Dr. Tom Cowan's Webinar On Polio From March 22, 2023

Dr. Tom Cowan's Webinar On Polio From March 22, 2023

Just a quick post to share this incredible podcast from Dr. Tom Cowan.


The video covers the following...

A recent article on Polio, titled "Did Bill Gates Just Give 7 Children Around The World Polio?" and look at the evidence.
A study from David Bodian, MD from November 1952, titled "Pathogenesis of Poliomyelitis"
A study from Dorothy Horstmann titled " Poliomyelitis Virus In Blood of Orally Infected Monkeys and Chimpanzees"
We take a look at the work & statements from Senator Marshall, who discusses 6 reasons proving why Covid is a lab-leaked virus from China.

And here's another brilliant video from Dr. Sam Bailey exposing the lies about the origins of Covid 19.


The United States Government purports to be investigating the "origins of COVID-19". But how do you investigate something that doesn't exist?

And another one from Tim Truth on Rumble where Dr. Tom Cowan and the always excellent Jon Rappoport break down "What is going on with the virus?"

VIRAL PSEUDOSCIENCE: Total Lack Of Virus Evidence Despite Pillage & Lockdown Of Billions


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