Banks, Bitcoin and Bombs

Banks, Bitcoin and Bombs
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There are three types of people in this world...

The Optimists

This bunch can be found hanging around in Internet enclaves such as this one here...

And while there are many other online watering holes where the optimists gather to fluff each other up this one in particular run by Brian Wang epitomizes the unrelenting, unshakable, positive outlook bubble that techno-optimists continue to occupy even as the ground beneath them begins to shake with the doubt monster's tremors testing their faith at a rate that appears to be increasing in frequency.

I admire this bunch for their tenacity if nothing else. They are certainly not realists (I'll get to that in a minute). They belong to the philosophical order of science fiction fanatics that believe anything and everything is possible if you just wish hard enough and a future tech journalist can put it down in writing with the words could, possibly, and potentially somewhere in the mix.

The Pessimists

If this group are not already locked and loaded defending their storable food in zombie resistant bunkers then you can find them milling around in Doom circles here...

Don't you dare try to drop a ray of sunshine on this gloom parade. They will eat you alive and spit you out into a black hole of their own creation. You have been warned!

Energy collapse is their thing along with economic woes, banking Armageddon, massive depopulation due to all the usual nasties. Just shut up and take it because it's happening and there's nothing you can do about it because it is written in the universal code of the rise and fall of civilizations and natural phenomena such as entropy.

Of course, they totally ignore that we don't actually live in a closed system and so technically speaking we are far from done yet with our expansive colonization project. More than anything it would simply require a change of attitude.

We have been drowning in demoralization propaganda for several years now but I can feel the Great Shaking Off in my bones as people realize they've been had yet again by the Masters of Deception.

This reminds me of extreme left/right positions on the political spectrum. The extreme optimists and pessimists should never collide because the universe could potentially be destroyed in some kind of anti-logic implosion like a Pavlovian brain that shuts down because it simply can't take it anymore.

So that leaves us with...

The Realists (or The Somewhere In-betweeners)

The extremists will view this group as a bunch of pussies - the outrageously undecided, those lacking commitment, the agnostics, the cowardly fence sitters, the overthinkers and on and on.

Realists like to think of themselves as necessarily smarter than the other two groups because they like to wait and see what happens before passing judgement and this understandably forms a large part of their internal code.

They like to see themselves as detached from the morass, independently observing the unfolding narrative and accepting "that which is evident" in some kind of "told you so" reward system.

I would say these are the true scientists adhering to the scientific method while attempting to interfere as little as possible with the "experiment" which of course can never be 100% because the observers form part of the experiment themselves.

The act of observation itself has finally been acknowledged as an important part of the overall equation and I believe this will play a greater role going forward both organically for humans in their individual lives and technologically in their collective endeavors.

I'm not deliberately looking to bash this group or any of the others. It's just the way it comes out when I slip on my own independent observer hat. I would even create a fourth category just for my own affliction titled The Flipfloppers.

Over the years I have flipped and flopped between the above established categories almost on demand as if I needed to cathartically lower myself into the waters of each pond in order to better understand where each group was coming from and whether any of their ponds actually held any water at all.

What if the human intellectual component in all of this is an illusion, a mirage, a surface reflection of what is actually taking place beneath the hood. In other words, the Hidden Hand, the Higher Power has it all plotted out in some kind of scheme following a rather complex blueprint combined with algorithmic self-organization capabilities and the best organism will emerge triumphant in the great game of life that was initiated long ago.

Maybe. Possibly. Why not?

I mean, look at the current intelligentsia patting themselves on the back for simply entertaining the idea that we live in a simulation. This is not a new idea guys, just a repackaged old concept that Greek philosophers and Hindu seers liked to toss out there for lesser mortals to chew on, but you go ahead and navel gaze while the world simply tries to feed itself, the world that gets angrier by the day at the posh twats and intellectual knobends that fly around in their private jets to Davos and beyond while demanding that everyone else reduce their carbon footprints just as their own gets struck off because... well, because they say so.

And this gets into the symptoms that ride along with the End of Empire so I'll leave it there for another time. Suffice to say that we've reached peak celebrity chef so The End according to that algorithm is nigh. Expect bloody revolutions and much shuffling of chairs as we enter yet another paradigm shift.

Everything else, positively or negatively charged, will fall by the wayside as reality unfolds. All we can realistically do is list the potential scenarios and allow for the odd Black Swan to knock us sideways off the path if their even is a path.

Beyond that, we either get back on the established path (with some major tweaks), carve out a new path (a breakaway civilization), or put our collective heads between our legs and kiss our collective asses goodbye because we royally fucked up and Nature INC. has decided to reclaim the land and start afresh with a new less problematic species.

For the Realists here's some food for thought...


The Normies are not really inhabiting the territory of the Realism camp although they have one foot in it due to their interminable attachment to the middle ground. Normies live in the bubble created by television propaganda which feeds them a healthy dose of optimism while simultaneously terrorizing them into submission otherwise nothing would get done.

More recently Normies have been force-fed Techo-Optimism under the greatest Hopium campaign the world has ever seen. Renewables, EVs, space rockets, AI and robotics will save the planet is their mantra and this mantra likely exists just to keep the machine standing a while longer.

Other mantras include...

  • If humans can fix their "issues" and get their collective shit together under some kind of mythical BRICS type arrangement this arrangement will allow us to limp into the next paradigm whatever that may be.
  • Everything will work itself out in the end. We have always found solutions to our collective problems and we will do so again because we're clever little monkeys and we're special etc etc.
  • Crypto will save the world and Blockchain tech will be the new God to worship.

So on that note lets get into Banks, Bitcoin and Bombs!


Banks are centralizing their operations under a new system of banking tyranny known as the CBDC paradigm.

Key takeaways

A burst of creative innovation is under way in money and payments, opening up vistas of a future digital monetary system that adapts continuously to serve the public interest.
Structural flaws make the crypto universe unsuitable as the basis for a monetary system: it lacks a stable nominal anchor, while limits to its scalability result in fragmentation. Contrary to the decentralisation narrative, crypto often relies on unregulated intermediaries that pose financial risks.
A system grounded in central bank money offers a sounder basis for innovation, ensuring that services are stable and interoperable, domestically and across borders. Such a system can sustain a virtuous circle of trust and adaptability through network effects.
New capabilities such as programmability, composability and tokenisation are not the preserve of crypto, but can instead be built on top of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), fast payment systems and associated data architectures.

And this little gem...

The integrity of the system must be protected, by guarding against illicit activity such as money laundering, financing of terrorism and fraud.

Which of course the big banks are guilty of more than anyone else.

Central bank digital currencies: ongoing policy perspectives

Development of CBDC work requires careful consideration and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including the private sector and legislators.
To successfully meet its public policy objectives, a CBDC ecosystem should allow a wide range of private and public stakeholders to participate and, in doing so, deliver services which benefit end users.
The complex design questions and the potential risks arising from the implementation of any CBDC require careful consideration.
The evolving payments landscape requires central banks to give some consideration to how CBDCs may be used for wholesale and cross-border use cases.

This system is everything a central bank could wish for and potentially places a milestone in history as a measure of the banking industry's arrogance and hubris adding to the mountains of evidence now coming forth that suggest that this culmination of total banking power over the world was the plan all along.

The Elite Master Farmers were simply waiting for all the pieces to fall into place, namely the tech that enables CBDC and the market conditions that practically force the population into its arms like sheep being herded into a pen by the farmer's extremely well-trained and pampered sheepdogs.

The ultimate goal of all control freaks is to micromanage the daily lives of their victims down to their breathing patterns and every thought that bubbles up from the ether into their information poisoned minds.

So, of course, the World Health Organization, a criminal front company for the international bankers, attempts to enforce vaccine passports and biometric digital ID for the entire world while they personally use all available loopholes to exempt themselves from their own schemes.

They can use lockdowns, lockins, and lockups to scare the population into accepting whatever measures they deem necessary just as they did with the trial run during the fake Convid plandemic and subsequent coercive fake vaccine campaign that has killed and maimed more people than most wars in recent times.

What I have learned from the greatest crime against humanity ever committed is that most people will jump through all the hoops and comply even when mountains of evidence are available to counter their false beliefs.

For example, Spain has just imposed mandatory mask wearing in all medical centers after dropping these authoritarian measures earlier this year and the general public is predictably jumping through the hoops again with astounding levels of entrained obedience as if they are dogs that have learned a new trick and want to show their trainer how well they've learned it.

The world's population has already been chipped and is tracked 24/7 through the wide acceptance of smartphone technology. People are already accepting the scanning of body parts to buy groceries, pay for a bus ride, log into workstations.

How long before the youngest among us accept electronic tattoos just to log into their favorite social media or to travel beyond their 15 minute city enclosure?

How long before this is made mandatory for the elderly so that all their needs are streamlined under one app to rule them all for convenience and control?

How long before all activities and all transactions are brought under the same umbrella because the general public simply couldn't be bothered to resist and actually quite enjoy being told what to do, where to stand, what to wear, what to inject into their bodies and eventually when to breathe or when to speak?

My pessimistic view on this matter is that, at first, most people will go along with whatever they are told to accept based on whatever excuses the authorities dish out because this has been and still is the reaction to mandatory government policies when they are enacted.

An optimistic view would entail ever larger numbers of rebellious people standing up to tyrannical measures and/or breaking away from the "system" to create oases of independent living for as long as that is possible.

The current farmer's rebellion taking place in Germany is an example of what is possible when people have little left to lose and don't care if the government sends out the dogs. There is no reason why this cannot continue to be implemented until government bows to popular demand. The main issue is and has always been one of resources and growing population numbers but what we are experiencing appears to be a deliberate attack on the current system so that everyone ends up begging on their knees for authoritarian "solutions" and I expect most people to obey the orders they are given as they always have done until something changes.


Bitcoin and a smattering of other prominent crypto projects are maturing to a point where people have either accepted them as a potential add on to the current monetary system or as a long-lasting Ponzi scheme that will continue to seduce more small fry into the gaping mouths of the whales until the Ponzi has run its course.

My main issue with all crypto continues to be the requirement of energy consumption and the crunching of algorithms just to create a number. I can pluck a number out of thin air much as central banks have been doing for hundreds of years.

(and of course we already operate with a money system that is tied to energy among other things but how long can the Petrodollar continue to rule the roost?)

The need was not for new types of currency, just regulation of the ones we already had. Tie the currency to something of value in the real world and we would have been doing better in many ways, but I recognize the fact we are simply too far down the road of Modern Monetary Policy and endless money printing to correct course at this late stage of empire.

Crypto and all the other dream projects being lined up cannot save us from ourselves. Humans will continue to be humans whatever new technology is rolled out even if a new paradigm emerges (which is certainly possible given the current warning signs) unless something in our mental approach to life is resolved in a sufficient number of humans so that many of our undesirable traits are ironed out once and for all but, you know, that kind of talk gets you labeled a eugenicist, a totalitarian, a technocrat, and someone who is generally against freedom of choice and I'm not advocating for that in any way, I'm not one of those people, but I can certainly recognize the need that most people have for organization and order. Without it we wouldn't even be here.

So, an optimist, at this point, might say that Bitcoin will have it's place at the table as an instrument of some kind that complements the existing banking regime that is also morphing, as we speak, into something essentially dystopian beyond measure confirming even further that acts of desperation are all that's left for the dying legacy Ponzi that is central banking.

Privacy oriented crypto projects such as Monero and Dero represent a valid alternative to the mainstream and a less transparent way of sending funds around the world than Bitcoin, but I think it's too early to know where all of this is going and what kind of system will end up representing the new standard.

At the end of the day, these are just currencies and coins, which are always secondary to resources and energy. Our system is reliant on global supply chains for even the most basic of products. The attempts to go local are acts of desperation to keep the current system afloat and to maintain Hopium at sufficient levels to keep the workers at their stations.

At the current pace of discontent, I wouldn't be surprised if the world's workers downed tools at some point and went rogue looking for the breakaway communities that simply attempt to grown their own food and wean themselves off the consumer lifestyle that has driven economic growth worldwide for the last hundred years.

It's almost as if the globalist dystopian policies tested during the Convid spectacle are designed to piss people off as much as possible so that they rebel and destroy the current system while maintaining the appearance that we are being collectively saved by these outrageous policies.

The thing is... people are still obeying all of these policies as if their lives depend on them. I would suggest that, based on these real-time observations, the realist position entails future lockdowns and other extreme measures with added "improvements" and "refinements" that were gleaned from the original test run.

This is how people will be herded into the various pens that are waiting with open gates for our arrival. All planned. And all going according to plan. Even with all the micromanaging and rearranging and course correcting on the fly. Contingency plans have always been baked into the pie.


Since we're currently running the preamble programming for WWIII it's of interest to note that many are reporting on NATO's dwindling ability to supply its armed forces with replacement bombs and shells that enable the ongoing multi-pronged military operations around the world.

At first glance, the questions I have are these...

  1. Is it a ruse to feign weakness when NATO is very much still the strongest bully in the playground?
  2. Is the most powerful military coalition in history actually running out of materials and weapons-making capability because everything is being affected by the limits to growth?
  3. Why are we still fighting wars with shells and bombs and tanks and artillery when we have witnessed very effective alternative methods of warfare in recent times?
  4. Is war still a scam as it always has been and still exists to feed the very hungry weapons industry and all their shareholders?
  5. Will we witness the intervention from on high of secretive space-based weapons that could potentially render all other weapons virtually obsolete overnight?
  6. Is the objective of shelling urban areas in Ukraine and Palestine to level the ground in preparation for some of the largest construction projects the world has ever seen?
  7. Are we essentially witnessing an ongoing program of technology transfer to eastern nations that is rewarded with even larger weapons and defense contracts?
  8. Are we being subjected to a long and grueling demoralization campaign with no end in sight?
  9. Are we being distracted from the medical and Big Pharma crimes of the last few years that appears to be ramping up for part two?
  10. Are governments the biggest organized crime gangs in history?

The biggest thieves.

The biggest murderers.

The biggest liars.

I'll leave it you to decide, but it certainly is looking that way to me.

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