A two year old male pitbull, white with sandy patches and missing most of one ear, lifted his leg and pissed on the wall he'd just finished sniffing. There weren't any other dogs inside the compound enclosure so it was possible that he was answering his own messages just out of habit and for lack of anyone else to talk to in his native language. The dog panted and scratched at the ground happily with all four paws before running back to the prefab shack on bricks that he called home.

Outside the shack, the pitbull barked twice and waited patiently.

After a few seconds, the door swung open and a man, six-two, dark skin, bald head, and pointy goatee, allowed the dog to waddle inside. The man craned his neck left then right beyond the doorframe, then quickly closed the door and triple locked it before saying, "Ya done ya business Billy? That's a good boy. Want something from the fridge? Yeah, course ya do."

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