Pump Trump!

Statues of Trump, Obama, Jesus and Ninja Turtles
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There once was a man with golden hair
They called him the Golden Golem
He liked pretty women from Eastern Europe
And walls he liked to build 'em

He made his fortune in hotels
Casinos and golf courses too
Then a president he became
And the Left began to boo

Q says he's still Commander in Chief
That the Elections they were rigged
In 24 he'll rise again
The Left just hasn't twigged

He is the Chosen One you see
Of that you can be sure
The Jewish Temple must be built
So faith we can restore

For Bibi, Christians and the rest
That worship day and night
At their altars on their knees
For God to put things right

So when it's time upon the Earth
For angel guardians to descend
And with their trumpets blaring loud
Put Bankster wars to an end

Fear not observant one
For all shall be revealed
As foretold in ancient times
Your eyes they shall be peeled

Do not forget the promise made
By Space Force, Pence and generals wise
That Rods from God are now online
Always the high ground was the prize

And prophecy as it is written
Is the plan, the script, the path
As actors, players and their kin
Cast spells while hidden masters laugh

Oh well, never mind
It will be what it will be
As long as the Father of the Jabs
Keeps the damned things away from me

He can make his fish lips, wave his hands
Dance like a robot till he falls
Drone foreign generals all day long
And build another hundred walls

'cause as Hillary his good friend did say
What does it matter at this point
When not a soul can pay the debt
The time has come to close this joint


Now that's out of my system...

Lets get back to the "real" world... or at least... the world that is presented to us as real through the various media and propaganda networks.

In the last article, I wrote this as a taster...

Super Bro Trump manifests his final form and teams up with all the other Super Bros to Build the Third Temple once the ground at the Temple Mount has been prepared. Maybe then he'll be let off the leash and his debt with his masters cleared after years of pandering to the Zionist cause.
Just imagine... the return of Kushner and Pence — the Temple Knights of Middle East peace and the indomitable Space Force respectively.

To many this may come across as silly-talk, but I can assure you this is very much the plot that is unfolding behind the scenes, a plot formulated, scripted and set in motion by non-governmental gangs, criminal gangs that pull the strings of governments, major corporations, think tanks, institutions and organizations worldwide.

Trump, whether you like the guy or not, whether you think he's compromised and doing the bidding of Rothschild banking INC. or not, is the number one character to watch on the global stage, closely followed by Musk, but we'll get to him later.

Both characters are being set up to play the role of savior once tensions boil over and WW3 looks like a sure thing. What we're currently seeing is the promotional campaign, the ramping up phase until everyone everywhere has weapons of mass destruction on their minds and the latest TV propaganda talking points gushing from their lips.

Unfortunately, that's the world we live in, a world where NPCs regurgitate whatever they hear on TV to each other in the street. They bicker back and forth over the various talking points, pick sides, defend positions, all fictional, written by professional spin doctors and Hollywood scriptwriters, unaware of the mind-job that's being run on them 24/7/365.

At this point, I'm reluctant to refer back to the depths of the Convid era because we're most certainly not out of those woods yet, not by a long chalk, but refer to it I must because it's easily one of, if not the greatest example, of mass mind-control and universal deception at the hands of expert con-men the world has ever had the misfortune of suffering through.

And Trump foolishly still refers to himself as the Father of the Jibby Jabs and proclaims that millions of lives were saved because of his rapid response in the early days of the fabricated "crisis."

Could it have something to do with the establishment's commitment to Big Pharma? And the personal investments held by most politicians and business people in this most profitable of arenas?

Could it be that Trump, no matter how many times he screws up or how many times his scripted political enemies come after him through the American legal system he will always come up smelling of roses because El Trumpo has been "selected" for the End Times movie that is currently getting under way?

Grab some popcorn. This is going to get interesting. Even the Normies will sit up and pay attention when this show gets on the road. Talk about being dumped in the deep end. I can see a lot of brains crashing already. The ones that make it through to the other side will be fine. They'll be able to pick up the pieces, wipe the drool from their chin, forgive themselves for having been comatose for so long, and start to live in the real world for the first time in their lives.

The Trumpmeister is currently playing the role of persecuted savior that will magically and triumphantly emerge from the doldrums when the time is right and rise up again to meet the demand for a strong leader, a focal point for "patriots" to rally round and feel great about themselves again until they realize again that it's all based on lies.

The Trump Train has run out of steam.

And yet analysts that I respect such as Brendon O'Connell still promote the Trump Train and the energy that was captured in the early days of that movement as the only viable path forward for America and the rest of the world because Trump is the only game in town.

At the same time, many Trump loyalists have essentially dumped Trump because of his refusal to admit the truth about the jabs and the vast trail of damage caused by the last three years of lock downs, mask tyranny, authoritarian medical insanity, the lines crossed by illegal government mandates, and the destruction of the sanctity of bodily integrity all for a disease that does not exist.

What's Behind the Trump Train?

So, this all leads backs to central bank dominance and how the controllers gain leverage over all the players beneath them. We have seen how countries that resist and wish to go their own way (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran) are invaded and forced to adopt the usurious central banking system that has parasitically dominated the rest of the world for hundreds of years.

The dynastic families behind this parasitic behavior are subject to extreme materialistic greed and an insatiable lust for power. Where or when this specific desire arose is difficult to pin down and I prefer not to point the finger at individuals or groups because they do not represent all other individuals who happen to be members of these groups.

I prefer to look at these phenomena through the lens of nature, behavioral psychology and biochemical functions. I'm sure many scientists studying the nature of this realm would agree. There appear to be emergent, evolutionary, algorithmic "choices" occurring as organisms adapt to their environment. In humans, we can see how deep rooted fear of material poverty leads to an over-correction in the algorithm until certain traits become dominant ensuring future material comfort and "success" in the game of life.

Greed appears to be built in at the foundational level of every civilization. In the natural world we witness growth in all lifeforms until they reach peak. Beyond that they collapse relatively quickly (after having served their purpose) or suffer a long, slow decline while being surpassed by others of the same species or other forms of life entirely.

The Roman Empire, the British Empire, the dynasties of ancient China, the Rajas of India, the Mayans, the Roman Catholic church and the current world order with its headquarters in Switzerland are all examples of growth systems that were/are subject to the unavoidable rules embedded in the laws of physics.

No matter how great Britain thought it was for centuries of ruling Britannia and the waves you only have to look at the UK today with honest eyes to see how far a nation, an empire can fall from "grace."

So when we look at the current state of the US and the clownish, populist puppets like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson that are propped up and clung to as if there are no other options you know that the corporate organism carrying the label of the United States of America is on its way out and there's nothing that anyone can do to stop that process.

After the Correction

Sure, there will be days in the future when humans living in the territory known as North America can potentially live according to their means and be grateful for what they get, but that will be determined by what happens in the rest of the world. I see America's big swinging dick shrinking right back to base where it belongs. They simply will not be able to maintain hundreds of military bases worldwide no matter how much secret tech is revealed or how much of the high ground they get to occupy. The push-back has already begun. Washington's relationship with Israel is not well received anymore (has it ever been?) and the American people themselves appear to be burned out when it comes to wars overseas and and the pumping of the military industrial machine that keeps America's heart ticking.

So, implosion it is then.

And I care not who's manning the pumps when it all begins to sink because it won't make any difference. Not Trump, not Obama, not Clinton, not Bush, not Reagan, not Jesus Christ himself. These are all characters placed in people's minds, voices rolling around inside their heads.

Leaders can be bribed, blackmailed, removed, assassinated, replaced. They have been all throughout our history.

And yet people still fuss over the details. They get caught up in the latest gossip. They watch the talking heads on TV, on the Internet, the MSM, the alternative media, hoping, wishing, longing for change or a return to what they sorely miss.

It'll never come of course. Things only move forward according to nature's relentless, unfathomable rhythm. Nothing can change that. Those who think they can outrun her, replace her, improve on her beauty are deluded fools, no more, no less.

So I say to you... believers in the Trump Train, the Bolsonaro Blockbuster, the Putin Persistence, the BRICS breakaway civilization... what exactly is it you're looking for?

Hope and Change?

To Make (fill in the blank) Great Again?

To build a temple to your fictional desert god so that your fictional messiah, moshiach, luciferian demigod deity drops down to Earth from the alien mothership to rapture the faithful?

Because you can't face reality as an adult?

And own up to the fact that you've been hoodwinked, shafted, lied to, tricked, had, by a bunch of sneaky, low-down, dirty criminals that mastered the art of the psychological con using reward and punishment which should only work on very young children but certainly not grown-ass adults with the worlds knowledge at their fingertips.

That's just embarrassing.

And yet here we are, staring into the abyss yet again, ready to tear each other to pieces over chunks of land, lumps of gold, resources, and bragging rights — my god is greater than your god.

We're supposed to be better than this. We're supposed to be able to distinguish between stories and reality. We're supposed to leave childish things behind while allowing our children to explore these fantastical stories for their educational value. We're supposed to understand the teachings of Jesus or Obi Wan Kenobi or Lord Buddha or Mr Miyagi or Yoda and apply them liberally to our lives where it makes sense to do so, but not to put these characters on such a pedestal that people lose their minds to what is written in a book. That is unacceptable and is due for a very long overdue correction.

Enough said.

Next time, I'll delve into the reasons why Elon Musk is not your techno lord and savior however much alt-media is pumping him to the stars right now. You will not be saved by the Starlink satellite network, or the bulletproof Cybertruck patrolling your streets and certainly not by having a chip implanted behind your ear or by X (formally Twatter) acting all cool again.

Forget about it.

It's done.

These are not the saviors you're looking for.

And I'm not sure you actually ever needed any.

You were perfectly capable of working things out for yourself all along.

All you had to do was look in the mirror.

Bonus Round

A bit of Brendon...



Anyway, have fun pumping up the next thing whatever it is. I'm sure there's a long line of suckers waiting to get on board all over again expecting a different outcome.

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