The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory PSYOP

The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory PSYOP
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We're drowning in PSYOPs.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and large foreign powers.

Here's some history...

Founded during World War I to devastate opposing troops’ morale, the PSYOP unit has played a critical role in World War II, the Vietnam War, and recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, where unconventional warfare provided by PSYOP has been crucial to national security.

We're also being subjected to a barrage of Interactive Internet Activities (IIA).

While Smith-Mundt prohibits dissemination of US influence information to our own citizens, there is no corresponding law that prohibits foreign nations or organizations from targeting US citizens with their propaganda and/or deception. The lack of public awareness of this threat and the proliferation of cheap means for global message distribution leave the US public vulnerable to influence operations (aka propaganda) and deception by adversaries and other nations. This can include altered imagery, intentional falsehoods, and planted rumors.

And of course things have gotten much worse since 2010 when the above PDF was created. Now the Internet is flooded with bots (both AI and human) across all major social media platforms. Propaganda can go viral within hours of posting. Images, voice, video can all be faked. People tend to believe the first version of news over later fact checks or corrections.

It's actually getting more difficult to know what is real and what isn't. It's getting harder to tell the difference between truthful information and the product of counter intelligence programs (COINTELPRO).

Included in the current bag of tricks that millions of "truthers" happen to obsess over are...

  • The Earth is flat
  • The Moon landings never happened
  • Building 7 was a controlled demolition
  • Space and everything NASA does is fake
  • Reptilian interdimensional aliens run the world
  • Chemtrails are making everyone sick
  • 5G radiation is making everyone sick
  • Jesus is coming to save the true believers

I'll point out the common thread if you haven't already spotted it — much of the above has to do with Biblical prophecy and the literal interpretation of Biblical descriptions of God's realm.

Most, not all, but most, of these "Truthers" are fundamental born again Christians and whatever the Bible describes is truth to them even when this "truth" doesn't coincide with logic, reason and evidence.

But it's not just fundamental Christians and other worshipers of Abrahamic traditions that cling to these beliefs as if their lives depended on them. In general, among the curious types, we appear to have reached a level of disbelief and cynicism that dismisses anything and everything promulgated by government agencies such as NASA, the CDC, the DOD, the DHS, and practically every other official source of information that we have been subjected to our entire lives including museums of history, the fossil record, and the theory of evolution.

It's not surprising when people who are naturally curious and capable of critical thinking (a minority I might add) start to question everything around them — 9/11, Convid, the moon landings, chemtrails, the JFK assassination, international banking cartels, CERN, HAARP, DUMBS, the Secret Space Program, UFOs (sorry UAP) — the list goes on and gets longer every day.

The subject matter surrounding conspiracy theories is so plentiful one could spend their entire life researching all the topics and not come up for air. One rabbit hole leads to another and thread after thread of loose ends begin to pile up until the heap of theories becomes overwhelming even for the most dedicated conspiracy researcher.

This is when the dedicated conspiracy researcher steps back from their whiteboard with all the pins and strings joining random points of interest and starts to look for... THE BIG PICTURE. You know... the one that ties all the loose ends together under a universal law of conspiracy theory. The Big Kahuna. The search for the Hidden Hand, the Man behind the Curtain, the Elite Master Farmers, the interdimensional reptilian alien bosses that run the show here on Earth by taking human form while they manage every tiny aspect of our lives until we're all jabbed to the eyeballs with nanotech and eating ze bugs as we stumble about glued to the magic telescreens dangling in front of our noses.

Maybe Ana Maria Mihalcea is not as barking mad as she sounds when she says that we need to unplug all the devices that are controlling our lives.

I command to turn off all the machines that are the control grid of humanity. Turn off the machines at the nano scale, turn off its control programs and turn off all access of the Dark AI demigod to human beings. This will deactivate the detrimental effects of the C19 bioweapon. Close the portals to the demonic realms, including all super collider dimensional portals like CERN. Stop human sacrifice everywhere. Stop the recycling of souls to feed evil. Close the portals and dimensional connections to those advanced beings who rule this earth. This is our planet. We are a divine species. We can disconnect from them and evolve our minds beyond them.

Dear Ana, shutting down the current system would be equivalent to pulling the plug on our life support leading to mass death and misery for the remnant.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anyway, we're here to ask the question (again) after fifty years of believing and not believing that NASA astronauts actually set foot on the moon six times between 1969 and 1972.

Did we go to the moon or was it all an elaborate hoax to give America a boost in the geopolitical game of chess?

After many years of consuming all kinds of articles, videos and podcasts debating whether we went to the moon or not, I'm going to say "I don't know."

And the reason for that is the same as with every other question that doesn't have an easy answer — a lack of conclusive evidence for the claims being made and a failure to provide a single measurable proof that settles the argument once and for all.

So here we are fifty years later with Putin looking at American moon landing images and the latest AI software telling him that it's been faked.

Just to be clear... one of the original so-called "proofs" that we did in fact "go to the moon" was that the Russian commies (Americas sworn enemy throughout the Cold War) would not hesitate to spill the beans on the whole charade if America had faked the moon landings.

I've always thought this to be a weak "proof" because it's commonly suggested within conspiracy circles that the higher up you go among the ranks of the New World Order gang, the more cohesive the plan is and all members work together towards a unified goal while maintaining the illusion of the left-right paradigm and nation states at each others throats.

For example, many of the people involved in establishing NASA were leached from the German rocket program and rushed to America after the war under Project Paperclip. Wernher von Braun guided the Saturn 5 and Apollo programs to apparent victory over the Russians.

But what if it was all a Freemasonic ruse?

The astronauts were Freemasons. I assume that the Russians also had their fair share of masons and other secret society members embedded in the fabric of Russia's upper echelons of power.

Maybe they did a deal?

Who knows.

Another so-called "proof" is that there were a lot of people involved, hence it would be impossible to keep a secret so large under wraps for so long. And yet the Manhattan project was kept reasonably secret for long enough to develop "the bomb" — yet another rabbit hole that I'll leave for another day but I'm sure you get the gist by now.

The final singular "proof" that somewhat carried a bit of weight was the idea that astronauts placed laser retroreflectors on the moon's surface and that observatories around the world have been bouncing their lasers off these faraway devices ever since.

"Once the laser beam hits a reflector, scientists at the observatories use sensitive filtering and amplification equipment to detect any return signal," JPL said. "The reflected light is too weak to be seen with the human eye, but under good conditions, one photon, the fundamental particle of light, will be received every few seconds."

And much as with all the other "proofs" from official sources, laypeople cannot afford the equipment that is required to carry out such experiments and confirm these claims. Once again, curious onlookers have to take someone else's word for it — usually a TV celebrity science communicator e.g. Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye The Science Guy or Popular Mechanics Magazine or Mythbusters or the many debunking "professor of physics" channels on YouTube.

Before we move on from the "proofs" section, there is one "proof" that stands out to me as the most independent variable we can hope for and that is the testimony of amateur astronomers that have no direct connection with the monolithic space agencies. The claim is that amateur astronomers can see evidence of the moon landings through their powerful Earth-based telescopes. I haven't seen any of these images myself. All I've seen is the official NASA flyby images that allegedly depict the leftovers from the moon missions along with the buggy trails and other bits and bobs that were left behind. So if anyone can point me to these amateur images that show this evidence that would be interesting and a game-changer.

All I can find for now is the usual dead end...

In this section are only those observations that are completely independent of NASA—no NASA facilities were used, and there was no NASA funding. Each of the countries mentioned in this section (Soviet Union, Japan, China, and India) has its own space program, builds its own space probes which are launched on their own launch vehicles, and has its own deep space communication network.

As you can see, it's just more of the same. When Wikipedia says "independent" it means other nation states and their space programs and for me, at least, that doesn't make any of their claims true.

Truther Conclusions

I'll admit, I used to be same, I'd read a bunch of credible sounding articles, watch some well-produced documentaries and Badaboom Badabing I'd be convinced that the moon landings were faked, building 7 was a controlled demolition, passenger planes were (possibly) leaving chemtrails at 30,000 ft, the Earth was (potentially) not actually a spinning ball, some dodgy space videos actually captured real live UFO footage (specs of dust in the end) and a long list of other conspiracy theories that turned out to be not true at all and are actually quite easily debunked if one takes the extra time to do so.

This is for the chemtrailers that always look at the sky and only believe what their eyes tell them...

So where does this leave us?

You can continue to believe the official claims coming from the likes of NASA or you can continue to believe every conspiracy theory that you've ever come across online for better or worse. You can also claim that your religious book contains all the truth known to man and that no other source of information is necessary to navigate the terrain we live in known as the Universe.

And on that note...

I'd just like to make clear that the information coming forth that questions virology, germ theory and vaccines is a separate matter in my opinion and doesn't fall under the usual grey areas that shape conspiracy theories. The true history of virology and vaccination has been researched and documented by many brave people over the past hundred years. In my opinion, it's simply a matter of time now until the lies surrounding much of modern medicine are laid bare for all to see.

If the moon landing topic was as readily accessible as the subject of viruses and contagion then we would currently be witnessing a flood of FOIA requests and other such methods pressuring the authorities to provide falsifiable evidence for their claims that anyone anywhere can observe and verify.

We still don't really have solid proof that we went to the moon. The testimony of other nation states and people that worked in the program at NASA isn't enough at this stage. Alleged data collected from retroreflectors and moon probes doesn't really do it for me. Will I believe the claims that we're on the moon again if we ever get that far or will I suspect the latest green screen technology and CGI that has fooled me plenty of times when watching movies?

This is the best we can do...

What I don't want to do and what I'm more wary of than ever is to jump to conclusions and believe the latest conspiracy theories and lambast others who are simply asleep, moronic, retarded, sheep-like, normie, unsophisticated, and generally not as cool and hip as me because they don't swallow the latest spin on the latest subject that happens to be in vogue.

For some people, not believing the moon landings happened is a hop and a skip away from believing the sun is not a ball of gas but something else and the moon is not a rock but made of plasma and stars are "angels" etc etc.

Sometimes it's best to pump the brakes and check yourself before you go off the edge of the world.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and bragging about how you have it all figured out, maybe next time measure twice and cut once.

But what really propelled the conspiracy theory into popular culture, Plait said, was the 1978 Peter Hyams film "Capricorn One," which portrays a faked human landing on Mars. (Also, a 1976 self-published pamphlet by Bill Kaysing, "We Never Went to the Moon," was popular among conspiracy-minded people of the day.)

Just because carefully crafted (and I have to say biased) documentaries can be very convincing (Loose Change, American Moon) doesn't mean that they are telling the truth even when much of the material appears to be factual.

American Moon by Massimo Massucco is the latest and possibly the greatest analysis of the Apollo moon mission footage...

Buyer Beware

These ideas become like a new religion for "truthers" replacing or adding to previously held beliefs.

Can any of these people actually do real science following the scientific method?

Are they able to research topics beyond YouTube videos and documentaries?

Are they able to change their previously held views when new information presents itself?

I highly doubt it on all counts based on the interaction I've had with the Truth community over the years.

That said, debunking websites are not much better. They lean towards logic and reason, empirical evidence, established science which is better than just making things up and running with it, but this camp suffers from ingrained arrogance and a belief that pointing to official sources of information makes that information true by default which of course falls into the logical fallacy category of false authority.

I've found debunking sites such as Metabunk and Contrail Science to be incredibly useful in some areas (chemtrails) but absolutely horrible in others (Convid) because when the science is wrong these debunkers simply regurgitate that which is known and established and are unable to run with the new paradigm as it unfolds as happened with Convid. It takes many years for these debunkers to update their knowledge base and finally accept that they were hoodwinked by medical scammers as was everyone else.

I have witnessed and personally endured ridicule in all of these environments for simply asking questions that do not align with the group think that permeates each environment. I have found that if you stand your ground on any given point that does not align with the group think you will immediately be labeled a troll, a shill, mad, a moron, a sheep, an agent etc.

And that's from the open-minded, awakened researchers of Truth!

The Normie camp are a mild bunch these days after being hammered to death during the fake pandemic on all manner of topics. Their adherence to the official government dogma was enough to send many of them literally to their graves.

So... "follow the science" now qualifies as a badge of dishonor and immediately identifies anyone that dares brandish the phrase... as an idiot!

Anyone using the term "denier" should also be immediately dismissed and told to take a hike. This term is so worn out after all the non-factual topics that it has been attached to over the years, the most prominent in recent times being global warming.

So what is the one "proof" that settles the matter once and for all?

I don't have one and I'm not sure anyone does.

At this point I think people either choose to believe or they don't much as with religion and other grey area topics.

But why didn't we keep going?

For now we're told that NASA and the US government had to focus on other priorities...

  • The space shuttle program
  • The International Space Station
  • The Military Industrial Complex
  • The Secret Space Program
  • Space Force
  • X-37b
  • UFOs
  • Resource Wars
  • The War on Terror
  • The War on Drugs
  • The Artemis Program

Is the X-37 orbital drone a weapons system?

On that last note, did Artemis take a trip around the moon and settle back into Earth orbit or was that faked too?

Truthers will say that it's impossible because of the firmament and the Van Allen radiation belt and blah blah blah, but then have to negate the potential that Artemis holds as a weapons platform which I certainly don't rule out.

Are we being distracted from other important issues?

Are we being played by foreign intelligence agencies?

Are Americans encouraged to question the moon landings and every other American achievement in what looks more like a very sophisticated demoralization campaign under further scrutiny?

After Convid and the total international cooperation between nation states to enforce a lie on the global population is it any wonder that people doubt the claims made by government and supranational bodies?

I think there's a little bit of everything going on and that's why we need to tread carefully going forward. It's fun to be a conspiracy theorist for a while. It's fun to believe that everything we've been told is a lie.

But lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I don't believe something because the government or some authoritative source says it must be so, but I don't swallow everything I see online either however credible it may sound at first.

Remember, we live among professional liars. Their job is to disseminate false information sometimes leading to a color revolution, other times leading to mass confusion on any given topic so that the truth gets buried and forgotten.

Do not be distracted by these time thieves.

Where it all began...

Stay focused and alert to that which truly matters — your family, your local community and the concerns that you can easily manage through the application of personally verifiable knowledge and wisdom.

That's all folks!

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