Everything Goes To Multiverse In The End

Everything Goes To Multiverse In The End
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When an empire runs out of steam it all goes to shit.

There's just no other way to put it.

Well... there is... if you want to get all academic, but that's not what we do here. The academics spend their entire lives in Ivory Towers pouring over the minutiae of historical detail. The names, the places, the dates. And they still get it wrong. Or twist the facts deliberately to present a story that is palatable to the reigning monarchs of the day.

In real life... the vultures patiently wait their turn (as they always have done) to pick the bones when all is done.

Life moves on. Green shoots and all that.

That's reality.

Farmers know this. Hunters and gatherers understand this deeply. The wisdom of ages permeates certain lifestyles because they are intrinsically intertwined with the machinery of Nature.

If Nature is a tree... we can inspect the roots and try to gain a deeper understanding of its reason for being, its purpose, if it has one at all.

Human beings, as fruit of this universal tree, appear to crave a sense of purpose. At the root, it was always about survival. For some, having conquered the basic training, life becomes a game of opulence, a competition to see who can acquire the most material wealth and put it on display for the whole world to see.

Castles, palaces, stately homes, skyscrapers, beach-side resorts, fortified mountain retreats, yachts, super-yachts, private jets, private jumbo-jets, entire collections of luxury cars, galleries stuffed to the hilt with fine art and historical paraphernalia, military-grade underground safe spaces for when the time comes to run away and hide, extremely well-paid private military contractors running all kinds of operations on behalf of their twisted, sexually deviant, and otherwise perverted masters.

That's just the low level narcissistic billionaires that are allowed to have their toys and brag about it on TV. The gophers of the true elite. The public face of a global criminal gang that has intelligently kept to the shadows for centuries so that power and dominion over Earth's creatures (including us) could remain as the central focus.

How else could this criminal cabal commandeer the mightiest fighting force the world has ever seen to carry out its beckon and call anywhere in the world any time that it chooses?

A well oiled system of bribery, blackmail, threat of assassination, and finally, overwhelming military power lies in the hands of those who choose to infiltrate, position, and dominate the public halls of power with their revolving doors hooked up directly to the multitude of corporations and publicly and privately funded universities and think tanks that exist to maintain the power structure intact.

Those in the employ of this structure feed it every day with their brainpower and creativity. The scientists and engineers working for Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, the entire telecom industry and now SpaceX are all involved in the production of the tools of our enslavement.

Every step of the way, for the last hundred years or so, we can easily map the steady, persistent roll-out of enticing new technologies that illicit a sense of wonder and envy in the general population.

The new tech, new device, whatever form it takes, has, without fail, always captured the imagination of the public in a way that takes time and energy away from simply sitting quietly with ones own thoughts.

Radio, TV, computers, smartphones, cranial jack implants... all wirelessly connected to centralized data farms and AI mining software.

Think about that for a moment.

If you can put your phone down for one second, that is.

Go on. Just try it.

The Multiverse of Consumer Madness

Ever since automobiles were first mass-produced by Henry Ford, the technological trinkets of life and their ability to enslave humans by association had begun to work their magic in ways that nothing before that time could.

The industrial age brought forth the ability for billions of humans to consume products and services on a level only dreamed of by ancient kings and aristocrats.

Putting aside the age old obsession with gold and silver for one moment, just look at how the average middle class lifestyle compares to that of almost anyone a thousand years ago.

  • Taxi service on demand
  • Affordable international air travel to almost any location on Earth
  • Access to the entire catalogue of products and services the world has to offer delivered to your front door within days
  • Instant communication through hand-held devices with anyone anywhere on the planet
  • Supermarkets stuffed with all kinds of fresh and storable food
  • Massage, gardening, pet grooming, baby-sitting, private tutors, maid service, personal assistants, banking and investment advice
  • Individual swimming pools and gymnasiums
  • private personalized healthcare
  • Higher education

All available to the modern day princelings and princesses. In fact, it's expected, and when missing, complained about intensely.

What we've done is mass-produce hordes of entitled spoiled brats.

As well as armies of slim-fingered, slave labor conveniently hidden away in third-world sweat shops and filthy mining operations to satisfy the needs and wants of the brats.

Barring a miracle that has yet to materialize and knowing how the story ends every single time, we can expect the periphery of "civilization" to crumble first as the privileged core hangs on to the bitter end.

And I'm not the only one that thinks Europe, within the privileged core, will be the first to take a dive when the going gets tougher than it already is.


I say "already is" because even though the supermarkets are still full and the gas pumps are still pumping (for now) throughout the privileged core of Europe, there's a general sense that things are on a downward slope when it comes to energy, government, immigration, small business survival, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, unsustainable demographic swings and roundabouts, education, pensions and healthcare.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

So, when we take into account Mazlow's hierarchy of needs and realize that all anyone truly needs to exist on this planet are the base level requirements for life, we can see that everything above that level can and will be considered unsustainable material luxuries that could and should be replaced with spiritual pursuits and the erasure of material consumption as the only game in town.

Now, before you get the pitchforks out...

I admit that this ideological shift maps perfectly onto the desires of the Technocrats that would love nothing more than to reduce the status of the entitled, brattish, middle class to a feudal, serf-like existence "where they belong" owning nothing, eating ze bugs, and being "happy" (on soma) as they go about their designated chores.

The difference lies in the emphasis. One version emphasizes the survival and perfection of a simpler way of life for many and the other simply wants to get rid of "useless eaters" and replace them with machines so that their class can continue to sit pretty at the top of the world.

We're approaching a moment in time where the usual rate of change is likely to speed up and upset a lot of carts, and a lot of people that have grown comfortable with their privileged way of life.

If the current levels of provision were to suddenly disappear, the more entitled and bratty members of the population are more likely to be left hanging (in more ways than one) and set adrift, unable to adapt and evolve to the incoming conditions.

The working class, the street-gang class, and other down-to-Earth cohabitants will fare better under these conditions able to rapidly adjust and roll up their sleeves ready to establish the methods, markets, and opportunities that get shit done when it needs doing without all the lame bureaucracy and fannying around.

And all this while the brats try to fathom how they're going to live without their favorite latte toppings or variety of yogurt.

So where's the Multiverse part?

Okay, okay... here it is...

If you hadn't noticed, there's a trope in comic book fandom that goes something like this...

When you run out of stories to tell... MULTIVERSE!

To explain it simply, once you've exhausted all possible threads of storytelling in sci-fi, superhero comic books, but also other genres, the writers (jump the shark) and play the Multiverse card so that the story can continue by bending all the rules of storytelling and laws of physics in an endless kaleidoscopic clusterfuck of diminishing returns that always ends up in a pile of vomitous mush from which there is no turning back.

Beleaguered fans of the Marvel comic book universe and the extremely successful run of Hollywood movies that followed have passed the point of no return and are now suffering the consequences of a storytelling nightmare scenario and inevitable roadblock.

Unfortunately, the roadblock gradually morphs into a case of sewage backing up the pipes until it shoots out everywhere and floods the whole world and drowns everyone in it.

Much as what would happen right now if you turned off all the electric pumps in cities that thankfully move effluence away from our houses instead of towards them.

The analogy becomes all the more appropriate when applied to the current rise of alternative ideologies that have swamped the marketplace vying for attention of the youth and bored housewives and clueless, directionless men.

We've run out of narratives it seems.

We're doing reruns of all the biblical disaster movies complete with messianic arrival at any moment, always at any moment, just around the corner, just pray a little harder, and the much cherished end times scenario will materialize so that we can all call it a day and go home.

The global warming, the pandemics, the collapsing economy, the capitalists and the fascists, the evil patriarchy, the terrorists, the conspiracy theorists, the deniers.

All narratives created to curb freedom in its many forms.

Unlike satisfying, well-written, grounded, tight narratives in cleverly contained and restrained universes, Multiverse stories lose all of that in favor of "anything goes."

Characters come back to life. Time travel solves all problems. Drop out of one universe into another and start from scratch.

And all this in a universe that was already populated by superhero characters that were regularly breaking all the laws of physics and every other rule imaginable on a regular basis.

Other franchises are not let of the hook either. They all end up in a similar place in the end, a storytelling bottleneck where the only way forward usually involves the application of magic in some form or the over-extending of the world's boundaries in a neverending additive list of characters, locations, objects, scenarios, and spin off series until world-building bloat has been successfully achieved creating an intoxicating environment where nerds and geeks rejoice but everyone else quietly exits the building longing for simpler times.

And the sci-fi version (essentially just modern takes on the old stories) with its Asimovs and Clarkes and Vinges and Scott Cards and Crichtons with their tales of robot uprisings and black goo and space viruses and galactic superwaves and multi-cultural space race problems have to be kept alive too.

But here's the problem with the endless stream of serialized fiction that has been fed to us since birth, the fiction fiction and the MSM version both...

You get to a point where the story just cannot advance any further.

Your readers and watchers and listeners pick up on the repetition, the tropes, the cliches, the lack of a decent conclusion.

They start to suffer from narrative burnout.

Slowly, but surely, the sleepers awaken as age old tricks inevitably lose their hypnotic power.

The man behind the curtain desperately pulls the levers, fiddles with the knobs, and twists the dials on his control panel, looking over his shoulder in terror as he realizes that the game is finally up, the charade no longer works.

A fooled man can't get fooled again.

And all it took to bring down this empire of lies was for the most innocent character, a little dog, to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth that lay behind — a weak, selfish, greedy and desperate old man that thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of mankind for long enough to get away with all the loot.

Well... your time's up buddy.

No one is buying the endless Multiverse storytelling tricks anymore. Your attempts to twist the old narratives into new ones that defy all the laws of physics and reality as we know it are failing and failing miserably.

The planet doesn't need saving.

Climate change doesn't need stopping.

We don't need to be tracked and traced 24/7 in the name of global security.

We don't need to be locked down and tested and injected to prevent pandemics.

We need to separate mythology and storytelling from real life.

It's time to call it a day so that we can move on.

We need to wipe the slate clean and start over.

If you haven't already done so... unplug your TV today.

Before the Multiverse gets you.

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