Is The Truth Tsunami About To Crash Onto Our Shores?

A Truth Tsunami wave crashes onto our shores
Photo by Matt Paul Catalano / Unsplash

The other day I heard Dr Mike Yeadon — the former chief scientist and vice-president of the allergy and respiratory research division at Pfizer — say that he's now on board with the "respiratory viruses don't exist" crowd.

Here's the video...

Dr. Mike Yeadon Concludes: "There are no Respiratory Viruses!"

Dr. Mike Yeadon Concludes: "There are no Respiratory Viruses!"

In my opinion, this admission represents a significant turning point in the Covid plandemic narrative, possibly the most important one to date.

And, of course, as is to be expected, none of this will be reported on the MSM.

These milestones remain firmly in the domain of the already awakened and the newly awakening populace — a new species of truebloods (who managed to dodge one of the biggest bullets in history) and those that were able to swallow their pride and admit that they'd been hoodwinked by malevolent characters in the greatest snake-oil con-job of all time.

For the Covid-weary, several-times-jabbed, zombie nation, new information reminding them what a bunch of dolts they are is, of course, not welcome.

It's painful to know you've made a mistake, but when it's a whopper... the pain and shame just multiplies.

Giant figures in this stage play, such as Mike Yeadon, admitting that disease is not caused by respiratory viruses just makes the pain open up a potentially deeper wound... the idea that you've been wrong about something your whole life.

And that's not easy for anyone, even for those with the most open of minds.

These revelations can knock people sideways, leaving them in a catatonic state, unable to return to "normal" functions, possibly for life.

Even so, this is a process that needs to happen. We need a detox. The global consciousness needs to admit to its mistakes and decisively move on. If we don't, we are doomed to repeat these mistakes on an even larger scale at a later date.

Temporary pain for a chance at long term survival is the name of the game.

The Great Reveal

These milestones are incredibly welcome for those of us that have been tracking the evolution of the long-running virus/vaccine scam.

However, it's still not enough. We haven't reached critical mass. There are still people walking around wearing flimsy surgical masks thinking they are being exceptionally virtuous citizens.

Maybe their doctors recommended to them that they cover their mouths because they are "weak" in some way. It's still wrong. And any "doctor" recommending such things should be fired.

Others are forced to continue wearing protective face coverings in their line of work, be it a bank teller or a food server in the local supermarket. Again... entirely ludicrous.

Mandates are still operational on all public transport and even private taxis. This needs to be struck down. They are all perpetuating the scam.

And the dopey general public is being prepped for the next plandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

How many will go along with the illegal mandates this time?

Will a hopelessly obedient minority predictably jump to attention and immediately do as they're told just as they did the last time?

Will the rest respond differently this time because they've acquired just enough information to make better decisions when they sense that it's their freedoms that are under attack and not their health?

Who knows?

Everything is up in the air at the moment. We have the greater conflict scenario unfolding waiting for a spark to ignite "the final war to end all wars."

But they said that last time. And the time before that. So... who knows?

Flashpoints include the ongoing Ukraine saga, Mediterranean hiccups between Turkey, Israel and Greece, the Taiwan situation, and the neverending (but always imminent) invasion of Iran conclusion to the Path to Persia project.

Relevant to these potential flashpoints leading to a greater war is the looming concept that nuclear weapons of one kind or another are waiting to be unleashed on one side or another or all at once in a classic MAD outcome.

Mutual Assured Destruction was a scary boogeyman in the sixties and seventies. Even the eighties carried the torch somewhat. But that train looks less and less likely to leave the station no matter how much the MSM and Alt-media try to fluff up an old worn out narrative.

It's very possible that nuclear weapons simply don't work the way that we've been told, if they even work at all.

Where have they been in the past seventy years?

I mean... apart from all the testing that supposedly goes on. Which could just be large TNT explosions underground and underwater to maintain the con.

If some of us are correct about a Truth Tsunami crashing onto our shores in the near future, nukes, bioweapons, viral pandemics and several other "big old lies" could "come a cropper" once and for all.

It's about time.

Without these "always on" Swords of Damocles hanging over the heads of the global population, people would be set free of their mental conditioning. For the first time, large swathes of the population would realize that Fear and Fear alone is the greatest weapon, and that Fear has been masterfully wielded over the ages to control us and keep us from realizing our true potential.

At the risk of sounding like some cheesy self-help guru, this is exactly what the global population needs at this moment in time. It's as if the stars have aligned and our time has come to shine. A collective awareness is rising up to shake off the mistakes of the past, to elevate human consciousness to new levels of understanding.

In the immortal words of George Bush junior...

"Fool me once, shame on... shame on you... a fooled man can't get fooled again."

All I ask for during Q4 of 2022 and going into Q1 of 2023 is that the "fools" among us wisen up, learn the lesson, take the hit, lift your heads out of the ground and please, I beg you please... don't get fooled again by the same people running the same scam they've been running for the past hundred years!

Don't you think it's about time that we turned that page in history?

How else can we deal with the burgeoning "real world" issues in our near future (economic restructuring, supply chain reshuffling, figuring out our true purpose in this realm) if most people are still drowning in a chronic state of unawareness, still unable to shift gear, to up their game, to finally stand their ground in the face of Elite Master Farmer bullshit!

A Truth Tsunami is coming

Of that I have no doubt.

The old system is crashing, to be replaced by something potentially worse.

Of that I have no doubt too.

At least that's what "the plan" is.

But, as you should know by now...

The best laid plans... often screw up royally.

The Elite Master Farmers may be a little sneaky... that's what ultimately gives them such an advantage.

But shine a light on them for long enough... and watch as they run for the shadows.

Because after all that has been said and done... the sneaks are cowards and few. That's why they have to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. There's no way on Earth they could get away with the biggest bank heist of all time and all the other heinous crimes under their belt if they had the light of the world shining on them at all times.

Absolutely no way.

So that's all we have to do.

The whole world can be changed in the blink of an eye if a Truth Tsunami landed on people's TV screens and their Big Tech devices all of a sudden.

So I ask...

Where are the people that can make this happen?

Why hasn't it happened already?

The spell must be broken.

This is now our number one task.

A few woke up during the plandemic. That much is true.

But the enemy signal is STILL blaring into all households. Nothing has changed there, at that level.

The signal shifts from heatwaves and forest fires back to viral threats every day, keeping the TV watchers on their toes, readying them for the next wave of drastic measures that will once again NOT save their lives, but actually damage them in some way.

As a bonus... it would be nice to dump some hidden tech reveal news in the Truth Tsunami. Decentralized energy production for all would be the cherry on top of the very sweet Truth cake delivered to everyone's doorstep.

And I believe it's perfectly possible. And getting closer with every passing day.

That said... the ride always gets a little rough when a train is changing tracks.

That's to be expected.

See it as an opportunity for the weakest among us to toughen up a little.

It was long overdue.

For everyone else... keep your eyes on the horizon and don't fall for all the magic tricks that the Elite Master Farmers are going to have to throw at us now.

They have nothing left.

They may even tip the table over in a huff.

Just ignore it all and carry on with your lives, building and growing.

They hate it when all of us are not paying attention to them.

That's how pathetic they are.

And that's why they will lose.

Without us... they don't exist. They can't exist. They are parasites.

All we need to do is apply the correct medicine and the blood-sucking ticks will drop off and be flushed away into the sewer where they belong with all the other garbage.

Imagine that. Hold that thought in your mind.

Now lets make it real.

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