Energy Is The Currency Of Life - Money Should Be Based On It

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Some people say that money makes the world go around. In reality energy is responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Without energy nothing can be done; nothing can be built, moved, transformed, manufactured, invented, grown, defended or destroyed without the use of energy in all of its multivariate forms.

So why is it that for hundreds of years money has essentially been printed out of thin air under a system of fractional-reserve lending run by the world's central banks?

And why did anybody tolerate such an obviously fraudulent system for so long?

Economists, in general, have always taken energy supplies for granted. It's a given. A part of the overall equation that's always plentiful. It's always there underlying every activity. There's no need to worry about it, either in the present or even the mid-to-long-term future because something else will always materialize to save the day and keep industrial civilization ticking along.

There's just one thing.

We're definitely reaching some kind of limits concerning fossil fuels. Gail Tverberg over at has presented a very good case over the years that the real problem is not running out of resources per se, but that when it comes to fossil fuels, all the easy pickings, the low hanging fruit have been harvested. Therefore, these energy sources, although efficient and desirable, become too costly to extract going forward. Energy providers have no choice but to raise prices for customers and you start to get to the current situation that we see unfolding.

The alternatives have mostly been a failure despite the rah rah press reports from all the Green Media propagandists. Renewables and EVs are looking more and more like a sick joke played on gullible people that desperately wanted to "save the world." Anything to fill the void in their empty lives. Another virtue signalling badge to add to the long list that adorns their chests, boldly serving their Master, the Great Deceiver, unable to see through the lies even if their lives depended on it.

In my opinion, what we have here, is another case of original sin. Or as is more often the case, an original lie that underpins decades of wrongthink taking humanity further and further away from reality and any kind of rational interaction with the world around us.

CO2 failed as the Big Bad so Covid was rolled out

CO2 became a toxic waste product. An emission that had to be restrained at all cost. Something so deadly that the largest institutions and corporations worldwide were all ordered to make this harmless, life-giving gas their number one priority without fail. And based on this example of collective insanity, any human activity that emitted CO2 had to be shut down immediately or targeted for progressive deactivation over the coming decades.

By the look of things, we have replaced an efficient, common sense engineering approach to power production required for the smooth operation of almost every function in our daily lives – especially factories and transportation – with a totally illogical system born of computer model extrapolations (100 years into the future) that does nothing more than enrich the subsidy grifters and destroy the perfect balance of things before the madness was unleashed.

The renewables fanatics have never apologized for selling people a lie – that the whole world would be running on windmills and solar panels by the 2020s. I remember when the Singularity University crowd would gush about the prospect of universal renewables for the whole world within a decade because cost of solar and wind materials continued to plummet from year to year. None of them would ever seriously address intermittency or the ever-present issues with long term storage solutions.

What we got was added complexity, grid management problems, ridiculous levels of marketing and confusion from competing subsidiaries, and increasing costs and headaches for the end customer. Nowhere was this more evident than in Germany after their disastrous Energiewende experiment.

Not only did the whole world go mad following the Green Agenda, making things worse for everyone, but incompetent, bribed, blackmailed politicians everywhere were incapable of correcting course, stepping back, and of simply doing the right thing for their respective nation states. Because of this and the relentless greenwashing of the public consciousness, many countries have been going down the wrong path for decades and have reached a point where it may be difficult to undo the harm that's been done. Some countries are rushing to revive coal powered plants as if they've finally realized what a bunch of maroons they've been. It's probably too little too late at this point. The benefits were there to be exploited all these years. Now, these moves smell of desperation.

The race to make the whole world carbon neutral is finally decloaking and revealing the true intent behind everything that we are witnessing. This operation is nothing more than an all-out attack on humanity and our way of life in favor of worldwide Chinese-style communism/fascism.

Collapsing economies don't exactly help, but will be the order of the day starting at the periphery and working its ugly way to the center of all things, namely the urban sprawl that has been metastasizing for the last hundred years. In a cruel twist, it could be the city centers that suffer the most as logistical problems increase following the current trend. Experienced truck drivers will tell you that these mounting bottlenecks have no easy solution. And I would have to agree with that sentiment. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is stand well back and watch your house of cards blow away in the wind or burn to the ground.

Is it even possible to Build Back Better?

The real question is... who gets to decide?

A decision has been made to crash the world. When we emerge from the aftermath, who decides what gets repaired, reconfigured, adjusted, streamlined, or scrapped?

I certainly don't want the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, the CCP, or any Globalist ghoul or entity for that matter, making decisions on my behalf about the things that I value. How I choose to nourish myself, look after my personal health, heat myself in winter, what kind of vehicle I choose to drive, or how I educate my children is my business and mine alone.

These demonic control freaks need to extract themselves to a remote island and have at it among themselves. Maybe we could televize the whole thing although I'm not sure many people would tune in to watch these pathetic losers starve to death. Some things are just too repulsive.

It's best to prepare as best we can for some kind of mass restructuring operation along lines that most civil human beings would agree with.

To begin with, the entire banking system needs to be revamped or allowed to fail. Community friendly alternatives need to be established. Life supporting values need to take center stage again. And of course, all of this restructuring – if it's even possible – would be heavily dependent on which types of energy prevail and how much can be usefully provided.

In the current transitional phase, we see blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rising as a potential substitute for traditional banking and other contractual exchanges. For now, these alternatives amount to get-rich-quick schemes, vehicles for speculation, and offer little practical value in everyday financial transactions for most people.

The Problem With Crypto

Just as printing more money the good old-fashioned way doesn't solve our problems in general, creating a gazillion new cryptocurrencies doesn't change the underlying energy problem.

Energy needs to be affordable. When energy extraction costs go up, commodity prices become unbearable for the majority of consumers and we end up with an unsustainable situation leading to a crash.

Cryptocurrency is made by using copious amounts of precious energy to make a number. Then that number has a monetary value attributed to it and investors are able to speculate on whether the value of this number rises or falls based on factors that are mostly beyond our control.

With rising energy costs and microprocessor supply chain issues affecting any activity dependent on crunching algorithms, the business of making these numbers using the latest graphics cards and dedicated cryptocurrency mining machines becomes a tall order.

I'm not saying that some form of cryptocurrency doesn't have a future as a practical form of exchange, I just think that the whole concept is based on a faulty method of measuring value: burning energy to make a number vs measuring the amount of available usable energy we have and using that as the basis for money creation.

For example, our best boffins could simply work out how many Gigawatts we can realistically harvest for practical activities and convert that number into the national currency for each nation state. A global currency looks like a daft idea when you take into account the way things are currently going so I wouldn't even bother with such fanciful concepts. Lets keep things local whenever possible.


For any kind of reset to take place, the extraction cost of energy products will be the deciding factor. If energy is harvested in other ways – as with the current fad with renewables – then the cost of materials required to deploy windmills and solar panels in ever more hostile territories such as deserts and oceans will also decide whether these projects are viable or not.

So how does energy become more affordable?

Lets assume that current fossil fuel based energy products are not going to be cheap to extract ever again. We already require extreme engineering projects to prospect for new oil. Again, the costs can easily outweigh the benefits when it comes to new discovery. It makes sense to say that most fossil fuel companies will be filing for bankruptcy over the coming years as the ability to meet their price demands fall away.

Once the fraudulent system that we have been living under implodes and makes way for a radical shift back to center, we may be able to build a mix of power options that make more sense according to engineers that favor an increase in the use of nuclear power in all of its potential variations.

While we continue to wait for breakthroughs in the realm of nuclear fusion and modular nuclear fission reactors as well as 4th generation molten salt reactors, maybe we can balance the Force somewhat by combining the best possible options weighting them for practicality and affordability. Then all we need is the continuing maintenance and constant rebuilding of the electricity grid and all related infrastructure.

Remember, the level of complexity embedded in our industrial civilization makes it extremely vulnerable to any failures. An Achilles heal could be the transportation network, but any part of the supply chain from essential raw materials to the most sophisticated smartphone can end up creating bottlenecks that lead to a global logjam. How we manage things going forward could require even more advanced AI to run systems that no human mind can envision.

And our system of measuring value and counting and exchanging tokens of said value will have to evolve too. I just think that it would be infinitely more simple to base value on the available energy. Anything else amounts to building castles in the air.

Either this happens or we collapse back to some simpler state of being using human and animal labor to grow food and little else. Personally, I think these kinds of ideas are nothing more then mental fantasies that would be near impossible in reality if such a scenario were to materialize. Most people would die. It's as simple as that.

China's Perpetual Motion Machine

Chinese ghost cities and high speed railroads to nowhere were enabled by China's own version of the Federal Reserve's printing press. How many interconnected megacities are now 100% dependent on an endless supply of fossil fuel, nuclear power, renewables, and whatever else the Chinese government can throw into the mix to keep these heavily polluted urban monsters going just one more year.

One of my pet peeves has to do with the energy wasted every night lighting up the world's cities when there's hardly anyone there. It makes for pretty photography but really serves no other practical purpose. Vehicles have their own lights and a few pedestrians could carry torches or wear night vision goggles!

If China's having a hard time keeping the lights on, it's no wonder that the rest of the world is struggling to find a way forward with an energy/finance equation that makes sense.

How many countries are technically bankrupt and running on fumes as well as the promise that everything will get better if we just keep printing more debt, also known as "quantitative easing?"

How many banks are technically always about to implode and somehow manage to stay afloat by re-organizing the deck chairs while the ship of fractional-reserve banking continues to sink?

And if you think precious metals solve the problem, then dig up as much gold, silver, platinum, and maybe add some diamonds and see where that gets you when the system crashes and the zombies run around looking for anything that resembles food.

I have no special attachment to metals. They're just metals. They either have practical value or they don't. Collect them if they make you feel better, if you value them as a form of money. Just remember that you can't take any of it with you.

And another thing...

We need better leaders. Otherwise all our good intentions, all our projects, aspirations, and the world we leave for the next generation will be for naught. We simply can't allow the current psychopathic elite to inherit the earth.

Why is Creepy, Sleepy Joe In Charge Of Anything?

It's true. Idiocracy is here. And President Joe Biden is leading the way. If you ever wondered what it takes to be president of the most powerful country in the world... look no further...

Apparently, the only credentials you need are severe dementia, 50% teleprompter reading proficiency, a recently filled adult diaper, and an aptitude for making children unnecessarily uncomfortable on live C-SPAN broadcasts.

Then again, they do say that government is a reflection of the public consciousness and that we get the leaders that we deserve.

Surely we can do better than this!

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