Well, Well, Well... Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire! What Happens Next?

Well, Well, Well... Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire! What Happens Next?
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The fake pandemic hasn't gone away. It's just taking a break. In it's place we get another distraction... WAR.

As if by magic, the WAR card is played just when it's needed most. Covid and the fallout from the jabs get to slide out of view for now while the punters gawk at the new shiny thing on their TV screens.

As usual, the normies are being brainwashed to favor one side and hate the other. Everyone must stand with Ukraine or else! Reminds me of another such occasion when George W. Bush told us that we either stand with the American government or we stand with the "terrists."

And look how that turned out!

We don't really know which way they're going to go with this. It all depends on whether they want to escalate and turn Russia into some kind of fall guy. But I doubt that's what will happen. At the moment, it's more likely that the Chinese will bring balance to the force and everyone will back down.

If escalation is the card to be played, then false flag attacks will go ahead in America – possibly involving the trucker protest in some way – and then all the big guns will be pointing at Russia.


There's just one tiny problem with that scenario... Russia is not Iraq. Russia is supposedly loaded to the eyeballs with nukes! Right?

So, if the big guns are rolled out onto the battlefield, we get to find out once and for all whether nuclear weapons actually work or if they're simply another ruse to "keep the peace."

If you're wondering how I can dare make such a "radical" statement... just ask yourself... "When has a weapon ever been developed, supposedly used once, and then never used again?"

Based on these doubts, I now have three similar uncomfortable thoughts sloshing around in the same bucket waiting for final judgement:

  • nuclear weapons
  • biological weapons (not counting jabs)
  • "Rods of God" space-based weapons brought to you by Space Force!

The final proof for their existence waits in the wings. If two giants like America and Russia move to all out war – Total War – and zero nukes fly... then the games up! They were never real. Just bombs, rockets and missiles with conventional warheads.

And the same goes for the next scariest weapon of all... biological weapons. Especially, race-based biological weapons that conveniently leave infrastructure intact and are being touted as a very powerful option in the modern day theatre of war.

I'm not sure that such weapons can exist if germ theory is most definitely wrong and pathogenic virus particles have never been properly isolated or purified. How can you tweak something and make it more deadly if it doesn't really exist to begin with?

Next up is the Grand Finale entrant – Space Force is just about ready to take the high ground and grant world domination (and peace) to the first to wield this mighty technology.

Project Thor ring a bell?

The 107-country Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 prohibits nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons from being placed or used from Earth’s orbit. What they didn’t count on was the U.S. Air Force’s most simple weapon ever: a tungsten rod that could hit a city with the explosive power of an intercontinental ballistic missile.


Imagine that you have the power to bring down Thor's hammer on anyone, anywhere, at any time. Such power would grant the user total subservience from all other nations.

Again... it doesn't even have to be real! Just the appearance of some semblance of the technological power is enough. Maybe a little demonstration, a magic trick, on TV to convince the masses that it actually exists. That's all you would need. You would never have to use the weapon again. Just maintain the fear of it. And remind people of what happened last time.

There were plenty of opportunities to use relatively small nukes in every war that came after WW2. Never happened.

What happened was that we were subjected to nuclear war fear propaganda throughout the period known as The Cold War. America had nukes, Russia had nukes, and Mutual Assured Destruction was always just around the corner, just one or... more specifically... two key twists away.

In all that time – and it's been quite a while – no warhead has ever gone rogue and blown something up. What gives? Even the sunk Kursk Russian submarine had three warheads go missing (allegedly) and nothing came of it.

Even now, the whole back and forth with Iran nuclear deals seems to be more about creating an excuse for invasion than anything else. Israel supposedly has their Samson option. So where's the problem?


And now Russia is predictably threatening anyone that stops them from defending their own interests in similar fashion.

An independent observer might comment that the whole world has gone stark raving mad. Suicidal even. But I think something else is afoot. We're all being taken for a ride. Just as we were all taken for a ride during the Covid era. All for the purpose of indoctrinating people further with false germ theory and to get as many people as possible involved in the largest experiment ever to be imposed on human beings.

You can say that people had a choice, but, in reality, the masses were so heavily terrorized by their own governments that they would have lined up to be ritually tortured and shot had they been ordered to do so.

The thing is... lets be honest... that's not far from what actually happened. People lined up all over the world to have their noses invaded and then gladly accepted the shots. A different kind of shot, admittedly, with no metal bullets, but a shot nonetheless.

So what happens now?

All this time, while the various psyops keep the populace "entertained" the plans of the Elite Master Farmers continue their course unabated. Picture the Evil Emperor for a second... what would he be saying right about now?

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen." – Evil Emperor, Star Wars

Unless we witness a huge reversal of fortune for America backed by the mysterious Space Force, then Eurasia's Belt and Road Initiative will emerge triumphant and America will have to accept defeat and start winding down its empire.

China has a big enough consumer base among its own people and the rest of Eurasia. They don't need America as much as they used to. Their internal struggles will settle down into some kind of compromise while they continue to build their military might.

What the rest of the world might do in response to Asian dominance is restructure their manufacturing and supply chains to be less dependent on China. In reality, the whole shifting-of-power game of musical chairs could turn out to be extremely "messy" for the non-Eurasian world.

For all the talk of setting up Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Africa, and India as alternative manufacturing centers for world trade, we have yet to see whether such plans are even feasible given the current global economic turmoil.

Add to that all the emerging issues with energy supply, changing consumer values, digital supremacy, and the general feeling that we are all facing a tsunami of radical change, and the big picture becomes overwhelming whichever way you care to look at it.

I think that's why a lot of people have chosen to bury their heads even deeper in all forms of escapism! After the last two years of incessant propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry, politicians, MSM, and every Tom, Dick and Harry parroting the official party line, I don't blame them!

Now the narrative has switched and I'm not sure the exhausted, dazed, and confused general public has it in them to jump on another bandwagon for what could be another two years. I'm guessing they're all burned out and no matter how much they are goaded into hating Putin, Russia, and the Russian people themselves, this particular propaganda campaign looks likely to end in failure.

During the Covid era, the censorship across all major mainstream platforms, both online and off, was brutal. Even so, the truth about the situation found its way to a sufficient number of people all over the world. Alternative social media was instrumental in the partial "awakening" of many a global citizen. Without it, there would hardly have been any pushback at all.

In all honesty, I think we can safely say that the Elite's magic spells are starting to lose their power. The more that people are subjected to endless psyops without being able to catch a breath, the more that a general state of fatigue sets in, the more people turn inwards to their own affairs and pay less attention to what's happening "out there."

And while rumors of nuclear war rage across the world's TV screens, the Elite haven't forgotten about their other pet fear projects lurking under the table always ready to pop into view whenever they're required: climate change, banking collapse, food shortages, incoming asteroids, alien invasion and whatever else they've cooked up to keep us on our toes.

What can we do?

Adventurous types like to face the upcoming upheaval by developing a sidestep strategy such as investing in Cryptocurrencies. I don't have any. I would've liked to have made some money a few years back, but now my instincts tell me to stay away, to wait and see how this all plays out. At this stage, anything could happen. Some crypto may be useful in the future, but many investors could also lose everything they have.

Governments and central banks have the power to set the rules going forward whether crypto merchants like it or not. What good is your crypto if it's not accepted anywhere? And I mean accepted on mainstreet, not the backend of some dark web online "store" languishing in obscurity. Crypto has to work as money or it's just another investment toy for risk takers.

It seems likely to me that central banks will be successful when rolling out CBDC (central bank digital currency). Why wouldn't they be? They'll shut down any competition as they always have done. If I'm wrong, I hope I live to see that day. To witness the fall of the monolithic global central banking system would be one of the greatest milestones in our history, but probably a sign that chaos is around the corner. And chaos is unpredictable. Which, admittedly, can be a source of wealth for opportunists. It's the rest of us that will have to clean up the mess.

So... in keeping with the program... the extremely undesirable (in my opinion) WEF technocratic utopian fantasy WILL go ahead as planned. At least, for the most part, in some fashion, as far as any of it is possible. You see, based on my observation of human behavior over the last two years, most people are primed and ready to accept Klaus Schwab's Great Reset with open arms. Maybe you're not. That's fine and dandy. But the rest of the human population is. And that's the problem. We're never going to see eye to eye with the normies, zombies, state worshiping liberal progressives... ever! It's not gonna happen. It's like we exist side by side in different realms. Each faction in their own bubble. And nobody wants their bubble to burst.

After seeing how everyday Russians can suddenly lose their ability to earn a living because of insane sanctions imposed by the West, it's easy to map the same irrational punishment onto Western business owners when the tables are turned. Payment providers, credit and debit card companies, banks, and all manner of services can, on a whim, freeze, ban, cut, and confiscate the accounts of their customers.

Content creators end up in the eye of the storm because... you know... they have to talk about stuff. And that "stuff" can invariably be labelled illegal, misinformation, hate speech, or just undesirable under the new regime, under whatever new rules have been arbitrarily established by the self-appointed rulers of this world.

Will these alternative enterprises be able to survive and thrive under a Chinese style social credit system?

Will they even want to if they have to keep their nose clean and toe the line at all times?

Will parallel economies be able to support rising forms of news/entertainment such as livestreamers? And old ones such as writers and novelists?

When faced with situations like this, I always end up asking myself the same question...

What exactly are we trying to achieve here?

I mean... on this planet... plane of existence... in this realm...

And by "we" I mean rational human beings. People that can step outside of the programming for long enough to ask the questions that need to be asked and face the answers however difficult they are to swallow.

While some people think that switching from gasoline powered cars to all electric vehicles and shutting down coal plants to replace them with windmills and solar panels will solve all our problems, others understand that no matter how much we move the chairs around, the same old deep-rooted issues will rise to the surface and expose the greatest lie of all...

That we're free.

We're not. We're trapped in a system that was created to enslave us while allowing some of our kind to wallow in material wealth and thereby maintain the illusion that "happiness" is just another dollar away if I keep at it a little longer, if I just make a few more sales, and keep paying my taxes, and growing my nest egg, maybe one day... when I'm old and infirm... I'll be able to put my feet up and enjoy life!

So when the inevitable happens... and you find yourself riding in a self-driving taxi to nowhere in particular with your Metaverse headset strapped on tight just remember these words... you were warned. Millions of voices tried to warn everyone of what was coming.

The elite don't want a transhuman world. They want a posthuman world. They want to deface God's creation, defile it, destroy it, and dance on its grave.

What will it take to stop the madness?

In a cruel twist it would be really useful if the media was shut down due to a cyberattack. The minds of millions of people would suddenly be set free. But we'd also lose our ability to communicate among ourselves.

Maybe an attack of the cyberkind could target TV and other MSM exclusively? Instant propaganda free world! That would be nice.

Maybe the Emergency Broadcast System could loop the following message on people's smartphones:

Governments and politicians are obsolete. The dinosaur media is obsolete. The medical establishment is obsolete. You are now FREE!

Lets wipe the slate clean. At least enough for the green shoots to take hold. Why sit back and wait for Russia, China, India and Iran to join hands and form a new block with a new currency and new rules? Will it be any better than what we had before? The Anglo-American empire with its petrodollar and Coca-Cola? I doubt it.

And at this point... I honestly don't care. The only wish I have is that all dictatorial powers be reduced to rubble. No more totalitarian, fascist, communist, nanny-state control over our lives and especially... our own bodies.

China appears to be doubling down on this type of insanity – total control over the population in every way imaginable. Every decision is made for you by the higher ups. And this level of totalitarian henpecking has been steadily introduced to the West during the Covid era. It won't stop there. It'll just get worse.

Who on Earth, in their right mind, would want to live like this?

Who on Earth could accept this as some kind of New Normal?

Especially coming from a place of relative freedom, where individual rights have more or less been upheld for centuries?

I don't know where it's going to come from, but it has to come from somewhere. The maniacs and control freaks have to be stopped. And they have to be stopped right now! We can't wait any longer. Billions of people all over the world have to rise up and take back their freedom. It's now or never! The more people do this the more police and military will change sides and start to turn on the few thousand elite family dynasty members that are pulling the strings.

Some will argue that cutting heads off the Hydra doesn't work. They just grow back. They learn from their mistakes and become more powerful. That's certainly what has happened over the ages. But I really believe that now is different. We have the numbers. We have the Internet. We are better informed than we've ever been. And our numbers are growing. We have a chance now to devise a system of checks and balances that eliminates the possibility of this ever happening again.

How about we start by removing psychopaths from positions of power and preventing them from rising to positions of power ever again. In this case, I would be in favor of psychological profiling. Anyone that wants to become an administrator of some kind has to undergo a psyche test. How difficult would that be?

And the same goes for sociopathic tendencies. These candidates would probably pass as non-psychopaths but always end up carrying out most of the crimes against humanity. They fill all the top positions, establish institutional corruption, and then sit back filling their own pockets and mouths while others starve.

These are the Fat Cats, the monsters that take the bribes and allow themselves to be blackmailed into positions of power. These are the bullies that throw their weight around, the narcissists and the megalomaniacs that demand everyone worship them instead of God Almighty. These hellish creatures are actually much easier to identify than the psychopaths. They're out in the open. They also need to go.

Why is it so difficult to establish an administration of honest, sensible, rational, even boring personality types that lack delusions of grandeur and all the traits mentioned above?

Why? Why is it? What are we doing wrong? Why do the rest of us allow ourselves to be treated like cattle? Are the masses really that stupid?

Ok... over the last two years... I've come to the conclusion that yes, the general public are very ignorant and lack basic knowledge about important things... but they're actually not that stupid. If they had the knowledge, they would act differently.

If they had known more about germ theory vs terrain theory, they wouldn't have fallen for the Covid scam.

If they knew more about how money actually works, they wouldn't be enslaved to it, making it their life's purpose to chase and accumulate it.

If the masses had more self respect, more dignity, and a better understanding of universal human rights, they would not have allowed themselves to be treated like lab rats in the biggest experiment ever carried out on human beings. They would not have succumbed to mass formation psychosis. They would have told the experimenters to shove their experimental jabs where the sun don't shine.

And that would have been that.

And if the experimenters (the Elite Master Farmers) had responded by trying to force the experimental jabs on the population at large, then the masses would be perfectly within their right to take up arms and destroy the Elite Master Farmers once and for all.

How else are you supposed to defend your way of life and maintain your self respect, your dignity, and protect the most vulnerable in our midst? Your aging parents and your children would thank you for standing up to the Big Bad Man carrying a needle.

I know... I know... what actually happened was completely the opposite. I'm still hanging my head in shame. And yet I maintain the fiery flame alive, this foolish fever dream, in the hope that some day, somehow, things will turn around. And we'll see a world where the demons have been expelled. Where righteous values reign supreme, people live in comfort, all their needs provided for without the shadow of Mordor hanging over their heads as in recent times.

How difficult can it be? Surely it only requires a change of attitude? When enough people think a certain way, things tend to happen, change is possible. We must stop living in fear of what might happen to us. It's time to shake off the shackles, to rise up and take our rightful place as guardians of this realm. The alternative is too horrible to imagine. The Elite want to get rid of us or enslave us in their digital prison. Their posthuman offspring will be the rulers of this world forever if we don't stop them now. We can't allow that to happen. It's too depressing an outcome after everything we've been through to get this far. We can do better. I know it.

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