Are You Prepared For Radical Change?

Are You Prepared For Radical Change?
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Hope you're staying sane in this crazy world. I know, not an easy task. But better than being whisked away by the men in white coats to some unknown location, right? Where the government promises to cure your paranoid tendencies once and for all?

Pretty glad I don't live in Shanghai right now. In fact I'm pretty sure people like us would have ended up in the reeducation camps a long time ago if we lived anywhere in China.

The thing is... everywhere else was also going down this same road when the notorious Coof scam came to town. The whole world was introduced to the New Normal complete with a textbook of new terminology to be crammed down our throats for the Greater Good.

And while everyone has been distracted with the Ukraine military operations and the neverending battle between rabid abortionists and pro-lifers, the WHO has been granting itself supreme powers of public health policy worldwide.

[UPDATE] ... The dictatorial WHO proposals have been kicked to the curb for now. Good. But don't get too comfortable. I expect them to try again in the coming years.

Now, I don't know about you, but I've drawn a line in the sand when it comes to bodily integrity. In my humble opinion, no-one on this beautiful planet we call Earth has the right to tell me what to put in my body. And they certainly can't get around that by attempting to coerce me or by trying to force medicate me in any way.

These supranational, self-appointed, criminal mafia authorities are attempting to push through legislation that grants the American government and the EU parliament the power to override a citizen's individual God-given human right to refuse medical treatments, specially the dreaded mRNA gene therapy products masquerading as vaxxines.

And after researching the history of virology and vaxxines, I don't want another vaxxine product anywhere near my bloodstream for the time I have left in this unpredictable video game experience we call life.

On that note... I was reminded of the clip from The Matrix today where Morpheus trains Neo to lose his "Fear, doubt and disbelief."

"You have to let it all go, Neo." says Morpheus as he leaps impossibly to the next distant rooftop.

"Free your mind." he says.

Morpheus is taking a leap into the beyond. A leap of faith. He's doing so inside a training construct — a replica of the Matrix — but the consequences of "getting it wrong" can be felt by the real body sitting in the "neuralink" chair.

The purpose of the exercise is to free Neo's mind. To show him that everything he's ever known, everything he thought was true was in fact a lie, a lie to keep his mind enslaved and to restrict his full potential.

We've reached a crossroads in our real lives. I hope you can appreciate the crossover from pivotal films like the Matrix and other stories where the protagonists face a fork in the road. A decision has to be made before the hero can proceed on their journey towards fulfillment.

In my opinion, we are all the hero character in our own story. And instead of a simple fork in the road, the world is now presenting us with a steaming hot pile of choices that would turn even Neo into a gibbering wreck!

To add to the already confusing array of choice laid out before us, we are being bombarded with deliberately subversive narratives on every topic you can imagine. The purpose of this onslaught is to reduce anyone paying attention to a state of paralysis and apathy. In effect, neutering any resistance to the rollout of global governance as dictated by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

We know what the plan is and yet most people active in the "resistance" appear to have gone back to sleep following the easing of mask mandates in the West and the declaration by a handful of EU politicians that vaxxines can never be mandatory.

Even so, everyone can see what is currently happening in China. And it looks bad. Really bad. If the Western nations try to pull the same crap over here again with full-scale lockdowns, mass mask-wearing, forced testing and vaxxing it'll be interesting to see how many of the zombies go along with it this time.

Even if you ramp up the fear again with a new scary variant or an entirely new virus such as bird flu or airborne Ebola or Smallpox or whatever ridiculous story they come up with, I find it hard to believe that most people will fall for this shit all over again. But you never know. And it's best to prepare for the worst. Just in case.

[UPDATE] ... So they went with a Monkey Pox scare. Should've known. Visibly repulsive rash will have the zombies falling over each other to get jabbed and boosted all over again.

Beyond that, the international central banking cartel is preparing to crush the cryptocurrency space and replace it with their long-planned Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs.

Even though I believe that independent cryptocurrencies will have their place in the world going forward it's also obvious to me that the majority of normies will flock to CBDCs as they are made available due to their greater promised stability, reliability, ease of use, guarantees, and all the other usual reasons why the herd adopts whatever the state throws at them.

The state only has to promise that all of the coming changes in healthcare, finance, security, and top-down governance of everything else in our lives is for our own good and the normies will lap it up without question, nodding in agreement to each other just like they did when Covid measures were enforced.

They will be told that there are no reasonable alternatives and that the horrible, nasty dissenters will be appropriately dealt with when the time comes.

However, this is what bothers me most of all. Maybe it bothers you too if you happen to make a living online or wish to do so in the future. A global digital ID system is being enforced one country, one service at a time. At this rate, soon everyone will have to scan their biometric ID just to get online.

In other words, anyone that doesn't already live like the Amish and wants to maintain some level of functionality in the digital playground will have to jump through these hoops to keep playing the game. It's either that or start planning your escape route towards the nearest Amish community see if they'll take you in!

Some humanity-hating pundits shamelessly beg for a grid-down zombie apocalypse to unfold. It's their belief that the Earth would be better off without us. My response to these types is always the same. If you really think your presence in this realm is stinking the place up... what's stopping you from getting off my planet? Off you go! Get lost! We don't need you.

The problem is it's not just a few weirdos in the corner like Extinction Rebellion bitching and whining about population growth. The higher ups are the ones banging this drum incessantly for the past fifty years. And it wouldn't surprise me if they are behind all the population reduction cults that foam at the mouth if you disagree with their radical proposals.

The Club of Rome and The Limits to Growth are largely to blame for all this. The zero-carbon CO2 cult is still going strong. In fact, most of the insanity happening in the world and all of the stupid decisions being made stem from the idea that CO2 is a bad gas and that we are solely responsible for the changing environmental conditions on planet Earth which, of course, is absolute nonsense.

Looking to the Future

I don't have kids, but I can imagine what it's like for parents with children that are only just beginning their lives. The uncertain terrain that lies ahead is definitely looking shaky compared to the relative stability of the last fifty years that many of us enjoyed and even took for granted.

In my last article, I talked about possible near-future scenarios ranging from most uncomfortable to reasonably optimistic. No one knows for sure which way things are going to go, but everyone has an opinion based on their worldview. Again, this causes confusion because every pundit believes they have the "Truth" more than everyone else.

The problem is they can't all be right. People basically make assumptions guided by their emotions and on what they've read all based on historical precedence. None of these sources are reliable because they all ignore impossible to know factors that have yet to materialize.

And I'll be the first to admit that I'm clinging on to the idea of unknown factors somehow saving the day in the coming years. I refuse to accept the narrative of the doomsayers that everything will crash and there's nothing we can do about it. I now believe that we can patch the system for long enough while we rearrange the deckchairs.

The things that need to hold together during this process are...

  • the financial system and whatever replaces it
  • energy and infrastructure in all its forms
  • the mining industry as it shifts from fossil fuels to rare earth metals
  • the constitutional rights of citizens everywhere
  • the mental fortitude to survive this crazy rollercoaster ride

We are on this ride through no choice of our own. These are the cards that we've been dealt and we have to play the game as best we can. If things do indeed fall apart then whoever survives that outcome will have their hands full in more ways than one.

All I know is that, if things manage to hold together for a while longer, I won't be jumping into Zuckerberg's Metaverse any time soon! That's not a game I want to play. I will do my best to stay away from global digital ID, transhumanism, augmented reality headsets, vaxxines, social credit scores, cryptocurrencies, and the neverending stream of social media platforms run by WEF promoted tech savior gurus.

It's gonna be tough to stay "normal" in the years ahead.

I just hope I can carry on writing my books and uploading them to for as long as I live. Is that too much to ask from the Elite Master Farmers? Will I have to jump through hoops just to stay online and keep doing the things I value?

Maybe. It's certainly looking that way.

There's too much fearmongering coming from the MSM and the alt media — nuclear war, bioweapons release, food shortages, supply chain disruption, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse... you get the idea — most of it geared towards keeping us down and feeling like there's no way out.

We're being set up to be saved by a "Chosen One" — a Messiah of their own choosing — and it looks like Lord Putin or someone like him has been chosen to play the role of Savior.

We need to override all the negativity with a tsunami of radical optimism. We need to face the four horsemen and tell them to get off their horses and drink their milk, John Wayne style. We need to become an unstoppable force charging forward into the unknown with courage and faith, with the knowledge that things will turn out just fine if we hold fast and never surrender.

At this point... what do we have to lose?

Ok, don't answer that!

Not until 2025 at least so we've had time to assess the long-term damage and fallout from the ongoing mass-psychosis jabbing event.

Chin up friend and brace for the storm! It'll pass. And then the real building will begin. Let's build something that future generations will thank us for instead of the nightmare that the globalists have in mind.

All the best,


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