Moving Out Of The Fear Paradigm

Why the constant fear?
Photo by Simon Watkinson / Unsplash

Do you ever get the feeling that your government exists to keep you in a perpetual state of fear?

How about the mainstream media?

Big Pharma?

Anyone that cares to take a look around today would have to conclude that all of these institutions have made it their primary goal to scare the living daylights out of you as an individual, followed closely by your granny, the cat, and even the resident family ghost if you have one.

Of course, this isn't really a new phenomena. Far from it. It didn't just materialize in the past few years. Fear has always been used to manipulate the hivemind for one reason or another. You could even argue that sometimes a certain level of communitarian fear directed at one boogeyman or another has helped our species survive through difficult times. Superstition and fear as part of religious belief helped to maintain cohesion among civilized groups so that the hivemind could all rally round a cause (killing the other group and taking their stuff) or simply living by an agreed set of rules to keep the boogeyman at bay.

Sometimes this would involve mass ritual sacrifice to appease the gods. In the modern age, these practices have been continued in the form of total war and the acceptance of abortion as a human right. Currently, we are suffering a mass culling event through the ritual jabbing of poisons to ward off mythological invisible demons known as pathogenic viruses.

During the 20th century, after the mass murder event known as WW2, the boogeyman morphed into the Cold War complete with a devastating campaign to instill fear of nuclear Armageddon. This was followed by the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, Global Pandemics (that we've been rehearsing for many decades now), and anything else with the capacity to paralyze the world's population through the clever use of psychology and some scary props and puppets.

It's all a Punch and Judy show folks!

Do some people get caught in the gears as the psyop runs rampant? Absolutely. And many people live in a constant state of anxiety and fear because of these outrageous stories and the ongoing production of fear products churned out by the globalist fear factory. Much damage is done to the populace at large by these insatiable criminals.

But the show must go on. And as one fear product loses its shine, it's swiftly replaced by the next one waiting in the wings. Not one second must pass allowing hope and joy to creep back into the minds of the audience. No, that must never happen. The minute people start to relax they are hammered with the next con, the next grift, the next heist with relentless militaristic doggedness.

You would think that under such constant bombardment people would start to realize that they're being hoodwinked by master criminals. Unfortunately, the TV watchers just chug it all down and repeat the latest buzzwords like the zombies and NPCs that they are.

This is the reality we live in and there's not much you can do for these people. If they haven't woken up by now they're either not very bright or in such a state of perpetual slumber that they're not really human beings. They're biological robots going about their daily routines much like insects or slugs. And deserve about as much respect as you have for these creatures.

They are sentient, but they didn't pass the most basic intelligence test put before them. They mostly didn't want to because they felt it was more important to not stand out in the crowd or lose their privileges and entitlements which again... adds up to not being very smart.

And by smart or intelligent I'm obviously not referring to academic prowess or being "well read" or whatever definition has replaced good old-fashioned common sense. I'm obviously referring to the ability to recognize a con and not be conned by shysters and outright liars and frauds. This used to be, and should still be, one of the most valued markers for intelligence, traditionally known as being street smart.

During the Covid psyop, it's been incredibly easy to separate the people that fell for the con hook line and sinker and the ones that more or less knew it was all a scam from the beginning.

Most academics and other "highly educated" people still remain in the first group along with all the other suckers.


Because they're not very smart. They are heavily indoctrinated biological robots going about their duties. They have never questioned anything in their lives. They believed all the dogma that was fed to them and soaked up the status and wealth that their mostly false careers bestowed upon them while they occupied the now-crumbling ivory towers of academia.

Let me say this just one more time... it really doesn't need to be said again.

There is no virus. There is no Covid disease. There is no pandemic. There are no variants. It's all a sham to get jabs in arms for whatever purpose Big Pharma and the WHO dreamt up.

[UPDATE: I originally had a video of Poornima Wagh, a supposed PHD whistleblower, in this slot claiming she had evidence that the SARS-COV-2 virus does not exist. I have removed the video since it looks as though she was providing false credentials. Eric F Coppolino — investigative journalist — does a great job exposing this here. This does not change the ongoing investigation into the existence of viruses and realted disease but it does mean that we have to be more careful with our sources and to not fall for attempts to derail this movement.]

And yes, the medical establishment is deeply involved in the scam from the top down. And doctors and nurses and hospital admin that know what's going on but don't speak up are guilty too. End of story.

What we're looking at is one of the most egregious cases of fraud ever perpetrated on the human race using a state-run terror campaign to enforce the con on behalf of the globalist corporate criminals.

No further evidence is required. If the global corporate mafia (Blackrock, Vanguard etc) and government lackeys (most political leaders that took the bribes) and other grovelling minions (Bill Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Birx, Bourla etc) are not arrested immediately and made to break rocks in the hot sun then we have failed as a species and deserve the fate laid out for us by the Elite Master Farmers i.e. we are to be treated as cattle to the slaughter.

It's not over til it's over...

The currently ongoing psychological weapons of mass fear are...

  1. the Covid scam complete with endless fake variants
  2. climate change with scary weather maps in burning red and charcoal black (where do we go from there? White hot?)
  3. supply chain disruption (mostly fabricated by burning down warehouses and factories)
  4. the WEF digital prison Smartcities program complete with QR code access for every activity
  5. possible (inevitable) economic collapse (always just around the corner)
  6. more plandemics (one for every season with constant jabbing for the morons)
  7. soon to be topped off with an alien invasion spectacle (maybe a hologram or two now that the tech is up to snuff)

Beyond all that... if we even make it that far... we may actually reach a point in our history where we become all "feared out."

Peak fear? — A state of human existence where your physiology no longer reacts to false prompts of danger. The fear meter gets fully maxed out to the point where you simply can't feel fear anymore even when you really should.

And much like the conclusion to the tale of the boy who cried wolf, we lose the ability to make correct judgements. Trust in authority will have been lost forever. (Which might actually be a good thing after all).

The business of scaring the shit out of you

The merchants of fear have traditionally hidden behind what we call the authorities, the mainstream media, academic institutions, think tanks such as the Royal Society, Rand Corporation, the Tavistock Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic forum, the United Nations, and any other organization that has a ring of power wrapped around it's finger.

But there's a new kid on the block. And these guys push the fear machine even more aggressively than the last lot, even as they dish out lashings of "truth" material to draw a crowd.

Of course, I'm talking about the alternative media.

It all started with Infowars and various other talk show platforms that started to spring up all over America whispering truth and yelling outrageously in equal measure — an intoxicating mix for anyone that considered themselves part of the mass awakening taking place worldwide.

These new kids on the block scattered across the growing number of free speech online platforms such as Bitchute and Odyssey are starting to replace mainstream media to the point where the question must be asked...

"Were these alternatives set up by intelligence agencies and other nefarious shadow organizations to capture the wandering minds of the newly awakened and thereby keep them entertained in a holding position so that no real change would ever be effected on the powers that be?"

I for one believe there is some truth to that statement. With characters like Steve Pieczenic and Roger Stone forming part of the Infowars spin operation it's easy to see how and why people have long been pointing a finger at these extremely loud and blatantly biased alt-media voices.

If they were a real threat to the powers that be they would have been taken out of circulation a long time ago. The excuses the likes of Alex Jones and other egomaniacal blowhards come up with to deflect criticism always ring hollow. These people are controlled opposition through and through and much of their listenership has already moved on to pastures new after finding out the hard way that they were just the willing victims of propaganda yet again.

Only the true believers and cult followers purchasing storable food and health supplements remain, but others still tune in occasionally to see how the latest hot topic is spun for the right-wing christian Zionist patriot crowd to whip them up into a frenzy about all the wrong things most of the time.

And while the new kids on the block have often delivered truth bombs that have changed the public perception on many topics, the overall effect right now is one of constant fear saturation of the awakened mind. This is the job now of gazillions of smaller Bitchute and Odyssey "performers" that mostly lead with fear and panic about the latest scary thing that everyone must be on edge about.

It's a constant diet of fear-based information that doesn't serve any real valuable purpose other than to make the likes of Stew Peters and Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" and Steve Quayle and Lisa Haven and Rebel Media an extra bit of cash as they tell you the world is burning.

And, of course, all of these characters are "good" Christians (or at least they pretend to be) as they terrorize you with end times apocalyptic stories of doom and gloom followed by endless prepping product promotion.

Seriously, this grift needs to end.

They're all the same. The man-made climate change grifters and the end times prophecy guys. One lot gas-lights their audiences with stories of rising sea levels while the elite buy more seaside resorts and the other lot scare the innocent into believing a messiah will come if only things get really bad and we pray that they get really bad so as to make the prophecies come true.

Are there any sane people left on the planet? I'm sending out an emergency signal. There has to be someone... anyone?

How To Destroy The Fear Factory And Other Useful Information

"They" are preparing another pandemic psyop as we speak. This shit ain't over by a long chalk. If Monkey Pox doesn't land (not scary enough) they'll try Marburg. And if that doesn't work, hey, how about some airborne Ebola, maybe genetically modified bird flu or rabies?

I can sense the fear rising already just by mentioning the trigger words; the ones that we've been programmed to respond to our whole lives through massive amounts of brainwashing propaganda. TV, radio, movies, video games and scary novels have all played their part. Now most people immediately react to the buzzwords with instant mental imagery of horrible disease and death.

Of course, it's all nonsense and make believe, just like the belief in invisible demons and ghosts that tormented people in the past before Louis Pasteur pulled the replacement out of his ass.

The conmen didn't stop there either. They're job was to invent the scariest boogeymen possible so as to keep the world's population in a perpetual state of chronic fear with nukes, biological weapons and cyberattacks.

Bill Gates is even working on ways to block out the sun. The man-made climate change hoax terrorizes the gullible into believing they're all going to die in a global inferno followed by endless tsunamis and giant hurricanes. And the pitiful roll-out of solar panels and wind turbines just isn't enough to save the day. So we must consider spraying the skies with metal particulates to dim the world — our own little planetary thermostat.

Why this is even on the table is beyond me. Why people like Bill Gates or Henry Kissinger or the Rothschilds etc etc haven't already been arrested by Interpol or some rogue military operators is also a mystery. How long before we see some of the employees of the East India Trading Company turn on their masters?

Surely we're getting close, right?

And if that fails, then all we have left is mass civil disobedience. No more vapid marches under this or that banner that never seem to achieve anything. It'll be up to millions of people in every country across the world to simply not obey illegal orders and mandates.

And if anyone tries to force us to play their games, we double down — we stop all activity, we jam up the cogs and gears and stop paying taxes to the thieves. They've been laughing at us for far too long.

This needs to end now.

And if things go south for a while... so be it. This great collapse, reset, transitional period has been teetering on the edge for quite some time now. We need to get out of the way and let it fall. There's not much to prop up, not much worth saving. If essential services can be maintained or rebuilt we'll find that out soon enough. If not... a new way of life will emerge and we need to face it without fear. We need to roll up our sleeves and just get on with it.

Or do you still think we were born into this realm to live out our days as cubicle-dwelling wage-slaves serving our wealthy masters?

No. I didn't think so.

The Great Reset vs The Great Awakening

We now live in a state of constant emergency. This is the era of one fake crisis after another. And all of it is geared towards establishing a continuity of government situation once things are allowed to break down. Martial law and paramilitary rule are waiting in the wings for just the right moment.

We can't allow this to happen.

We must find ways to diffuse the incessant fear signal at all cost. As I've already said, the most effective way to achieve this is to NOT go along with any government mandates or illegal orders. This is the message that must spread far and wide otherwise "they" will lock us down again and things will get messy. If enough people simply refuse to be bullied by the thugs there's nothing they can do. They lose all their power if we are NOT intimidated by scare tactics.

In my opinion, the human species is an organism that is attacking itself. The diagnosis would be that we're suffering from an autoimmune disease or potentially a parasitic infection that must be removed so that the host can live.

If we look a little deeper below the surface, we can see how this is all a setup to bring in a New World Order. The Old World Order is supposed to fail. It's reached the end of its life cycle.

The replacement sounds scary with it's digital ID, "you must eat ze bugs" and mandatory jabs forever, but this boogeyman is so brazen it's obvious that at some point it'll be taken down, swept aside, and replaced with a more palatable version of the New World Order that most people will accept with open arms.

This utopian replacement must be taken down too. It's all a charade. Just a more glossy looking prison for the masses. A futuristic panopticon where the inmates police each other. The Stasi state on steroids.

There have always been ups and downs, times of plenty and times of scarcity. Today, we know how institutions can create false scarcity. This technique allows for certain narratives to play out usually with the intention of moving the herd in one direction or another.

In one set of media, the Globalists start to leak to the herd that everything is going to implode and in other media they continue to bombard the hivemind with futuristic imagery — the carrot and the stick, from famine and disease to the promised land of milk and honey.

And so here we are, yet again, at the precipice waiting to be rescued in one way or another. We have cities both in America and China that could be considered in a state of slow collapse simply waiting for the day that the plug is finally pulled. And at the same time we have active projects around the world promising the construction of new supercities — the Smart Safe City projects.

In my first novel I named these super-safe cities SCELECs — Safe City Enhanced Learning Education Centers. The carrot held out to entice the population consisted of life-long, enhanced learning upgrades. People with tech upgrades — administered through the atmospheric DUST nanite program — would experience increased intelligence and health readouts. Consequently, anyone partaking in the SCELEC program would have the opportunity to ascend the social ladder culminating in angelic class access to the Sentient occupied tower known as the Blade.

It's all very entertaining (even if I say so myself) and not too far removed from what we see in real life. We obviously live in a global class system that rewards loyalty to the most sociopathic criminals in society. This parasitic infection is more visible than ever and more people are finally waking up to this truth. And yet the vast majority still think this parasite class are acting in the best interest of the general public.

Of course, the parasite, being of reasonable intelligence, attempts to keep the masses anesthetized with bread and circuses. But as the pyramid scheme runs its course and shows signs of imploding the rats begin to jump ship and all illusions of stability are removed.

Here begins the fear cycle... which will obviously continue until we reach a new plateau or until a novel cheap energy source is plugged into the ailing economic system.

It almost doesn't matter which way things go from here. Much of what goes on is beyond our control. The main objective right now should be to not fall for all the scaremongering propaganda that saturates alternative media just as much (if not more) than the dinosaur mainstream media.

They are all pushing narratives. And those narratives are there to create a chronic fear state. When people are in a chronic state of fear they are easier to manipulate, easier to control, easier to indoctrinate, the list goes on.

Of course it makes sense to be prepared for what may come, but not to the point where you live in a bunker, clutching your rifle waiting for the zombie hordes to appear!

Having some storable food as well as other essential supplies is obviously a wise option at any time but especially when you see a downturn coming over the horizon. Most people in cities are simply unable to prep in any way. And that's where most of the population are concentrated into artificial safe spaces.

Everyone in the countryside is already batting with a huge advantage, but the way things are set up now, the way people live with all mod cons... there's actually not much difference. Still, it's where I'd rather be if things turn nasty. Which they probably will. At least, for a short time.

The key is to maintain a positive attitude, no matter how bad it gets, and to have a mid to long-term view as to how life may continue over the coming years. Don't be led astray by doomers or by end times cultists. They are horribly wrong and following false manufactured narratives. These people are simply not very well in the head.

The best thing to do is to avoid these extremely negative views as they can be enticing at first — they make a lot of sense with their predictions and their graphs and their rhetoric — but they are simply attempting to create the conditions for a self-fulfilling prophecy either because they are sold on the idea that they will be raptured or because they truly hate the human species and want to see it eradicated from the face of the Earth.

Both groups are crazy as a soup sandwich and no one should be basing their survival strategy or any other business on what these people have to say.

Nor can anyone time preparation for future events with any kind of accuracy so any such activity is usually fraught with failure and disappointment much like any other type of "gambling."

Sometimes it's best to simply live the best life you can within your means, keep stress levels low, stay observant, stay fit and healthy, watch for signals of change but don't become overly obsessed with it all.

There was a time for learning, a time to increase knowledge, a time to deepen our awareness of the real world underlying the superficial one we live in. But that time has passed. Now we're moving into the action phase. And a lot of the information that was consumed during the build up may disappear. Or it might not. It all depends on how bad it gets and where you happen to live in the world. Some places may be worse than others. Disruptions to normal life may be temporary or permanent. It all depends.

And that's why I don't bother making plans for a permanent lights out, systemic collapse scenario because... there is absolutely no point to it. With no reliable electricity or Internet, life would immediately become unsustainable for everyone that is currently plugged into the system. And that includes most people living in the countryside today. Life everywhere has become digital. Smartphones, internet shopping, remote work and home deliveries rule the world. If that were to suddenly go away... well... like I said... not worth contemplating.

So, the only option that makes sense is to bet on the continuation of life as we know it in some form or another. A contraction is unavoidable. It's baked into the cake. But it certainly doesn't mean that everything grinds to a halt.

I would bet on the restructuring of many aspects of life, with some surprising twists, and a more or less satisfying recovery.

All other bets are a complete and utter waste of time and mental energy. And predictions are, more often than not, horribly wrong. So why entertain them at all?

Just live the best life you can in the here and now. The rest will take care of itself.

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