Uniforms And Uniformity - Why Individuals Are The Enemy Of The State

Uniforms And Uniformity - Why Individuals Are The Enemy Of The State
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We've been through a lot over the last two years. And we're not out of the woods yet. The world has changed. A veil has been lifted. And people have shown their true colors. But one thing that has remained constant during the Covid era is the power of uniforms and uniformity over the masses.

Ever since a shaman dressed up in feathers and shook a stick, fancy dress has been used as a hypnotic tool to control the minds and behavior of other people. Other members of a tribe could be trained to kneel, bow, obey, follow orders, and even worship at the feet of the 'special person'. Usually a self-appointed high priest or priestess, a tribal leader, to be followed later by kings and queens, emperors, popes, judges, politicians, presidents, and prime ministers.

All of them use fancy dress to pull rank, to show others that they are important. The higher ups routinely perform ritual displays of wealth, military power, and territorial dominance to remind everyone else that they, and they alone, belong to the elite class. Kings and queens wear crowns. The pope wears a big hat and carries a stick. Judges wear wigs and black robes. It's all very silly really. But it works.

When religious people see a priest with a dog collar they know who it is they have to give money to so their wishes can come true.

When sick people see medical staff with a white lab coat their trust level goes up because the doctor appears to understand science even though they usually don't.

When a presumed lawbreaker goes before a judge that sits up on high in all their regalia they are made to feel small, powerless and guilty before the court proceedings even begin.

When civilians encounter police or military personnel they are made to feel inferior to their uniformed brothers and sisters.

Even the regular 'suits' benefit from being 'dressed up.' Politicians, bankers, federal agents, newsreaders, and anyone in sales, suit up to give the impression of trustworthiness. And other people fall for it.

At the end of the day, the power wielded by people at the top of the pyramid could not sustain itself with dominance rituals alone. It is vital that all the lower ranks and minions play along too. The invention of uniforms for all the 'muscle' was a master stroke. The mere sight of gangs of men all wearing the same outfit, moving in unison, displaying the same badges or colors, beating drums, playing bagpipes, is enough to make anyone turn and run the other way.

Today, the sound of a siren and flashing lights put you on high alert. Then a few patrol cars pull up and a gang of men in fancy dress pour out and surround you, intimidating you, asking you for your papers please.

Why? Because you dared to venture out into the neighborhood without a slave muzzle. If you try to explain why you don't need to wear a slave muzzle to the security enforcers you will be treated like a domestic terrorist, thrown to the ground, cuffed, and cited for disobedience.

On that note, lets stop pretending face diapers are anything other than a very effective way to measure obedience. Quite simply, these symbols of societal insanity have become the most widely used uniform in history, uniformity being the goal of the technocrats.

Uniforms make people feel more powerful. Everyone knows this. Even people in suits feel they can tell others what to do. Just being better dressed or groomed than someone else is enough of an excuse to pull rank.

Bank employees run around like they own the place. They don't. And they're open to the public so they must respect individual human rights inside the establishment that they happen to work in. They have no right to impose medical devices on their customers or to ascertain their medical status.

Air travel employees also wear uniforms and feel they have the right to talk down to customers because they are trapped on a plane with them. The way customers have been treated during the Covid era is enough to demand that all airline staff be fired. Again, they have absolutely no right whatsoever to impose medical devices on their customers as a requirement to travel on flying buses.

The same goes for other forms of public transportation, public places, privately owned businesses open to the public, all government buildings, parks, streets, and open air venues. The same rules apply. The citizens decide what medical devices they choose to use. No one else can decide for them. That's the law.

Only private clubs can make such demands of their clientele. And we all know what goes on in those. Maybe that's where the mask-wearing fetish came from?

The Wizardry Of Mass Mind Control

To dominate the masses, you only need one superpower: the ability to cast spells. Today, we call this psychology, propaganda, hypnosis, and mind control. We can track the evolution of this skillset throughout the ages, all the way from the Shaman shaking his stick and throwing bones in the local village to the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates selling their brainchips and gene therapy drugs to the whole world.

Much of what has happened during the Covid era can be attributed to the power of suggestion. The alarm is raised. We are told there is a deadly pathogen on the loose. Virus hunters in hazmat suits are sent to find patient zero. Doctors in starched white lab coats appear on TV telling everyone to panic. Politicians in their suits and ties stand ready to carry out the orders given to them by Big Pharma.

If a few people that looked liked hobos or beach bums delivered the propaganda, it wouldn't be anywhere near as effective. In fact, I'm pretty sure no one would take it seriously at all.

If the police wore clown outfits instead of black uniforms people would just laugh at them and tell them where to go.

If doctors wore boiler suits you probably wouldn't put your life in their hands.

If nurses dressed like hookers you probably wouldn't be comfortable letting them inject your children with all the ingredients contained in vaxxines.

Uniforms are capable of instilling trust, respect, fear, obedience, submission, and a sense of belonging.

On a more practical level uniforms allow us to identify the role someone is playing in society. It can be useful to quickly identify firemen, doctors, nurses, police, pilots, and maintenance workers. More than just protective clothing, uniforms and the various insignias serve to separate workers by rank and duty. All in keeping with military history.

At the other end of the scale religious cults like to impose uniform clothing on their members to establish a visible measure of subservience.

Kids in schools wear uniforms to inculcate the idea that they are all on the same team. The dream of technocrats and globalist collectivists requires children to all see themselves as one co-operative unit. No individual thought. All for one and one for all.

Of course, the result of so much order following, of so much uniformity, is a slushy grey mess where unique snow crystals once existed. All cultures and civilizations are built on the backs of unique individuals: inventors, engineers, artists, musicians, scientists, and philosophers. Individual genius and life-changing discoveries simply cannot happen if everyone is forced to be the same, if everyone is equal.

So why are the global elite hellbent on making everyone the same?

The technocrats and the globalist collectivists want to remain in control. They want to stay on top. In order to achieve that, they must control the general population as if they are a herd of cows. Farm animals must remain docile. They must never be allowed to rebel against the farmers. Their feed is controlled. Their routines are established by the farmers. They are injected with whatever Big Pharma recommends for them. They are tagged and chipped to control their movements.

Sound familiar?

To make us all uniform, we must be reduced to the level of farm animals and treated as such. They started with our children and pets, training us all to inject them routinely with pharmaceutical products on a yearly basis. Then came the microchipping of animals. Now the adults will be treated the same way.

When I see all the lines of muzzled humans queuing for their testing regimen or to be injected with the latest round of booster shots, I'm actually not shocked anymore. It was inevitable that humans would allow themselves to be treated like farm animals. All the elite had to do was cast a spell. A spell laced with fear.

The copy cat effect

Beyond terrorizing individuals into a sick game of Simon Says, the Elite rely heavily on the community effect. The more a group of people start repeating a behavior, the more others will join them without question. And before you know it, the whole population, bar a few pesky rebels, will be dancing to your tune. The Pied Piper of Hamelin would be extremely jealous.

The problem is that when people start copying each others behavior without question, moral reasoning tends to be thrown to one side.

An example of this is being played out today in the healthcare industry. The vast majority of doctors and nurses and hospital administrators have not shown even a tiny glimpse of moral fortitude in the face of Covid protocols. They simply follow orders and keep their mouths shut.

Much like the police and the military, healthcare workers are supposed to follow a moral code. They are supposed to refuse immoral orders. First do no harm. And all that.

So what happened? Why did practically all government workers fall in line with the extreme mandates, discarding all common sense, and proceed to bear down on their fellow countrymen as if they were foreign invaders?

I would say that they had all been prepped for this role for many decades. And their reaction was to be expected in keeping with the Milgram Experiment findings.


The seeds had been planted long ago. People have been trained to obey the uniforms for thousands of years. All the Elite Master Farmers had to do was snap their fingers and all the trained farm animals played their roles, reacting exactly as they had been programmed. The incessant global Television propaganda campaign maintained the pressure and kept the whole world's population marching in lockstep. Once the spell had been cast, it was almost impossible to break it. Uniformity was set and the herd was suitably hypnotized and walking to the same tune: to their slaughter.

Maybe in the future everyone will wear an orange boiler suit. To keep things simple. Humans will be mere biological units to be utilized by the Elite. They will own nothing. They will be grown in biobags. They will be chipped with nano-patches. They will be drugged. They will have endless entertainment playing in their heads to keep them docile. They will have no say in the affairs of the Elite Master Farmers. They will have short lives. They will essentially get what they deserve for being so stupid.

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