To Border Wall Or Not - That Is The Question

Border wall in the mountains
Photo by Greg Bulla / Unsplash

An incomplete border wall has almost the same effect as not building a border wall at all. Illegal immigrants, and the cartels that manage them, will simply target "holes" in the wall or exploit other "weaknesses" in the border management system to move product. Yes, the cartels view humans as product to be shipped in the same way they ship drugs and weapons.

Unless you fully complete your border wall project, you've really just wasted billions of dollars making it a bit trickier for the traffickers.

Maybe it would be better to study the reasons why traffickers traffic humans across the Mexico-US border in the first place and calmly discuss how you can de-incentivize that kind of behavior BEFORE putting down enormous amounts of money on building projects that potentially go nowhere and achieve nothing.

If you want employees to fill job positions that Americans don't want to do themselves, then bring in migrants legally with job contracts.

Why is the American government extending a helping hand to illegals through welfare and child support when many Americans themselves are on the breadline?

Why does it seem like the American government is hellbent on supplanting the traditional American population and way of life with people who come from very strong socialist and communist backgrounds?

I think the answers to these questions are obvious to anyone paying attention. There is a war being fought against Americans and Europeans. Some call the battle strategy The Kalergi Plan. It entails the gradual invasion of these territories by migrants from third world countries, people with strongly contrasting values and practices to the traditional people's of Europe and America. The people behind such plans are not hiding their hatred of western, northern, Christian types. They are brandishing their hatred as a virtue and anyone that calls them out is labelled a Nazi, a bigot, a racist, an anti-Semite, or other such slurs.

People trying to defend their territory and their way of life are no such thing. They are people simply trying to live in peace with their surroundings. Most of the time this has worked fairly well throughout history.

The religion of Globalism is attempting to destroy the natural harmony that nations of people have maintained for thousands of years. Globalism wants everybody everywhere to blend into one and bow down to the central order, thereby watering down any local identity and natural grouping of peoples. By doing so, the Globalists can lump everybody together in one giant mass of human resources and more easily control the human herd.

Achieving the goal of human homogenization is a stepping stone towards total dehumanization and the roll out of transhumanism. The hi-tech control grid that we are being forced into allows for microchipping of all humans, monitoring of all behavior, and control of individual financial activity through coercion.

This is why the Globalists want to maintain borders open like sieves so that their plan can continue to completion. It's not just about bringing down physical barriers. The Globalists want to reduce the barriers to acceptance of their One World Order where all human worker-units will be on the same page, no questions asked.

To any free-thinking human being, the concept of standardizing humans under a globalized nanny state is anathema. These ideas go against everything we have been taught to appreciate as conducive to happiness in life.

God given inalienable universal human rights, constitutional law, and basic human instincts that value freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and a right to self defense stand in opposition to the values of these neo-emperors that want nothing more than to rule the world with absolute power over all of humanity.

Building walls to keep illegal migrants at bay may be useful, but first and foremost we should address the reason why illegal immigration is happening at all. First, we should get our own house in order. If our own affairs are not under our control then how can you possibly deal with the onslaught coming from beyond. If your government has been hijacked by parasites working to execute the plans of the Globalists then it's high time that the parasites were purged from the system. Only then can your nation return to some semblance of rational governance. Only then will the correct decisions be made in favor of the nation allowing it to move forward in a positive direction.

All western nations are suffering from the same malaise and all of them could solve their problems by removing the ridiculously generous incentives they hold out to illegal immigrants. It's time to stop the madness. It's time to stop being soft. It's time to stand up to these parasitic governments and their devastating policies.

From migrants still crossing the English Channel in the north, to Greece finishing a wall on its border with Turkey in southern Europe, we can see the different ways nation states deal with the issue. Some appear to treat the problem with more seriousness and urgency than others.

At the end of the day, our history is based on the fundamental necessity of establishing territories with borders and defending them. Without these essential rules in place, we cannot protect the way that we choose to live. Those from outside, or in a global position of power, will choose to impose their rules and even attempt to destroy what we have and replace it with something entirely different.

If we value our freedom and our constitutional laws then we cannot allow this to happen. We cannot allow Globalist entities to destroy the lives of freedom-loving people everywhere. And we cannot allow a failed system of collective totalitarianism to take over the whole world. I can't imagine any worse outcome for the human race other than extinction itself.

By allowing the COVID fraud to flourish and infect the most innocent minds in our midst we have opened the doors to a kind of tyranny never before witnessed. Every tiny aspect of our lives will be micromanaged by AI systems. They are already making it difficult for us to breathe. Travel has become more restrictive. Our rights are being eroded in preparation for the final takeover.

Meanwhile, our borders are being invaded by millions of illegal immigrants that have no right to be in our countries. They only come to suck on the teat of the tax payer and multiply their numbers until the native population become the minority. This may be part of the natural replacement that takes place in all areas of life, but we shouldn't just lie down and let these Globalists have their way with us. We should try to preserve our way of life for as long as possible and that includes defending our borders in the most efficient, effective way as if our lives depend on it, because in actual fact, they do.

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