Flat Earth Theory Makes Skepticism Great Again!

Is the Earth flat, round or both?
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo / Unsplash

Any time you go against the official narrative — on any subject — the shills crawl out of the woodwork with strong accusations that you must obviously be a member of the Flat Earth Society and that this explains why you would even dare to question the established scientific, historical, religious, judicial, financial and societal rules that shape our lives.

This attempt at sticking a label on you (equivalent to being called a dunce) conveys to anyone listening in to the conversation that your opinion should be instantly dismissed and ridiculed because everyone knows that the Earth is a spinning ball floating in space and therefore anyone questioning this established fact must be stupid by association and wrong about every other claim they make.

Usually, the smear takes the following form. There are many variants...

  • "Tell me, do you think the Earth is flat?"
  • "So, you're a flat Earther, then?"
  • "Since you obviously believe in a flat Earth, you must also think the Queen of England is a lizard. Am I right?"

The intended effect is supposed to be something akin to the old practice of tarring and feathering — a highly visible punishment that signals to onlookers that you are not worthy of attention.

In this way, pompous academic types (that think the truth is settled because text books can never be wrong) get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time they label an online opponent a flat Earther based on a difference in opinion.

And in their tiny minds, the modern day defender of "truth" known as a fact checker, gets to rain down red hot lava on the torrent of heathens that dare to scale the walls of Fortress Dogma!

Indeed, the Flat Earth jab is wielded like some mighty sword that smites the "crazy," reducing the enemy to chunks of bloody meat, easy food for the non-thinking internet swine that feed off such putdowns.

There's just one thing...

In the age of the Internet, this once effective strategy has lost its edge. Millions of fearless keyboard warriors sitting at home with permanent Dorito crumbs resting on their beer-bellies don't give a crap what academics think and don't give up that easily because you label them a Flat Earther.

Or any other slur for that matter.

In fact, these attacks just make the fearless keyboard warriors crack their knuckles and dig their heels in even more ready to defend their position to the bitter end whether they actually know if they're right or not.

The Religiosity of the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

There's a certain pride in "crazy" backed up by "mountains of evidence" found scattered all over the internet.

What feels like a long time ago now, the 9/11 truth movement kicked off a new wave of obsessive analysis picking apart every tiny detail of the events that day much in the same way that the JFK assassination had done many decades before.

Followers of such movements become religiously attached to one theory or another until they are unable to detach themselves from these ideas even when contrasting information is shown to them.

In the case of the current emergence of Flat Earth devotees, the obsession has a very real religious aspect to it with direct references to biblical concepts such as the firmament, living under the dome, the waters above and below, and multiple other ways that Flat Earthers attempt to make the subject appealing to devout Christians.

I've noticed an uptick in similar attempts to establish biblical truth, some of which I've listed below, but suffice to say that none of the claims are based in factual evidence and mostly rely on bashing existing scientific models and established historical dogma, which I personally have zero problem with, but if we're going to be truly sincere in our search for absolute truth then one must also relinquish the religious dogma that we've also been programmed with our entire lives.

Where once the Bible was the be all and end all of referential knowledge and wisdom in the world — still is for devout religious types — we can now add the vast library of Youtube documentaries, and the Internet as a whole, to the ever-expanding bank of informational resources.

Why Youtube and not the National Library?

Because Youtube and other Internet based platforms are where the masses go now to consume content and inform themselves on any given topic whether it be serious, semi-serious, or just for fun.

And this paradigm of "knowledge at your fingertips," for better or worse, is what shapes the collective mind these days and results in the back and forth, hyper-manic chatter that clogs the pipes of the Inter webs.

Today, the range of topics that serve as fodder for conspiracy researchers is overwhelming. It would take several lifetimes to go down every rabbit hole. And even then, barely anyone would survive staring into the abyss for that long and not be consumed by it.

Best to step back from the edge, keep one foot in our fabricated reality because the truth laid bare has an ugly underbelly only to be investigated by the toughest of hombres.

In the "good old days" when search engines weren't so obviously shadow-banning "undesirable" material and promoting only that which is deemed "kosher" for general consumption, the conspiracy nectar flowed more easily around the many old style forums.

These days, the "crazies" have to dig deeper to get to the juicy nuggets of hidden info than they used to. And with free speech zones popping up all over the Internet in the form of alternative platforms such as Bitchute, Odyssey, and Telegram, Flat Earthers, in particular, have been able to spread their doctrinal message far and wide beyond the walled gardens of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

The thing is... Youtube itself was a heavy promoter of Flat Earth related videos and other conspiracy theory material for many years before the management started openly complaining about misinformation and scientifically inaccurate media that lead viewers to believe things that are "simply not true."

In defense of such material, I have enjoyed thousands of hours of content knowing perfectly well that what I was consuming was not in the slightest bit based in reality or even remotely factual, but merely carefully crafted stories based on "witness testimony" delivered as if they were 100% true.

And as long as people consuming this material realize that it's "just for fun" and not actually to be taken seriously, then I don't see the harm in it. Maybe such material should carry a label or a warning or something stating, very clearly, that ex-Hollywood scriptwriters, producers and CIA agents were involved in the production of these supposed real-life stories.

But isn't that the whole reason behind these fables? These urban legends? To disseminate a more truthful take on events that may have happened — such as the moon landings — or simply to muddy the waters, make curious people doubt the official story in some kind of psychological operation or societal experiment carried out by the Elite Master Farmers.

And as with all these types of operations, truth is mixed with lies to varying degrees sometimes to the point where it's difficult to know which way the balance is tipped.

Are we being subjected to a limited hangout of sorts?

Are we being mislead, distracted, lead up the garden path to nowhere so that we never reach the correct conclusion?

The controlled opposition media are certainly guilty of all these accusations. While they "entertain" the awakened and awakening populace, they also act as a holding room — a state of limbo — so that their audience never manages to advance to the next level, thereby failing in their mission to truly "change the world."

Instead of facing the final boss in the game, these players are trapped in a quagmire of political sabre-rattling, fighting the demons of the left, the commies, and the neverending minor issues that fail to address the elephant in the room — the Elite Master Farmers and their insane plans for all of humanity.

Debate or distraction?

The emergence of the Flat Earth debate at this point in time has all the hallmarks of a major psychological operation acting as a distracting force from more important topics such as the plandemic and the continuing Covid scam.

It may not look like these topics have anything to do with each other at first, but on closer inspection I've personally witnessed how debates on the existence of pathogenic viruses and the myth of contagion can be derailed by the injection of Flat Earth prompts followed by a mega discussion on that topic instead of the original one.

This is obviously a tactic. And a rather pernicious one at that.

According to the bible of Flat Earth, any time anyone has the audacity to mention the globe, or globalist, or global this or that, a Flat Earther or three will step in to remind the globetard that the world is actually flat and that therefore your use of "globe" in any circumstance is a sign of your ignorance and undying loyalty to state propaganda and a life of indoctrination.

On certain platforms, this new form of bullying, or more accurately gaslighting, has reached the level of an art form and I have only recently started to see a turnaround. The globetards are starting to fight back!

And to be clear, I don't know what shape the Earth is. I assume it's a spinning ball based on direct observation of the way the moon is lit from underneath at times. How can that happen if we're living on a flat plane?

I'm not an astronomer. I don't have the required math skills. And I'm not planning a trip to the south pole any time soon to climb the ice wall and explore the Outer Realms.

So... just as I wouldn't take advice on buying a car from a random Youtuber that has no idea about buying cars I won't be taking advice from the likes of Eric Dubay, David Weiss and other Youtube Flat Earth "experts" that claim that water always finds its level and that the effect of gravity is actually a product of air density.

No. That simply won't do, however entertaining their presentations may be, they are not astronomers or physicists or even remotely credible in any way, shape or fashion. If I want to know what shape the Earth is I will consult an independent expert on the topic and not these imposters.

And I get it. I really get it. The desire to reject everything we've ever been told is overwhelming. But I've learned to maintain a middle ground on many subjects when full disclosure is beyond my reach. It appears that many other conspiracy enthusiasts are too easily fooled into believing that absolutely everything must be fake and if you don't go full retard you're not a true believer in the new religion.

What I am grateful for is the renewed interest that people have in working things out for themselves and not relying solely on the word of establishment mouthpieces such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins.

I see a healthy skepticism rising up in the world to counter the centuries of dogma that we've all been subjected to. The Covid scam is the icing on the cake and we've only just got started on that particularly nasty conspiracy, probably the worst crime against humanity in history.

So lets keep our feet on the ground and our eyes on the current target. There will be plenty of time to explore the mysteries of life once the dust settles.

Conspiracy INC.

There's a long list of topics that have become mainstays on the conspiracy circuit. "Crazy Inc" has become a veritable industry making it easy for outsiders to label anyone questioning the mainstream narrative a kook, a space ball, a loon, and yes... a Flat Earther.

  • The Earth is a flat realm not a spinning ball floating through space.
  • Reptilian trans-dimensional aliens rule the world from the shadows.
  • Freemasonic astronauts never played golf on the Moon.
  • Tartaria was a highly advanced pre-existing civilization created by alien tech.
  • The pyramids were built using very loud humming to move hundreds of tons of solid stone through the air.
  • UFO visitations, mysterious abductions, cattle mutilations, and crop circles are all carried out by height-compromised Grey aliens in their tiny flying saucers that once crashed at Roswell and the evidence is stored at Area 51.
  • Dinosaurs never actually existed. The Royal Society made it all up using whale bones to prop up their novel theory of very long-term evolution. Giant lizards roaming the Earth that handily all went extinct fit the bill perfectly. Stephen Spielberg made the movie to prove that it all really happened and Mattel made billions in toy sales.
  • Oil is abiotic. Anyone talking about Peak Oil or making the claim that oil wells dry up is a loon and obviously pushing an agenda.
  • Satellites don't exist. Google loons do.

So what is really happening here?

Again I will refer to the excellent work of Brendon O'Connell.


Brendon points out how psychological operations are carried out by the powers that be through their military agencies, usually army intelligence operatives, agents in place etc.

In the age of Digital Media, IIA Operations (Interactive Internet Operations) serve to redirect, misdirect the masses or particular groups into meaningless, manufactured online issues, arguments and dead ends that exhaust and confuse everyone involved.

Scripted contrived conflicts are created out of thin air, but also leverage existing divisive problems that permeate society. Making people fight over what shape the Earth is wastes vital energy and time that could be directed at more pressing issues.

That said...

Do we actually have definitive proof of the spinning ball Earth?

Here are some questions that may help get to the bottom of this once and for all...

  • How do beyond the curve ballistic calculations work?
  • How does beyond the curve radio communications work?
  • Does a shadow cast by a stick in the ground compared to another stick somewhere else prove the Earth is not flat?
  • The International Space Station... and all that that entails.
  • International flight paths and correcting yaw for the curve.
  • Comparison of star charts between the northern and southern hemispheres.

Accepting the official story on anything and thinking that you know the truth is the wrong position these days knowing how much we've been lied to by the "authorities" but we need to be careful when analyzing these things. Don't just watch a couple of documentaries by Eric Dubay listing all the reasons why the Earth must be flat and take his word for it.

We're on the edge of a New World, high on a plateau, looking out over the expanse, wondering what mysteries will unfold before us.

Imagine that we've emerged on the other side of the Great Reset scarred, battle weary, but more or less intact, ready to take a leap into the great beyond.

Ask yourself this...

Do you still trust NASA?

The Media?


How about the Medical Industrial Complex?

Or the Military Industrial Complex?

What about the government?

Any government?

And the civil servants that go along with whatever orders they're given ignoring international human rights and the established constitutional laws of individual nation states?

And the international central banking cartel?

And the literal, bloodsucking, ancient, elite family dynasties, organizations, foundations, and institutions that have been pulling the strings behind every activity that happens on this planet/flat plane/realm (depending on your personal belief system) for thousands of years?


Do you trust any of them?

If not, what would you replace these crumbling, megalithic, dinosaurian vestiges of Industrial Civilization with?

What would the globe/world after collapse of the old order look like?

How do we move forward and establish trustworthy mechanisms that liberates the human race from hard or soft tyranny and ensures that we can never be lied to again?

Is mass decentralization the key?

Many leaders in the truth movement seem to think so. They all agree that we need to curtail the power of central government by not complying with abusive government mandates, taxes, regulations, and all other shackles that have kept us from achieving our true potential?

But what is our true potential?

What form does that potential take?

If you're not on board with the transhuman agenda (some might still want to voluntarily modify their bodies) or with the leap into outer space that is consistently advertised to us as some kind of solution to overpopulation and lack of resources, then what is the alternative?

Some kind of distributed, interconnected, back-to-basics farming lifestyle as the basis for all other activity?

Sounds good to me. I don't need biotech or robotic "upgrades" to live a good life in nature. And the concept of life on Mars or even the fanciest of space stations sounds like hell to me. We already have a wonderful realm to live in which we are incredibly well-adapted to ever since we evolved into human beings.

Even so, our ability to conquer any territory or climate on this planet/plane/realm has not reached maximum capacity. Not by a long shot. Siberia, Antarctica, and most of the world's deserts are not desirable places to settle down and live. But before you try to convince me that Mars (whatever Mars is) is a wonderful environment in which to build an outpost, a colony, a home, why don't you try to do the same in the vast wasteland that is Siberia?

Build hundreds of biodomes in Antarctica, cities in the oceans, underground bases... oh wait... we've already done the DUMBs, right?

Or prove to me that you can green a desert and make it more hospitable for human activity. Creating these oasis all over the world would be thousands of times easier than doing anything off planet.

Do these things. Then we'll talk.

What I see is a big vacuum appearing at the center of the human experience. Even the normies are starting to sense it. You can only avert your gaze for so long. Eventually, the truth is unavoidable and slaps you in the face no matter which direction you look in. Brains will melt when normies can no longer look the other way and are forced to stare at the pile of shit that has been piling up for some time while they were sipping lattes in their favorite bistro signalling to all around them that they were part of the cool club and everything was hunky dory.

So what will rush into this black hole of nihilism and the current culture of do as thou wilt, anything goes, transgenderism decloaking as transhumanism, trust the science, and the easy acceptance of the dystopian digital ID prison system?

Such vacuums are an invitation to new types of power-hungry grabblers waiting to take advantage of the tired, listless, directionless, hopeless, meaningless mindset that sets in when people start to not like what they see in the world or increasingly feel that they play no part in the chaotic theater of life.

For spiritual types tired of the old religions, new religions will appear, just in time to save them from annihilation. Charismatic leaders will guide them to the promised land where organic milk and honey and encrypted digital bits flow in equal measure for all eternity.

Will eternal bliss be used as a marketing slogan?

Maybe. Anything to get the herd moving. Like a drop of heroin to an addict. You can take them anywhere you want once they're hooked.

But what will the new religion look like?

What form will it take?

Will an individual "Messiah" rise to captivate the world's imagination during the darkest of times?

Will a new technology or understanding of scientific principles unleash an era of plenty for the beleaguered human herd thereby bringing them back into the fold?

Or is an entirely novel system rising up in the world — a system of rules, a constitution of sorts, that plucks the best ideas from all current ways of life and blends them into a universal code that satisfies every need going forward both materially and spiritually?

Improbable I know... but I see elementary beginnings of such a meld of cultures and ideologies happening across the Islamo-Judeo-Christian-New Age landscape just as much as I see members of each camp retreating into their own comfort zones.

And all of this while we continue do get to the bottom of life's greatest mysteries.

  1. The Earth is a spinning globe floating in space.
  2. The Earth is a flat plane surrounded by an ice wall with unknown territories lying beyond.

I'll let you decide. Everyone is capable of doing their own research at this point and it may not even require expensive trips to Antarctica to find the edge of the world!

It's not that this topic is unimportant. I think it is of immense value to know the shape of our world. But more importantly to learn exactly how much we've been lied to our whole lives. How deep the lies actually go. And what we can realistically do to change all that.

Instead of mindless consumerism as a model for life, maybe we could all dedicate more time to solving these mysteries, taking back power from the Elite Master Farmers, and living lives in accordance with Natural Law instead of chasing dreams that never materialize for the vast majority of souls playing this game of musical chairs called life.

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