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Progress is a funny word. Not funny ha ha, funny like a clown as ominously explained by Joe Pesci's character during that wonderful scene in Goodfellas. No, progress is a funny word as in strange, difficult to understand, to pin down and associate with any point in time.

Advanced is another one. I have similar issues with it. Usually these words or a combination of them are wielded (as if they possess some kind of magical effect) to describe how far ahead we are as a species, particularly how well we are doing in the areas of technological prowess and societal norms.

Some of you, I'm sure, can see where I'm going with this already. Many conservatives and the older demographic in Western nations have grown tired of witnessing so much "progress" and "advanced technology" over the years.

It's not that this demographic is backwards or that they don't click with smartphones and carbon taxes and social media and EVs or the latest societal trends like LGBTQ+ everything and radical feminism and militant veganism and next wave communism and open borders and full body tattoos and piercings and half shaved heads and all the other isms and oddities of our age.

No, they've been very tolerant of all these things, probably more than was healthy for their own survival as the remaining bastion of Morally Righteous People on Earth INC. What they don't see is how any of this is better than what they had before.


Looking back at my own journey through this patch of modern history, I would say that I was firmly in the techno-progressive camp around twenty years ago. I was eagerly awaiting the incoming explosion of mobile robotics and AI and self-driving vehicles and new energy solutions and open source, widely distributed protocols that would somehow liberate humanity and help us leapfrog out of a clunky past and into the promised land of the future.

This vision was backed by thousands of technology press articles pushing the narrative that we would soon get there, that this vision was always tentatively just around the corner, much like fusion energy had been twenty years away for the last sixty years. Now it's always five years away so I guess we can call that progress too.

We were supposed to look forward to and collectively benefit from continued progress in the following areas...

  • the transition of gasoline and diesel vehicles to fully electric.
  • coal plants were to be phased out and gradually replaced by renewables and a suitable storage solution that has yet to materialize.
  • nuclear power stations and the promise that more advanced nuclear reactors would come online and be cheaper and safer. We would need thousands of mass-produced reactors to power the incoming needs of AI, robotics and EVs but somehow (at least on paper) this was doable.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies would revolutionize the world of finance with catchy buzzwords such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and P2P (Peer to Peer Networks) and Altcoins and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
  • Human Augmentation also known as body modification, transhumanism or H+ (formerly The Eugenics Society) and genetic engineering also known as Biotech (CRISPR) and mRNA technology.

Big Farce

Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Banks always talk about progress in the medical industry which mostly focuses on new prevention-based vaccine products for every ailment. Of course, this line of thinking is incredibly flawed and has been shown to be fraudulent and should not be pursued any further by people that are actually interested in maintaining good health but where there's a ton of money to be made selling snake oil you'll find the vultures and hyenas circling every time.

Even within these fraudulent industries (some of the largest in the world) you'll see how they try to bamboozle the customer through claims of progress in their delivery mechanisms or by dressing up the products and services in fancy new packaging and advertising campaigns. For example, vaccination products will gradually move away from the injection delivery model to drinkables and skin patches making the entire process more palatable for the general public and especially children which have always been the prime target of vaccination. This is all depicted as progress and the people will accept these claims because it improves on the nastiest aspect of something that is required of them as obedient citizens.

A globalized digital ID system together with CBDCs and biometric scanning are also being accepted wherever they are rolled out because these concepts are wrapped in the aura of progress, convenience, safety, security, the future, efficiency, ease of use, transportability, and the wow factor of new tech.

To anyone with a smidgen of common sense, these measures can only add up to one thing and that is total control of all human activity down to whether you can own a chicken or not and how far you can travel from your 15 minute Safe City Enhanced Learning Education Center if that will even be possible at all under this emergent system.

All your data including medical and especially mRNA based immunization data will be on file and not being up to date with your shots and check ups and any other societal requirements deemed necessary to live in the New Normal will mean that you are denied access to basic amenities and flagged as a problem citizen that is probably in need of reeducation consisting of a chemical lobotomy during a forced visit to one of the camps that have already been built for this purpose.


Advanced Technology Ain't what It Used To Be

Obviously, the latest iteration of technological progress in any industry is always going to be touted as advanced and better than whatever went before. I'm struggling to see how this works in the car industry since it was demonstrably easier to fix and maintain your own car before they advanced down a path of electronic system and surveillance supremacy until even good mechanics struggle to know what's going on under the hood. Parts have become gradually more expensive to replace (on purpose) and even though improved safety systems are much appreciated these have also become intrusive to the point that they are now annoying every time they get inside your head.

The automation of driving has yet to make an impact on actual everyday routine tasks and I fail to see how it improves on people simply driving their own vehicles other than helping those that can't drive. Driver assist systems are already helping human drivers in tricky situations. I don't see the need for more than that since most people tend to have few accidents anyway.

And again, technological progress in this field, as with many others, simply puts millions of people out of work. The idea that they will retrain or subsist on handouts is ludicrous. Maybe this is the goal. To make millions of men lose their jobs and income so that they wallow in worthlessness and idle entertainments until they are washed out of the gene pool.

The current wave of content surrounding technological advances focuses heavily on AI and robotics which appears to be coming of age and looks set to threaten a few more lines of employment as promised by many a tech guru back in the day.

Humanoid robots are always eye-catching and attention grabbing when they are revealed in the now customary YouTube dance video but I still haven't seen anything useful being carried out by these robots in the real world outside of robotics labs.

The latest boost in LLMs (Large Language Models) and other AI products are already greedily demanding an increase in data storage and energy to meet the requirements of these new activities. As more robots and EVs are produced they will likely push these requirements even higher and I suspect many countries will struggle to keep up. Europe is already mismanaging its energy inputs and will likely drop the ball when the going gets tough and the relevant funding fails to materialize.

Also, mass adoption of these replacement technologies depends entirely on the ability of materials, battery, energy, and systems scientists and engineers to make the relevant discoveries allowing for breakthroughs that push through the current bottlenecks that keep prices prohibitively high for the majority of consumers. Unless this happens across the board then the entire edifice of progress and technological advancement crumbles under its own weight.

Hopium — A Most Excellent Marketing Gimmick

As with all new technologies and products, it's not the marketing and engineering claims that matter, but whether the general public finds the products useful in their everyday lives either in the workplace or during leisure time. Smartphones fit this dual purpose role probably more than any other tool since cars rolled off the assembly lines at Henry Ford's factories.

We have a long history of failed projects that were touted as the next big thing. It was really wild during the fifties with all the space travel, jetpack, and flying car propaganda. Some of those ideas are still being messed around with but they are far from the practical everyday useful tools that were promised. What we got instead was a long list of novelty gadgets and toys and gimmicky whatnots that we might look back on with nostalgic fondness but also a large dose of "what the hell was all that about?"

Some of these "foolish ideas" became portable music devices and video game consoles and remote-controlled toy cars and virtual pets and snowboards and all manner of fun to be had in ones so-called spare time (not sure if hula hoops are still a thing but honorable mention goes here).

Again, smartphones have pretty much hijacked much of the mindspace that was devoted to physical activities and the most compatible ones simply shifted from previous devices onto the smartphone, the one device to rule them all. What's funny is how much people have insisted on continuing the physical activity with smartphone in hand whether it be walking, skateboarding (yes, I've seen this), horse riding, bike riding, driving and probably a few I haven't personally come across but I'm sure they're out there somewhere.

And again, I have to ask myself... how exactly is this demonstrative of anything resembling a positive? A leap forward? Progress? As in... the desirable progress package that was promised and not some dystopian claptrap dreamed up by bargain basement sci-fi enthusiasts.

When we were kids, the vision of progress that was injected into our brains through the TV, movies, toys and comic books was one that inspired optimism and courageous adventurism, a future that you felt comfortable investing in, investing your time, your wealth, your intellect in something larger than humanity itself but without losing the importance of individual merit and societal responsibility.

Something appears to have gone wrong. Technological progress appears to be chugging along at a fair clip but we seem to have veered off the road at some point and we're now deep in the weeds staring totalitarian scientific dictatorship straight in the eyeball up close where it hurts.

How did that happen?

Maybe this outcome has been the plan all along. Maybe the boffins at DARPA, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Oxford, the War College, Naval Intelligence, NSA, and so on have known that this was the plan all along. Maybe they were following the blueprints laid out long ago by elitist British scientists. Maybe Bentham put the finishing touches on the perfect system with which to enslave people utilizing their their own paranoid tendencies against them. Maybe H. G. Wells described scenarios that satisfied the Elite Master Farmer's desires for absolute control over the man herd. Maybe Aldous Huxley and George Orwell finished the job. Maybe they're all rolling in their graves. Or maybe they're not. Maybe they were all in on the great plan to achieve world domination. Maybe they had to give the herd a heads up to see if there was any life in the old dog yet, to provoke a reaction, anything to demonstrate that the blob still had a mind of its own.

Well, I think we can safely say now that the Convid psyop was the greatest test of all time and it's my observation and personal opinion that the majority of the human herd failed and failed miserably, myself included.

Anyone that wore a mask at any time... failed.

Anyone that took a test for Convid... failed.

Anyone that lined up to be injected with unknown substances... failed.

Anyone who knew what was going on but didn't speak out strongly enough... failed.

We are progressing rapidly towards top down totalitarian control of everything that the human blob comes into contact with including the humans themselves. The WHO wants to inject the entire world with mRNA technology and subject all animal life under human control to the same.

Big Tech wants to connect all life on Earth through the vast cable network and wirelessly through the latest generations of cell towers and antennas. No one gets out of this if Big Tech and Big Pharma get their way.

I'm surprised at how few people even know this and question why this may be happening.

I'm not surprised how far down this road we have come considering how easily the masses have been fooled in the past.

The entire Convid spectacle was such a horrendous failure for all of humanity that I still feel embarrassed to be associated with it and the species that allowed it all to happen. The fact that most people around me now carry on as if nothing happened at all, like it was all a distant dream, going back to their lives with a pat on the back for a job well done, just confirms to me even more that the experiments carried out on human guinea pigs during the last hundred years by sociopathic lab dwellers were designed with evil intent and worked almost perfectly throughout the Convid mass torture exercise.

For that's what it truly was. A sordid exercise, a trial run for what may be coming next in the form of Bird Flu panic or some other global-reach fake problem that unleashes the excuse to lockdown again, to torture the people of this world with oxygen deprivation, isolation, mental stress, physical debilitation, poor nutrition, the general demoralization of humanity and the promotion of nihilistic concepts that lead humans to think of themselves as mere biological robots to be used up and thrown away like cheap dollar store tools.

I like to think that we're more than that. Otherwise what's the point. Even tech-obsessed anarcho-capitalist atheists appear to have purpose in life. Meditating budhist monks appear to be purposeful in their endeavors. Rock climbers and deep sea divers and car enthusiasts and dancers and mathematics geniuses all demonstrate a desire to peel back the world around them and see what it has to offer.

I'm sure robotics engineers and AI gurus all fit this mold too but somehow Big Tech has knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, craftily, deviously, or maybe innocently acquired a dark aura of devilish, fiendish, nauseating, repulsive, militant control-freakery wrapped in bubble gum that is supposed to pull the wool over us clever monkeys.

Well... guess what? It looks like the monkeys weren't that clever after all. They are easily manipulated by tiny screens, screens of any size actually, but the smaller the better, so they can fit in the palm of the monkey's hand, so the monkeys can carry them around all day every day, so they never have to look up ever again and talk to other monkeys. If they did they might find out what was being done to them and they might spread the word. And then the monkeys would take over the planet. Or was that the apes?

Anyway, you get the idea. The bipedal mammals would rise up and flourish like never before having finally released themselves from the grip of a parasitic infection that had been holding them back for hundreds if not thousands of years.

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