Musk Dusk!

Musk Dusk!
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

I signed up for X the other day.

It's essentially the same platform I signed up to when it was still known as Twitter, just a little more pro free speech and a little less of a bot farm than it used to be.

Liberals hate what's happened to Twitter/X and many a Musk fan has become a Musk hater because of the buyout and all the "change."

I don't really care about all that. I just wonder if it's a useful tool or not and whether I can convert some of the energy expended there into new followers of my fiction and article writing.

We'll see.

But in the meantime I think it's extremely interesting to pull this Musk character apart (not literally, just figuratively) and see what's really going on under the hood.

My quickfire opinion just from general observation since he appeared on the scene is that Musk has been groomed for the role of Tech Jesus — a savior character (yes another one) that is more palatable than previous tech gurus and entrepreneurs (Ray Kurzweil) and has enough geeky swagger to convince the world that he's the real deal, the one who will finally deliver on all the utopian Smart World tech solutions promised to us by Technocracy INC.

Musk is currently playing the role of self-appointed people's champion slaying the beast of the censorious San Francisco Big Tech cult.

He is single-handedly liberating us from the tyrannical clutches of Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter that most of us voluntarily signed up for or were coerced into using because everyone else was using them or because life suddenly revolved around having a presence on social media platforms.

However you view legacy social media and the rise of the free-speech alternatives, whether you see these digital platforms as useful tools, fun hangouts, distractions, or a complete invasion of our private lives and the most efficient data collection strategy ever devised, is... irrelevant.

At least to this conversation.

This is about Elon Musk and how the personality cult that has risen around him infects everything he touches. Ever since the early days of Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and now Twitter/X Musk puts his persona front and center above everything else.

And I've never liked it when a narcissistic megalomaniac, and all the baggage that comes with that label, becomes the most talked about aspect of a business selling products and/or services.

I prefer CEOs that are never seen or heard, maybe the occasional appearance just to remind customers that there's a human being behind all the machinery and madness.

I'm old enough to remember the rise of Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin brand. I was a bit of a fan back then. This globe-trotting posh twerp had a knack for publicity and all manner of stunts to put his multiple business ideas on the map, to make the world sit up and pay attention.

As time went by and the colorful eighties were left behind, the whole billionaire showman shtick looked decidedly cheesy and stale even with the promise of space tourism as the next big thing (for extremely wealthy risk-takers that have maxed out their bucket list).

Branson went off the boil and people like the Google boys or Zuckerberg were never going to fill those shoes. Not in a million years. The mix has to be just right. A heavy dose of nerd with a hint of cool and lashings of frontman otherwise the show is a no go.

Bezos was next up and he almost made the grade. Just look at how much effort has gone into that transformation! Personal trainers, fashionable clothing brands, voluptuous females lining up to squeeze the Amazon mastermind in more ways than one, and yes... the obsession with space travel and penis-shaped rockets (this is a constant now).

Can you see it yet?

What they're going for?

Why Bill Gates could never in his wildest dreams fill the shoes of Tech Jesus?

Even though dirty Bill gave it his best shot? (pun intended)

No amount of TED presentations in pink sweaters about reducing global population by releasing genetically modified mosquitos into the audience and masterminding the largest vaccination campaign the world has ever seen in cahoots with Big Pharma, politicians and the media could win over the slobbering general public.

Only the most deranged would see wild-eyes Billy Boy, the Microsoft resident psycho boss, as the savior of the world.

Funny how that works isn't it.

Tech Jesus has to be just a little bit likable for the scam to land otherwise it's back to the drawing board in search of the next candidate.

If at first you don't succeed...

As if by magic, Elon Musk appears on the scene looking a little noobish and awkward, a little rough around the edges, but nothing that some hair transplants and a style coach can't fix in a jiffy.

Grab a box of tissues and listen to this sob story...

He ticks all the boxes. Tech entrepreneur, cool battery-powered almost self-driving car business, eco-friendly, planet-saving renewables out the wazoo, self-landing rockets, transhumanesque machine brain interface implants and a blanket of satellites to keep us warm at night even in the most remote corners of the Earth.

I mean... what more could you ask for?

How about getting Elon on every possible interview known to man, in studio, via Skype, on Joe Rogan smoking some potent weed, with that creepy robotic Russian Jewish guy crushing it on YouTube, wassisname? Oh that's right...Lex Fridman!

Jeezus! Are any of these fuckers for real?

You start peeling back the layers on this shit and you'll find a whole lot of crappola piled up under the floorboards!

OK, most of these world champion professional pumpers and podcasters are not huge fans of Trump or the Trump Train and all that Q Christian Zionist garbage, but these handsomely-paid, sleazy, populist, promoters of fairy dust have been pumping the hell out of Musk and putting him on a pedestal ever since he pregnantly paused for longer than is humanly possible before laying down his latest contrived (entry-level sci-fi nerd) words of wisdom at the feet of his slobbering fans who proceeded to embarrass themselves in front of the entire world as they lapped it all up again and again without question.

Until Musk rearranged the chairs at their beloved Twitter/X.

Oooof... that was a step too far.

That and moving to Texas.

Holy cow! Whose side is this guy on?

And not only Musk, but a whole bunch of other "cool" famous people that ride that political fence until their ass is sore.

Rogan and a long list of left-leaning Californians upped and moved to Austin, which these days doesn't represent much of a change since the major cities, no matter where they are, have all succumbed to liberal insanity.

And if you think I'm being too harsh on the race-obsessed, LGBTQIA+ (long list of additional letters to come), blue-rinse, radical Feminist crowd, just go to these cities and see for yourself the effects that cultural sabotage has on the once beautiful, functional, "normal" living spaces that these cities used to be and tell me with an honest face that they haven't been and continue to be ruined by these self destructive policies and practices.

Even Jeff Bezos has left for pastures new. San Francisco is done. Nothing but bad press coming from there now. That shining city on the hill (as well as many others) had their day in the sun.

Now it's time for others to have a go.

New Silicon Valleys are rising up all over the planet — Israel, China, India, Germany, Portugal, Sweden are all candidates for carrying the next phase of Big Tech entrepreneurial activity.

And it's my hunch that any temporary distress caused by the troubles in Tel Aviv and the surrounding territories will be overcome when the "saviors of humanity" turn up to put an end to all the hostilities.

And new characters will rise up to take the place of Musk. And Trump. And Putin. And Zelensky. And Netanyahoo. And Jinping. And Erdogan. And Gates. And Fauci. And Tedros. And Schwab. And his little mini-me pipsqueak Harari. And Lord Rothschild. And all the other decidedly unlikable entities selling out humanity for a few dollars more and the approval of their hidden masters.

And round and round it goes. The cycles of life, they never end. And even if they do in some distant future, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone at his point. No one really needs to get caught up in the offers made by these con men any longer.

Just say no. Turn the other way.

Create better platforms, better products, better services, better lifestyles than the ones that they try to shove down our throats.

I'm seeing the rise of true alternative systems, decentralized, open source systems that gradually but surely can replace the mainstream offerings once enough people jump on board and the user experience improves.

At present, "they" control all the networks, the hubs, the central command structure, the veins and arteries of the global communication machinery, but one day, "our people" will be in charge of all that. All of it. Not a scrap left in the hands of demonically possessed control freaks.

We have the numbers.

We will choose to be on the right side of history.

We have the will, and where there's a will we will always find a way forward, a way to make real our desires, our dreams, our hopes.

So, let us turn away from all the doom and gloom, just switch it off, the horror, the atrocity clickbait, the calls for escalation, always escalation.

Turn it all off.

And maybe these characters will fade away.

There's one thing that these entities crave more than anything... and that's your attention. And boy do we hand over plenty of that!

People like Musk would shrivel up and crawl into the nearest safe space if he wasn't constantly in the limelight, constantly the talk of the town, the central focus of every discussion.

Just like Trump, another narcissist who's time is up, on his way out, Musk will probably soon follow.

In this day and age, you can't keep pretending, faking it till you make it... and get away with it.

All that baggage, skeletons in the closet, doors that were propped open, linebackers bulldozing obstacles out of the way, minesweepers clearing the path for the "chosen ones" — all of it comes at a price, and the boatman is looking to get paid.

So will we see the dusk setting in for Musk as his businesses are progressively shown to be based on fraud?

Oh, you didn't know?

The entire CO2 swindle?

Every single government mandate, carbon taxation scheme, private corporation running the global warming narrative as a means to drive the largest profit-making scam in the history of the world will come to an end.

It's all based on lies.

Take away the foundational lie that Co2 is a bad gas and the whole "saving the planet" edifice comes crashing to the ground.

Shine a light on the hypocrisy of shooting hundreds of methane-fueled rockets into orbit while bitching and whining about gasoline and diesel powered vehicles on the ground.

Call out the idiocy of switching from something that actually works to untested methods of transportation that require vast amounts of new types of resources to be mined and transported all around the world in the name of fighting climate change.

Call out the monstrous bait and switch that is being dumped on the gullible masses as they are rounded up into smart city compounds awaiting their neck implants so that they can call a robotaxi just by thinking about it.

People are being robotized. The life is being sucked out of them. Many will not be able to make it back to reality. You'll just have to let them go.

You can thank the laughing demons for that.

And after the storm passes, we'll see who and what is left.

And we'll pick up the pieces and do it right next time.

And we'll know not to follow the "chosen ones," the charlatans, the shapeshifters and the grifters, the ones who talk out both sides of their mealy mouths.

We'll be alright.

For the first time in our lives.

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