asians, and Africans have all suffered mass death events at the hands of their neighbors when extreme violence rears its ugly head.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of a few other species that attack others of their own kind or similar in such a murderous way...

Ants, bees and chimpanzees!

Other animals like cats, walruses, birds, antelope, and lizards settle disputes with a violent but usually quick skirmish. They get to lick their wounds and live to fight another day. Not so when species with numerous populations choose to go to war. From our own experience, we know that this doesn't really affect overall population growth so serves no purpose as a system balancing measure. In the human world, there's no need for war at all. So why does it still happen?

"War is a Racket" said Smedley Butler.

It's also a ritual sacrifice of sorts and totally avoidable in the human experience if international banksters refrained from creating the conditions that lead to conflict and then funding both sides as they profit from all the death and destruction through lucrative weapons deals and rebuilding contracts.

So where do we go from here?

Here are some potential future scenarios ranging from the most undesirable, godawful outcome to a more or less desirable, generally positive one. Keep in mind that you can't please everyone!

  1. Total collapse of industrial civilization. Ooops! The optimists were wrong about everything. The fixable was not fixable after all. No saviors or aliens stepped in to save the day. Thanks for playing the game of life. Better luck next time.
  2. Biometric digital ID CBDC total lockdown of all activity on Earth (at least in all major cities) for our own good. Enslavement of the herd all watched over by The One Machine – a global AI network that knows everything about you and can predict what you're going to do next. Dystopia here we come. Or maybe we're already there by the look of things?
  3. We go through a period of upheaval, but also a great awakening that allows for equitable expansion of energy, technology and rational commerce under a hybrid centralized/decentralized system that carves a path forward for humanity for many centuries to come.

From a big picture perspective, it looks like the rebels among us are fighting against a process of evolution – the uplifting of humanity to some imagined higher state through the application of transhuman technologies. I see rebellion as a balancing of the ship we sail on lest it tip too far to one side or another. If we all move in the wrong direction at the same time then we all drown. Us rebellious types provide a safety backup service just in case. We are the unbearable control group and boy do we need bucketloads of patience and more layers of thick skin than a rhinoceros wearing riot armor.

So while people are applauding the take over of Twitter by Elon Musk, they also have reservations about his open promotion of transhumanist tech. On the one hand Elon (or Elon's insatiable ego) desperately wants to play the role of savior of humanity and on the other he's actively bringing forth the kind of dystopian vision that many of us firmly reject.

You can't have it both ways Mr Musk.

We have already lost most of our individual decision-making capability and that process is accelerating towards a total lack of free will as explained by Yuval Noah Harari, a Klaus Schwab WEF mouthpiece.

Harari's job, it seems, is to espouse the transhumanist mantra that the human race will become extinct through a process of evolutionary transformation. The assumption among these types is that the resulting cyborg organism would easily dominate the stragglers who choose to opt out of the "uplift" process. Of course, they never mention that the process is not instant – it takes time – and therefore the "stragglers" have plenty of opportunity (once they understand what's really happening) to scupper the operation before it takes hold.

Harari and Musk are the new kids on the block promoting this radical leap into the unknown for all of mankind as if we have no say in the matter. Zuckerberg is there too. The google guys were also at one point with their failed attempts to make everyone wear AR glasses. But the champion transhumanist that really got things going many years ago was Ray Kurzweil endlessly regurgitating the same speech about how we would all be "chipped" with nanotech infusions until at some point we simply wouldn't be human anymore.

What I can say about all of these people is that, despite the obvious connections with elite power groups and their shared history with a certain tribe, they are all of the secular variety and therefore... Godless people.

At this point, I simply don't trust characters on the world stage that deny the existence of God. It's a simple logical equation. Nothing complex. Something can not arise from a state of nothing. Something exists. Therefore, a state of nothing has never existed. The thing that is always there underlying all activity... we call that God.

A leap of faith is not required. Overt religious belief in "holy" books is not required. Just a bit of thought and the acceptance of the logical conclusion. These prominent atheists aggressively pushing a transhumanist future are certainly not stupid. Or maybe they are. Maybe they have a blind spot of sorts, a form of autism that renders them incapable of such insight.

They live on the surface of life and chronically believe that they have to tamper with it, to remake it in their own image. Or maybe they are covert satanists and are doing the bidding of their cult, anything to denigrate the existing natural order and replace, mutilate, and even destroy it so that they can be as gods themselves.

If individuals voluntarily line up to be experimented on by the likes of Musk, Gates, Schwab, Fauci, no one needs to get in their way. They are free to do as they choose with their own bodies. But the rest of us also have the right to choose not to be involved with those experiments. We don't want to be "uplifted." We are quite happy to live out our lives as purebloods.

It's getting more and more difficult to stand for what you believe in and I think it's going to get worse in the coming years. The pressure is mounting. The forces of evil are throwing everything they have at the herd in an attempt to make people break ranks and join the other side. Fear, coercion, and illusions of safety and protection are all used to make the weak-minded submit to evermore tyrannical control over everything in our lives. It's going to be a challenge to keep fighting the good fight. Burnout and pessimism are real and they can lead to people giving up and giving in to the heavy-handed measures being rolled out by the powers that be all according to plan. We must find the strength to stand our ground to the very end. It's really all we can do at this stage.

The Elite Master Farmers see us as animals and treat us like animals because we allow ourselves to be treated like animals. If we want to stop being treated like animals by these so-called elites (really they are just criminal psychopathic con-men) then we must stop consenting to all the abuse.

Animals don't have that choice. We do.

It's as simple as that.

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