The Schism

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Factions fighting over the right to exist. Here, other planet, other realm
an alien spirit - in crashed ship
tall blue aquatic avians
army of advanced wolverines - ripping tearing their enemies apart
robots came from other planet - AI + jetpacks
male mecha werewolf + female tall blue aquatic avian

Outside force (entity) spirit influencing events, manipulating, stirring the shit

the downed mothership is the source

I can crush you with my mind

But unfortunately Homo sapiens sapiens just seems unable to achieve the enlightenment in later stages to render survival possible.
The world is full of “ impossible things”……nanotechnologic pure copper springs wrapped around micro shafts found 30 feet beneath ground surface in Romania, Schist disc in Egypt, 2000 foot tall VLF transmission towers in thousands of feet of ocean, the list is vast and apparently hidden from the human collective.
The evidence of recurrent massive cataclysm is similarly “everywhere”. Blast damage on Mayan temples, evidence of incredible seismic events (machu pichu’s elevation to the 12,000 ft level), etcetc etcetc.
We keep building and existing in the same destructive, narcissistic, obsessive fashion.

We never learn, we don’t even look up,…..

We still aren’t.

I postulate that we were not supposed to damage creation, we were supposed to learn another way. We were supposed to live like the world was not “made for us”.

The world of the fairy folk, the world inhabited by “mythical” creatures like Sabe was always supposed to be.
No straight lines, no squared constructs, no fire technologies.

There are currently only a vanishingly few humans that make this attempt.  I suspect that when the gates of the simulacrum close (Ik SakKak, Rostal) there may really be only 144,000 souls who move beyond this construct.

Dissolution awaits all others.

A shame really.

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