Their Temple Of Lies Is Collapsing

Their Temple Of Lies Is Collapsing
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If you build a temple they will come. Right? But what if your temple is not a place of worship, a place to connect with the creator of the universe, to dive deep within your psyche and reveal truths about yourself and the world around you?

What if your temple is built on a foundation of lies? What if every brick, every column, every floor, and even the spire that tops it off are all made of lies? Lies piled up on top of more lies. And every time you add an extension, another floor, another room, another terrace, another walled garden, they are also constructed from the same materials used to make the original building?

Why a temple? Not an empire? Or a tower?

Because their construct of lies upon which the world is built is a religion. And religion has a habit of being based on non-factual information. In this way, the truth can be twisted into any shape that suits the cultist propaganda at any given time. History can repeat time and time again by dressing up the lies in different clothes to match the latest fashion.

Secret societies throughout the ages infiltrate and subvert institutions replacing traditional values with ideologies that corrupt and debase everything they touch. This is how they are able to hide the truth from their subjects, from the profane, from the outer circle of uninitiated walking dead.

The Temple Of Lies Is Built On A Mountain Of Corpses

Some of the biggest lies used to build the temple are...

  • Central Banking and Economic Policy
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry and Germ Theory
  • Global Warming and Anthropogenic Climate Change
  • 9/11 and other False Flag Terror Attacks
  • Politics
  • Mainstream Media
  • History including Archaeology
  • Organized Religion and the Hidden Secrets in their Vaults

I won't add the Moon Landing or the shape of the realm we live in because these are current distractions and require further empirical scientific proof to make definitive claims.

But cult classic stories, both old and new, can lend us a hand in understanding how these lies form a part of our lives, sometimes helping us grow to the next level, making us stronger, and at other times, aiding and abetting in our self-destruction.

The other day, I was re-reading a snippet of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, and apart from being hard to put down, the thing that struck me was how well the author detailed the differences between the old world of rules and lies and the new world without boundaries where anything goes.

With young untrained minds and a total lack of adult supervision, the boys in the story still create bizarre rites of passage rituals and invent all manner of "lies" to create artificial tribal rules with both visible and invisible boundaries that must be respected by all under a newly formed "religious" doctrine.

In The Walking Dead TV series, Alpha, the brutally insane leader of The Whisperers also likes to mark her territory by impaling the heads of her enemies on spikes. As part of the group's new way of life, Alpha indoctrinates her followers in the belief that they must live like animals to survive, and walk with the dead to maintain the element of surprise when dealing with other groups.

Of course, her temple of lies cannot sustain itself when her own cult members see how others live in relatively normal communities. They begin to question the lies they've been told, and the glue holding the temple together, falls apart.

Just as in real life, it's very difficult for any cult belief system to stay intact when exposed to the "outside world", unless you can totally isolate the cult members in a compound, Jim Jones style.

And before you say, well... look at all the religions that live side by side in the US. Why don't they all cancel each other out in a giant game of musical chairs to see which one stays standing? Which one is the most worthy of God's attention? Which one is espousing the "authentic" truth? There can only be one. Right?

The reason, I think, lies in the root. If life is a tree, then all life comes from the one and only source of all living things. So, at a fundamental level, the origin is the same for all religious belief. There exists a deep connection between all who search for God that transcends the superficial nature of our daily lives. There is something deep within each one of us that remembers this. It is innate truth that cannot be corrupted, cannot be spoiled, however much the demons among us try.

Unfortunately, the demons insist on trying to defile God's creation and the most innocent form of this is young children. Children are the number one target for these ungodly monsters that have chosen to side with the Cult of Lies. The evil indoctrination taking place in schools everywhere begins with sex education and LGBTQ+ ideology. Drag Queen Story Time should make anyone's skin crawl, but liberal parents offer up their children to these demons, mimicking the Baal sacrificial rituals of old.

Children are being inducted into a real-world Satanic cult, not the silly Hollywood depiction of such. In the real world, Satanism and Communism are tied at the hip. As soon as children are old enough, they are fed Marxist ideology and enough cultural progressive values to make their heads spin. The goal is to invert reality and eventually drive these souls to nihilism as all natural, life-supporting values are extinguished.

If they make it into higher education, the indoctrination just gets worse. The brainwashing intensifies until these young adults identify with extremist groups such as Antifa and look to artificial role models such as Greta Thunberg. If they haven't dyed their hair pink, blue or green by then, they may end up being berated by their peers for not being radical enough.

As full-blown members of the cult, they agree with and promote abortion. They mostly become atheists thinking this aligns with another dominant set of lies – the Cult of Science. At this point, a nihilistic view of life sets in, leading to depressive tendencies, drug abuse and even suicide.

What most of these young people and their parents don't understand is that they are now practicing real-world Satanism. And it just so happens to be the biggest suicidal death cult the world has ever seen. If Satanists could have their way, the world would end in an orgy of death and destruction taking them down with it. Their master has ordained it so and nothing would please the Jealous Loser more than to destroy his Fathers creation.

In order to carry out such a dastardly plan the Jealous Loser must rally his troops and recruit as many followers as possible. As you can see, he's been a very, very busy boy indeed. The whole world is almost at his feet. And as predicted he will set all against all in one final conflagration. To get this far took centuries of slow, careful planning and preparation. Many times, he's had to postpone and try again another day when the numbers align. But every time he gets closer and closer still, until one day he will achieve his goal. And the world will look on and wonder why someone didn't stop the fool earlier.

Why indeed? This is why...

A diet of slasher horror movies and brutally violent videogames and banal gender role swapping media help push young minds toward accepting psychopathic tendencies in society. The gradual acclimation and acceptance of abusive practices led to whole populations accepting totalitarian police bearing down on them with extreme prejudice. The rest are so domesticated they are unaware of what's being done to them. They follow orders without question.

The minds of these victims are so twisted that they don't even know when they're under attack. They don't know how to defend themselves. And they all suffer from Stockholm syndrome following the dictates of their abusers to the letter.

Legitimate Uprising?

Then comes the response. Some of it authentic and some of it completely fabricated to make the responders look bad. A scapegoat is created and now people can be labeled as dissidents or even home grown terrorists and enemy combatants.

What happens next?

Internment camps get filled with "terrorist" leaders, and other rabble rousers to set an example. This is what will happen to you if you try anything, if you get any fancy ideas. Capiche?

But this isn't the 1930s. We have a thing called the Internet and despite a massive censorship campaign run by the minions of the Jealous Loser, the world is slowly but surely awakening to the truth.

Not all the truth. Not the deepest of truths. But enough of the truth to make a difference. Just enough to turn the wheels of dissent, to give people enough strength to stand up in the face of tyranny and say no, we will not back down because we have nowhere to go from here. We've reached the end of the line and our back is up against the wall. We truly have nothing to lose and we are going to bring down this Temple of Lies even if we have to tear it down brick by brick.

The Elite Master Farmers are conmen. They are thieves, murderers, hypocrites, pedofiles, drug dealers, and haters of humanity. Their Temple of Lies is collapsing because there is nothing holding it up. Nothing of real value that is. Nothing that resembles truth, liberty and the traditional American way of life.

Pain Is A Teacher

Societal constructs form out of necessity, usually as a reactionary survival mechanism operating under the rules of natural selection. Pain avoidance is a strong motivator but not to the extent that your people become weak and unable to tolerate any pain at all.

For example, food is scarce and your tribe needs to pick up sticks and move to another area where food is abundant. As a tribal leader you know that the trip will involve suffering and possibly some deaths, but it is your job to convince the others that the trip will be worth it. Temporary pain is tolerated when the reward promises a better life for all.

Initiation and coming of age rituals follow a similar logic. Pass through the painful test or suffer temporary humiliation and you too can join the club or become an adult. The reward usually involves privileges and rights that those outside the club are not privy to. The reward must outweigh the temporary pain otherwise there would be no takers.

Pain and humiliation need not be as severe as the mutilation seen in scarring, branding, and tattoo rituals still carried out by tribes today. They can be symbolic like the hazing rituals carried out on newcomers to universities all over the world. That said, the current voluntary mass culture of tattooing and piercing appears to be continuing the same practices as part of a universal middle-finger gesture to stodgy conformism. These irremovable visible signs allow members of the same "tribe" to immediately identify each other as "cool", "hip", "rad", "sick" or whatever the word is now in the same way that biker gangs always have.

The thing is, the "coolness" of such groupings always passes and the members inevitably end up in a care home with their tattoos and piercings drooping and fading like the fond memories of those good times. Everything must come to pass.

And it doesn't matter how superficial or deeply ingrained the rituals are, if they are not built on truth they will implode. Only truth itself can be raised up on solid foundations, and when someone or a tribe of people sets out to genuinely search for the truth, they will find it and build their temple on those foundations and that temple will last forever.

The most solid foundations enabling the construction of an everlasting temple are in reality unnecessary because they already exist. The very foundations of our existence and the universe that we temporarily reside in are within you and all around you. It bears repeating because the simplicity of that oft-quoted truth trumps all others in my humble opinion.

The idea that we are here because God created the universe and everything in it including us is truly humbling and requires no further embellishments. A fundamental truth stands firm and cannot be tumbled, eroded, replaced, or hidden from sight by those who wish to stand in His place. At least not for long. The sun always rises again.

The Light Of Truth Will Destroy Their Lies

The Elite Master Farmers have constructed a temple of lies out of thin air totally lacking in solid foundations and must eventually stand aside to watch it implode under its own weight. There is nothing they can do about this. The laws of physics apply to all born creatures, their temples, their empires, their worlds... no exceptions!

When the time comes, and I believe we are close, it wouldn't hurt to give the Temple of Lies a nudge or even a Spartan kick to help it on its way into the pit of hell where it belongs.

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