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Hope everything's good at your end. Things have been a little slow this summer with family visits and all but we're back on schedule for another two completed web novels by the end of the year after I've completed the one I'm currently working on.

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Winter Is Coming

I'm in Europe and the energy situation could get a little dicey this coming winter season. Everything is up in the air at the moment, but the normies are not really panicking (not yet) because they don't even sense something is wrong until the chickens come home to roost.

So... I'll be monitoring this situation closely from now on. Everything in our lives is affected by the ability of energy companies to keep providing services. In other words... keeping the lights on for all the things we have grown to accept as part of our basic living standards.

And that includes Internet services and powering our always-on lifestyle.

It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out.

In the long term, it's my belief that new energy technologies will be adopted all over the world and a new era will emerge for the human species whatever it eventually becomes.

I also think that we're going to split into several factions. The Transhumanists are not going away. They will hack their bodies and minds and something will emerge from those experiments whether good or bad.

Everyone else will be watching closely. They will maintain their own hybrid, progressive relationship with technology while making a pact to not go too far in the direction of the Transhumanists.

All the same, the lines will blur and new relationships will form as old ones die.

The final faction will drop out after realizing that they want nothing to do with the unfolding world of technology. They would rather take their chances in small communities living off the land, learning to be as self-sufficient as possible, relying on decentralized networks for communication and barter.

There was a time (not that long ago) when I thought the energy situation in Europe would go through a full reversal. The EU would apologize to Russia and Russia would open up their pipelines again allowing the "juice of life" to flow. Everyone would kiss and make up and the ruse (tough business negotiations) would be over.

Well... the way things are going... and the fact that Russia has plenty of alternative buyers and doesn't need Europe's business... even if the demented Europeans get on their knees and beg for oil and gas... it's very likely that Russia ends up turning their back on the EU once and for all.

There is no incentive to maintain even minimal trade relations with a bunch of has-been, moronic, WEF puppet leaders (and their dying nation vassal states) that all simultaneously turned their backs on easy, cheap fuel the minute a scuffle broke out in Ukraine and they all sided with the hegemon — America the Great (and their cloaked British masters).

You never know. There could be a reversal at the last minute, but right now, I'm not betting on it. And I love a good twist just like the next man, but this really looks like the final nail in the coffin for Europe's relationship with Russia when it comes to energy.

That means the EU is going to collapse, break apart, and potentially begin the process of restoring some kind of sanity to each individual sovereign nation.

They will have to find ways to keep the lights on as best they can.

This involves initiating unilateral deals with potentially risky partners.

But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

And best of all... they will have to invest in novel energy technologies that finally allow nations to become more independent, even if it means taking a hit in the short term.

Again, none of this will have a happy ending unless the rumors concerning hidden energy tech patents and materials science are true.

If they're not... then all bets are off.

Why do I go deep on this angle?

Because even someone writing articles and web novels from a home office in the countryside needs the lights to stay on and food to be cheap otherwise... I'll be looking to activate plan B which would entail doing a local job of some kind just to stay alive.

That's just the reality some of us face every day.

We're already living on handouts, totally dependent on all the people around us.

And then there's the technicians (that we've never met) that keep industrial civilization pootling along, but always dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

It can all disappear in the blink of an eye.

And then the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

And the machetes come out...

Alright. That's enough scary stories for one day.

For now... just remember to give thanks for all the things we have at our fingertips. These luxuries took many hundreds of years to develop and their complexity is beyond the understanding of most people.

In the next few months we get to witness (in real time) the resilience of these achievements and whether they can stay standing against the force of the storm that is arriving on our shores.

In the meantime... I have added my writings to a couple of platforms where people actually go to read stuff.

My first book is uploaded to Wattpad. It's a good platform with lots of free books to read and some paid options.

My article collection will also be available on Substack from now on. It's just where everyone goes to read newsletters and blog posts now so... you know what they say... if you can't beat them... syndicate with them.

So any new books and articles from now on will get added to the respective platforms thereby increasing reading options for all free content. will always be Motherbase for all of my writing and I hope it develops a community feel of its own at some point.

But for now... I have to do outreach and promotion while I settle into a good routine writing chapters for the next two books in the Pulse series.

There's nothing worse than completing the first novel in a series and then having to wait while the author gets his shit together.

Same thing when you're waiting for the final novel in a really popular series (you can probably guess which one) and you wonder if the author (who's getting on a bit) will ever get around to finishing it.

Thank God for fan-fiction writers. That's all I'm gonna say.

Anyway, I really hope we can get through these troubling times and this project can stay functional while the transformation process going on in the world at large takes place.

Wishing you a peaceful and more or less successful Great Awakening.

I'll write soon with progress updates and news on what kinds of topics I'll be covering once I've finished uploading a few stragglers that got left behind.

All the best,


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